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#406 : Voyage au Mexique

Titre original : "Viuda Negra"
Réalisé par : Paul McCrane
Ecrit par : Scott Williams

Résumé : Jack et Danny se rendent au Mexique pour retrouver un riche vacancier américain qui a été enlevé sous la menace d'un pistolet, devant son épouse.

Audiences françaises (1ère diffusion) : 5,6 millions de téléspectateurs


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Titre VO
Viuda Negra

Titre VF
Voyage au Mexique

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Première diffusion en France

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Jack Malone et  Lucy Costin (Alex Kingston )

Jack Malone et Lucy Costin (Alex Kingston )

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

 Hector Cruz (Carlos Gomez) se tient prêt avec son arme à portée de main

Hector Cruz (Carlos Gomez) se tient prêt avec son arme à portée de main

Carlos Gomez dans le rôle de Hector Cruz

Carlos Gomez dans le rôle de Hector Cruz

Voyage au Mexique pour Jack et Danny

Voyage au Mexique pour Jack et Danny

Jack Malone et Dannny Taylor

Jack Malone et Dannny Taylor

Jack et Danny

Jack et Danny

Jack et Danny au Mexique

Jack et Danny au Mexique

Lucy Costin peut rassurée

Lucy Costin peut rassurée

Alex Kingston dans le rôle de Lucy Costin

Alex Kingston dans le rôle de Lucy Costin

Alex Kingston dans le rôle de Lucy Costin

Alex Kingston dans le rôle de Lucy Costin

Jack observe

Jack observe

Jack Malone, jumelles en main

Jack Malone, jumelles en main

 Taylor et Malone surveillent leur cible

Taylor et Malone surveillent leur cible

Hector Cruz (Carlos Gomez) et nos agents font le guêt

Hector Cruz (Carlos Gomez) et nos agents font le guêt

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano) aux aguêts

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano) aux aguêts

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Without a Trace
4.06 - "Viuda Negra"
Original CBS Airdate: 11/03/05
Transcribed from CBS

Directed by: PAUL MCCRANE

Transcribed for www.twiztv.com by Elise B.
Contact the transcriptionist at [email protected]

"WITHOUT A TRACE" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and (c) by JERRY BRUCKHEIMER Television, CBS Productions, and Warner Bros. Television (an AOL Time Warner Company). All Rights Reserved. This transcript was made without their permission, approval, authorization or endorsement. For Fair Use, for entertainment and for educational purposes only. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of this material in any form is expressly prohibited. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for commercial gain.
Jack and Danny head to Mexico to investigate the kidnapping of a rich New Yorker. While Sam, Martin, and Viv work the case back in New York, Jack encounters resistance from local law enforcement and the wife of the victim.
The translated Spanish is from the subtitles that were part of the episode. These are the lines denoted (Spanish). I transcribed some of the simpler Spanish that was untranslated. My Spanish is pretty terrible, though, so I apologize for any inaccuracies. Long sentences of Spanish that were not subtitled within the episode have been transcribed as "speaking in Spanish", etc.


[Ext: Puerto Muerlos, Mexico - cantina - night]

(A man lights a sparkler. Zoom out to see a huge crowd of people dressed for the Day of the Dead celebration. They are dancing and singing and yelling.)

(An American couple, LUCY and JAMES COSTA, dance among them.)

JAMES COSTA: Who the hell would have ever expected that Day of the Dead could be so festive, huh?

LUCY: You've got to love those Aztecs. To them life was a dream, according to the waiter.

JAMES COSTA: Where was I when this waiter guy was imparting all this wisdom upon you?

LUCY: Sitting beside me, observing all the bimbos leaches, as usual.

JAMES COSTA: Aw. Lucy, hey. I assure you, my darling, I was not.

LUCY: I'm teasing. I'm teasing. Hey. What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.

JAMES COSTA: well, maybe we should make it happen right now.

LUCY: You're going to have to catch me first.


(She runs off down an alley into a quieter part of the town. He follows her. The alley opens onto another square, but Lucy isn't in sight. He pauses and looks around for her.)

JAMES COSTA: Lucy? You're in trouble. You are such trouble.

(She yells and jumps out at him from the side, making him jump. They both lean against a wall, laughing.)

LUCY: Oh, man. Those were good margaritas.

JAMES COSTA: Yes they were. Now let's go back to the hotel before they render me absolutely useless.

LUCY: Ah-ha.

JAMES COSTA: Seriously. This is exactly what we needed.

(He leans in to kiss her. Tires screeching, a van pulls up beside them. Two men in skull masks jump out, grab JAMES and drag him into the van.)

JAMES COSTA: Get your hands off me!

LUCY: What are...

(One of the men punches Lucy and she falls to the ground.)

JAMES COSTA: Let my wife alone! Lucy!

(The van peels away in a cloud of dust, leaving Lucy alone on the quiet street.)

LUCY: James. No! Stop! Stop, please. Somebody please help. Somebody. Help me! Please, my husband.


[caption: 9 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]


LUCY'S MOTHER: My son-in-law James. He and Lucy were supposed to fly back home from Mexico today. I called to see if they needed a lift or anything else, and as soon as I heard my girl's voice, I knew something was wrong.


[Int: Costa residence - day]

LUCY: (on phone) We're fine. I think we might stay a few more days.

LUCY'S MOTHER: A few days? Baby, what's the matter? You sound terrible. Is James there?


[Int: Puerto Muerlos - LUCY's hotel room - day]

LUCY: He's, um...(She sits down in tears.) God, Mom. These men, they took him, they took James.


LUCY: They kidnapped him. You can't tell anyone.

LUCY'S MOTHER: What about the police?

LUCY: No, no police. I can't tell them. They'll kill him. Mom, promise me, please. Please.


LUCY'S MOTHER: I did. I promised her. But the thought of my girl, down there, all alone.

MARTIN: And this call was what time?

LUCY'S MOTHER: Well, I wake up early. Round seven o'clock? But she hasn't answered her phone since.

DANNY: And what about ransom? Did she mention how much they want?

LUCY'S MOTHER: Uh-uh. But she and James have money.

DANNY: I think Jack would want to hear this. Will you excuse me?

(DANNY leaves the office. MARTIN hands her a pad of paper and a pen.)

MARTIN: Okay. I'm going to need the name of the hotel, all of your daughter's phone numbers, any information you can give us, okay?

LUCY'S MOTHER: It's so like Lucy to try to do this on her own. But this time, I think she's in over her head.

MARTIN: No. Not with our people there.

[white board: 7A-NY 64723 JAMES COSTA]





[Ext: Puerto Muerlos - hotel - day]

[caption: 14 HOURS MISSING]

(DANNY and JACK pull up to the hotel in a taxi. They are both dressed in jeans and sunglasses instead of their usual suits.)

DANNY: (speaks to the taxi driver in Spanish.) They love that Yankee dollar down here.

JACK: Unlike up north. What'd you say?

DANNY: Is your Spanish that rusty, Jack?

JACK: Why do you think I brought you?


[Int: Puerto Muerlos - hotel lobby - continuous]

(Upon entering the hotel, JACK and DANNY are met by a middle-aged Mexican man, DETECTIVE CRUZ.)

CRUZ: Special Agent Malone?

JACK: Mr. Cruz?

CRUZ: Welcome. That was fast. Forgive us for not meeting you at the airport.

JACK: It's not a problem. This is Agent Taylor.

DANNY: Que pasa?

CRUZ: (Spanish) We're here...not much else. Mexican?

DANNY: (Spanish) Cuban.


JACK: Have you talked to Mrs. Costa yet?

(CRUZ leads them from the lobby up a staircase toward LUCY's room.)

CRUZ: Of course. We found her here not long after you notified us. She describes two men and a driver in an old van. Wearing calacas. Skull masks. The ransom call came from a pay phone in town.

JACK: Fingerprints?

CRUZ: None. But as we discussed, we're putting a track and trace on the room line. And our agents are combing the area for previous offenders.

DANNY: Nothing personal, but you didn't know anything about this until we contacted you, isn't that right, senor Cruz?

CRUZ: Our office is currently juggling 83 abductions nationwide. Add that to the 3000 last year, and needless to say, we're spread a bit thin.

JACK: How's she holding up?

CRUZ: Not good. And not happy when we got involved. Just wait til she sees you.


[Int: Puerto Muerlos - LUCY's hotel room - continuous]

(JACK and DANNY follow CRUZ into the room, where LUCY is pacing in front of the couch.)

LUCY: Oh, no, no. I don't believe this.

JACK: I'm Special Agent Malone with the FBI. This is Special Agent Taylor.

LUCY: They said no police or he'll die.

JACK: Well, we're not going to let that happen.

LUCY: Do you even have jurisdiction here?

CRUZ: No, senora. They're here as our guests.

DANNY: But now that we are here, the odds of your husband's safe return have increased.

LUCY: They said no police, don't you understand?

JACK: Yes, we understand that you're concerned about your husband. But playing by their rules doesn't guarantee you anything.

LUCY: What can other choice do I have?

JACK: You can let us watch your back. You can also tell us about the kidnapping.

LUCY: I told him everything.

CRUZ: Which wasn't very much, senora.

(She remains obstinate, simply staring at them in silence.)

JACK: Listen, Mrs. Costa. We're not going anywhere, so you may as well give us something. What happened after the kidnapping? Did did you talk to anyone? Did anyone come up and talk to you?

LUCY: They wouldn't even look at me. It was a nightmare. All I could think to do was run back to the cantina.


[Ext: Puerto Muerlos - cantina - night]

(LUCY runs to the bar of the cantina. She is dusty and bleeding. She grabs a waiter, MANUEL.)

LUCY: James! These men. They took him.

MANUEL: It's okay. It's okay.

LUCY: No, no, you don't understand. We have to do something. We have to call. We have to call the police.

(She begins to hyperventilate. He tries to calm her down.)

MANUEL: No, no senora. No police. No police. They don't help you here. You just wait, okay? You just wait.

LUCY: What do you mean, wait? For what?

MANUEL: These men. They will call. They always do. That is how it works, believe me. Go back to your hotel and wait for a call. Alright?


LUCY: And they did call. About half an hour later. Said they'd kill James if I didn't come up withtwenty-five thousand by the time they called again.

JACK: Your mother indicated that money wouldn't be an issue. You mind me asking what kind of business you're in?

LUCY: My husband runs his own tennis academy. Private instruction.

JACK: He must be good.

LUCY: He is.

JACK: Has the money come?

LUCY: No. Not yet. I'm still waiting to hear from our accountant.

JACK: You'll let us know when it does, right?

(She nods.)

JACK: In the meantime, if you need anything. (He puts his card down on the table.) And, you'll stay here, right?

LUCY: What else am I going to do?

JACK: You could call your mother.

(JACK, DANNY, and CRUZ leave the room.)


[Int: Puerto Muerlos - hotel hallway - continuous]

DANNY: It sounds like that waiter is in on it.

CRUZ: No necessarily. What he told her is hardly inside information. It is a common crime. That is generally the way it works.

DANNY: Kind of like cops on the take?

CRUZ: Bad apples everywhere, I'm afraid.

DANNY: (to the officer at the door) (Spanish) Look...keep watching the door. I don't want anybody coming in or out, ok?

CRUZ: (Spanish) I give orders to my own men, Agent.

JACK: (under his breath) Danny, come on. (to CRUZ) Can you show us the cantina?

(CRUZ stops them on the landing leading to the stairs.)

CRUZ: My men outside will direct you. I trust you've stowed your weapons. You know you're not authorized to carry firearms in my country.

DANNY: Are you kidding?

JACK: When I talked to your supervisor, he said it was at your discretion.

CRUZ: Yes. Nothing personal.

(JACK gives DANNY a look, then un-holsters his gun and hands it to Det. CRUZ. DANNY does the same.)

JACK: Thank you.

CRUZ: Gracias.

DANNY: De nada.

(DANNY and JACK walk down the stairs to the lobby.)

JACK: Do the words "diplomatic courtesy" mean anything to you?

DANNY: Bad apples everywhere, Jack.


[Int: Costa residence - living room - day]

LUCY'S MOTHER: (on phone) I know, baby, I know. I was just scared, that's all. But as long as they're with you, why not let them help? Lucy? Lucy?

(There is no connection. She sits down on the couch and hangs up the phone.)

LUCY'S MOTHER: Ah, I knew that was coming.

SAMANTHA: You have to trust me on this, okay? You're doing the right thing.

LUCY'S MOTHER: But she doesn't deserve this. Neither of them do. Not after everything they've been through.

SAMANTHA: Everything? Meaning what?

LUCY'S MOTHER: Thank you, Rosa.

(The maid, ROSA, puts down a carafe of water and glasses. As she goes back to the kitchen, ELENA follows her, leaving SAMANTHA to talk to LUCY's MOTHER.)

LUCY'S MOTHER: James was married before. He and his first wife were robbed downtown. Those bastards shot her three times. Right in front of him. And my girl, when she was twelve, she walked in on her father with a hunting rifle in his mouth. That was his answer to going bankrupt. Leaving his little girl without a daddy, me without a husband, and both of us without a dime.


[Int: Costa residence - kitchen - continuous]

ELENA: (Spanish) Excuse me? May I have a glass of water?

ROSA: (Spanish) Of course.

ELENA: (Spanish) Your name is Rosa?

ROSA: (Spanish) Yes.

ELENA: (Spanish) And where are you from?

ROSA: (Spanish) El Salvador. And you?

ELENA: (Spanish) Puerto Rico. You heard about what happened to your employer, right?

ROSA: Si. Poor Mr. James. (Spanish) Terrible. Miss Lucy must be beside herself.

ELENA: (Spanish) Do you speak English?

ROSA: Yes.

ELENA: So how long have you been working here?

ROSA: Since I first come. Long time.

ELENA: But they've been married for how long? A year, is it?

ROSA: I start with Mary, the first Mrs. Costa. Mr. James keep me on after...you know.

ELENA: Well, that means you're very good at what you do.

ROSA: And they're very good to me. (Spanish) Do you need anything else? I have things to do.

ELENA: (Spanish) I'm fine. Thank you.


[Int: Costa residence - living room - continuous]

SAMANTHA: That's a lot to overcome.

LUCY'S MOTHER: But they did. They both did. Lucy fought back. Public schools. State college. All hard work. Nobody gave her anything.

SAMANTHA: And what about James?

LUCY'S MOTHER: Well, about a month after he lost his wife, James went to Paris to get away. And about that same time, Lucy had taken a job at the Louvre.

(ELENA comes back into the room. She signals SAMANTHA that she needs to talk to her.)

LUCY'S MOTHER: If she loses James, I don't know...

SAMANTHA: Um, Mrs. Sovich. Would you excuse me one moment?


SAMANTHA: Thank you.

(SAMANTHA gets up and meets ELENA in the hallway.)

SAMANTHA: What's up?

ELENA: Okay, the maid, Rosa? She's lying to me. Because she says that she's from El Salvador, but her dialect is completely Mexican.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(VIVIAN looks up information on ROSA on her computer. MARTIN approaches with a printout.)

VIVIAN: Rosa Escobar, born Vericruz, Mexico. Granted a work visa in 1996.

MARTIN: Want to take a guess why she told us El Salvador?

VIVIAN: Could be anything. Green card issues? Paranoid of authority.

MARTIN: (He puts the printout down in front of VIVIAN.) Or her other job is kidnapping. Check that out. In the first wife's murder, James comes away with a pistol whipping. Now, not two years later, he gets kidnapped and Lucy suffers a smack to the face?

VIVIAN: Similar M.O.

MARTIN: Well, Rosa was the only person in James's universe both times.

VIVIAN: That we know of. What have you got on James?

MARTIN: Oh, you mean Mr. Perfect? Vassar grad. Peace Corps. Tennis All-American.

(He leaves her desk to go over to another computer at the conference table. As he sits, VIVIAN follows.)

VIVIAN: Sounds like your bio.

MARTIN: Yeah, right. Well, make that almost perfect because according to their financial records, that guy's tennis academy would barely be breaking even if not for the inheritance from his first wife.

VIVIAN: Yeah, well, from what Elena says about the house, it must be some serious coin.

MARTIN: To say the least. There's almost...there's over 13 million in assets. That's...

VIVIAN: That's what? Martin?

MARTIN: Hold on. (He turns the screen so she can see.) Take a look at that.


[caption: 15 HOURS MISSING]

[Ext: Puerto Muerlos - cantina - day]

(JACK interviews the waiter, MANUEL, from the night of JAMES's kidnapping.)

MANUEL: I was doing the woman a favor. Many police, they take money from these men to look the other way.

JACK: What men are we talking about?

MANUEL: I don't know them, believe me.

(DANNY joins their conversation.)

DANNY: Nobody's talking, Jack.

MANUEL: Because they want to live. I fear for my family too much to get involved with these men.

JACK: But again, no names.

MANUEL: Like I said, senor.

JACK: Too scared, I got it.

(He walks away to answer his ringing cell phone. It's MARTIN, from New York.)

MARTIN: (on phone) Listen, Jack, we've got a pop here. $25,000 was wired to a telepesos office in Puerto Muerlos about two hours ago.

JACK: Now, there's a shock. That lady lied.


[Int: Puerto Muerlos - LUCY's hotel room - day]

(CRUZ and JACK push into the room. DANNY is speaking Spanish to someone on his cell phone. The room is empty.)

CRUZ: Senora? Senora?

JACK: Where is she?

CRUZ: Donde mujer?

DOOR GUARD: No se. Aqui estado.

(JACK sees the access through the open balcony. He looks out down from the balcony into the road.)

JACK: Did you post somebody down there?

CRUZ: Easy.

JACK: Why didn't you post somebody down there?

CRUZ: Easy, senor.

DANNY: (hangs up) Okay. Jack, Jack, Jack. Lucy just picked up the money at Telepeso. She asked where La Huerta was and they sent her away in a cab.

CRUZ: I know La Huerta. Vayamos.

JACK: We're going with you.

CRUZ: At my discretion. Which tells me your white American face doesn't exactly work to our advantage.

JACK: Fine, I'll stay here. (indicating DANNY) But he's going with you.

(CRUZ doesn't look happy, but is willing to compromise.)

CRUZ: Vayamos.


[Int: La Huerta - car (moving) - day]

(DANNY rides with CRUZ, as the Mexican police drive out to La Huerta.)

CRUZ: What sort of Cuban name is Taylor, anyway?

DANNY: You like to tell jokes. I got a joke for you. How many Mexican federales does it take to keep one American women in a hotel room? (He laughs at CRUZ's stony expression.)

CRUZ: Why don't you go back to your country and let us do our jobs?

DANNY: You know what? If you were doing your job, I would be in my country. But unfortunately, I've got to come here and do your job.

CRUZ: (Spanish) We're sick and tired of you guys being here.

DANNY: (Spanish) Me too! Take me to the airport.

(DANNY glances out the window and catches a glimpse of white. It is Lucy, looking dazed and with a bloody arm.)

DANNY: Stop. Stop, stop, stop.

(The cars stop. DANNY and CRUZ jump out and run to LUCY.)

DANNY: Lucy?

LUCY: (hysterical) They still have James. They still have James.

DANNY: Which way did they go?

(She points. CRUZ yells to the other officers in Spanish. They peel out in that direction. DANNY tries to calm LUCY.)

LUCY: They need more money.

DANNY: Shhh. Let me see that hand. Did you cut yourself? Open your hand. Let me see.

(She uncurls her fingers to reveal the bloody finger she is holding.)




[caption: 18 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Costa residence - hallway - day]

(ELENA is on her cell phone with VIVIAN. She stops at the doorway to the kitchen.)

VIVIAN: (on phone) Apparently Rosa has a son, Jose Escobar, born 1981 in Muhaca.

ELENA: Is he still there?


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

VIVIAN: I don't know yet. His trail dried up after grade school, but I'm trying other databases.

(ELENA peeks into the kitchen, where ROSA is on the phone.)

ELENA: Wait, she's on the phone.

VIVIAN: Okay. I'm going to transfer you to the tech room.

ELENA: Okay.

(VIVIAN runs to the tech room with her cell phone. ELENA waits on her phone.)


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - continuous]

MACK: She's calling a cell phone in Mexico.

VIVIAN: (to ELENA) Can you make out what she's saying?

ELENA: No, I can't. I think she's crying.

MACK: I'm going to need a few minutes to locate it.

VIVIAN: (on phone) Any chance you can keep her on the phone?

ELENA: I don't know. I'll try.

(ELENA goes into the kitchen. ROSA pulls the phone to her chest.)

ELENA: Excuse me. It's okay, don't let me interrupt.

(ROSA hangs up the phone.)

ELENA: No, no. I'm sorry.

ROSA: It's okay. You need something?

ELENA: (trying to cover.) Something sweet?

(ROSA hands her an apple.)

ELENA: An apple? Perfect. Gracias.

(ELENA goes back out into the hall and finishes the call to VIVIAN.)

ELENA: Ah, well. Sorry about that.


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - day]

VIVIAN: It's okay. She makes another call, we'll be ready.

ELENA: Let me just ask her directly.

VIVIAN: No. She's more use to us if she doesn't think we suspect her.

ELENA: Alright.


[Int: Puerto Muerlos - LUCY's hotel room - night]

LUCY: Look, when they called, I couldn't wait. They said to come alone.

JACK: And how'd that work out for you?

LUCY: I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just...

JACK: You know what, Lucy? It's time for you to stop messing around. I need you to think. Now, these guys. Were they still wearing the masks?

LUCY: Yeah. The same as before. These skulls.


[Ext: La Huerta - day]

JAMES COSTA: Lucy. Just do what they say. Please, give them what they want. Lucy.

LUCY: It's all there. Now, let my husband go.

KIDNAPPER: No, senora. We want more. One hundred thousand.

LUCY: What? No, no. You can't be serious.

(He just looks at her, then turns back toward the van.)

LUCY: No, wait. Listen, the FBI's here. Quit while you're ahead. Please, just take the money and let him go.

(He reaches toward a tied-up JAMES with a knife. LUCY tries to stop him, hitting at his back.)

LUCY: No! No! Please.

(He grabs her and pushes her back. Taking her hand, he gives her the bloody finger.)

KIDNAPPER: One hundred thousand. By tomorrow morning. Or your man dies.

(LUCY leans over, clutching the finger, sobbing hysterically.)


LUCY: Why would they do this? Why?

JACK: What about their voices? Did anyone sound familiar? Like from here or back home?

LUCY: Back home? We don't know these people!

JACK: What about Rosa Escobar? Did she know them?

LUCY: Rosa? Our Rosa? Please, she's like family.

JACK: She lied to one of my agents about being from Mexico.

LUCY: Look, I barely know what Rosa is saying half the time, but I know she wouldn't be mixed up in this.

JACK: Okay. Okay. Just call your accountant and get the money here. Only, this time we're going to handle the drop if it comes to that.

LUCY: If it comes to that? It has to. I have to. Or they will kill him. It has to be me.

JACK: You know what, one step at a time. Just call your guy. And this time, stay put.


[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

(SAMANTHA and MARTIN interview the Costa's accountant, HOWARD.)

HOWARD: Yes, I just heard from Lucy. She'll have the additional hundred thousand as soon as we're done here.

MARTIN: You got any friends in Mexico, Howard?

HOWARD: Hey. Go ahead, check me out. All I want is James back in one piece.

MARTIN: Well, it's a little late for that.

SAMANTHA: Howard, what can you tell us about the Costa's maid, Rosa Escobar?

HOWARD: Well, she's sweet, hardworking, pays her taxes. I know, I file them.

SAMANTHA: So you consider her trustworthy?

HOWARD: Well, Mary hired her. James's first wife. And believe me, Mary checked out everyone.

MARTIN: So you handled Mary's finances too?

HOWARD: Oh, for years. Great lady. Very shrewd. Not unlike Lucy, actually. And it's a good thing for James.

MARTIN: How so?

HOWARD: He was a tennis pro at Mary's club. If they hadn't fallen in love, I doubt he'd be living in Scarsdale. Put it that way.

MARTIN: So what can you tell us about the inheritance? It's our understanding that Mary's family contested the will?

HOWARD: Oh, that was Victoria, Mary's sister. It was far from her best moment.


[Int: Costa residence - living room - day]

(VICTORIA and JAMES sit on either side of the coffee table. HOWARD sits between them and hands them the papers.)

HOWARD: Okay, I need you both to sign. Here, here, and here.

VICTORIA: As long as you're happy, James.

JAMES COSTA: Vicky, don't start.

VICTORIA: You got the house, you got the money. Hell, you even got Rosa. And now, before Mary's body is even cold, you've got your little French tart already decorating.

(She indicates LUCY, who is standing behind the couch with ROSA, wrapping up a vase for packing. She comes around and sits down next to JAMES.)

LUCY: Vicky, there's no need for that. You wanted the vase. I'm only seeing that you get it.

VICTORIA: Oh, I get it. I'm getting the complete picture.

JAMES: Look, can we not do this, please?

LUCY: I'm sorry. Vicky, I'm sorry. I know how awful you must be feeling right now.

VICTORIA: You couldn't possibly.

LUCY: But, I do. I've been there. Look, I feel for you. We both do. But just try to let it go.


HOWARD: Well, that was about two months ago.

SAMANTHA: I'm sorry. Little French tart?

HOWARD: Because he met Lucy in Paris, I imagine. With it coming so soon after Mary died, Lucy was called worse than that, believe me.

SAMANTHA: Howard, are Victoria and Rosa friendly?

HOWARD: Well, I can't imagine them doing lunch, not unless one of them was serving it. And I don't mean Vicky.


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

SAMANTHA: Okay. What if Victoria has James kidnapped because she was left out of the will?

MARTIN: Or she blames him for the way her sister died.

SAMANTHA: In which case, maybe it was only supposed to look like a kidnapping.

MARTIN: Okay, I like where you're going with this.

SAMANTHA: Here's the thing, with the abduction rate in Mexico being what it is, a murder disguised as a kidnapping might not be that hard to pull off.

MARTIN: Um-hm. Let's get Victoria down here.



[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

VICTORIA: James, kidnapped? Are you serious?

SAMANTHA: Sorry to ruin your night.

VICTORIA: No, it's terrible.

SAMANTHA: I understand that you and James weren't on the best of terms.

VICTORIA: No. Well...why do you ask that?

SAMANTHA: According to police reports, your sister was shot three times. James only suffered a concussion and was unable to make an ID.

VICTORIA: Yes, that's true.

SAMANTHA: So, someone got away with murder and Mary's $60,000 necklace.

VICTORIA: Like I would care about that.

SAMANTHA: (talking over her) While James managed to keep his Rolex watch. And I was just imagining that that would have you wondering.

VICTORIA: Are you suggesting that James had something to do with Mary's death?

SAMANTHA: I'm not suggesting anything. I'm simply asking what you think.

VICTORIA: That's ridiculous. James is a sweetheart. He loved Mary.

SAMANTHA: You fought him on the will, didn't you?

VICTORIA: (getting upset) Not him. Her. Lucy. Just eight months after my sister was killed and that woman is going to be living in Mary's home. Spending her money.

SAMANTHA: Sounds like you're not quite over this.

VICTORIA: (take a deep breath) It comes and it goes. But James. You would have had to see him at the funeral. He was destroyed. And I think it was so easy for Lucy to swoop in on him. And a lot of good she's done him, apparently.

(MARTIN peeks his head through the door.)

MARTIN: Excuse me. You got a sec?

SAMANTHA: Yeah. (to VICTORIA) Stay here, please?


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

SAMANTHA: What's up?

MARTIN: So, you ready for this? (He shows her a stack of papers.) Payroll records from James and Mary's country club. Lucy used to work there.


MARTIN: Yeah, for six months. And she quit just three weeks before Mary was killed to pursue a job in Paris. And look, it gets even better. She was director of member relations.

SAMANTHA: Yeah, I bet she was.

MARTIN: That would explain them hooking up so soon after the first wife's death.

SAMANTHA: Because they'd hooked up so many times before.



[caption: 20 HOURS MISSING]

[Ext: Puerto Muerlos - village square - night]

(JACK walks over to where DANNY is talking to a pretty young Mexican woman sitting in a delivery truck.)

JACK: Hey, Special Agent Casanova. What are you doing?

DANNY: This is Maritsa. Estas Jack. She took the Costas to the cantina last night.

JACK: Did you see something?

DANNY: She doesn't speak English.

JACK: So...

DANNY: Well, apparently, she dropped the Costas off. Then she took a shortcut behind the cantina.


[Ext: Puerto Muerlos - alley behind cantina - night]

(MARITSA pulls into the alley and is stopped by the white van parked in the way. She honks her horn at the men from the van standing by the back door of the cantina.)

MARITSA: (Spanish) Hey! What's going on? Move that thing!

(One of the men turns around and shows MARITSA the gun tucked into his waistband. She is immediately quiet. As she watches, the men hand money to the waiter, MANUEL.)


DANNY: Usted seguro Manuel?

MARITSA: Yo ho lo conosco. Ai y como siempre.

JACK: So she's sure it's the waiter?

DANNY: Yeah.


[Ext: Puerto Muerlos - cantina - night]

(CRUZ throws MANUEL down into a seat. He looks around nervously as DANNY, JACK, and CRUZ surround him.)

DANNY: Manuel. You were seen taking money from somebody, alright? So stop the lies.

MANUEL: Okay, I admit it. These guys pay me to get the men drunk.

JACK: Just drunk?

MANUEL: Maybe, poquito mas.

CRUZ: Over the counter quelos. It's a legal medication.

DANNY: Not if the guy didn't ask for it. (Spanish) Who are these guys, Manuel?

MANUEL: I fear too much for my life, man, okay?

CRUZ: (kicks his chair) Cabron.

JACK: That line is really starting to piss me off.

DANNY: (Spanish) You like to celebrate Day of the Dead?

MANUEL: (Spanish) Yeah.

DANNY: (Spanish) Well, the last guy who didn't talk to him liked it too. Now he's celebrating from the grave. You understand?

MANUEL: Franco.

DANNY: (Spanish) Who the hell is Franco?

MANUEL: One of the guys. His name is Franco Colon.

CRUZ: Never heard of him.

MANUEL: He's bad. He's very bad. He works here sometimes.

JACK: Where does he live?


[Int: Franco's residence - night]

(The police burst through the door.)

CRUZ: Federales!

(Yelling in Spanish)

(CRUZ gets to a back room, where there is a body lying on the bed.)

CRUZ: Ho seguro.

(He turns on the lights to reveal the body of a bloody young man.)

JACK: Is that Franco?

CRUZ: No. The waiter described an older man. This is a boy. A few pesos, but no ID.

DANNY: You want me to call for an ID?

CRUZ: Of course.

(JACK picks up a folded picture that was in the young man's shirt pocket. It is of LUCY and JAMES COSTA and ROSA.)

JACK: My guess is this is Jose Escobar.

CRUZ: Who?

DANNY: The maid's son.




[caption: 23 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - private office - night]

ROSA: My Jose would not hurt Mr. James.

VIVIAN: But he was there. There's no denying that. He's got a criminal record. He's done jail time.

ROSA: Not for kidnap. He's sweet, my Jose. It's not like him to do this.

ELENA: Okay, Rosa. That's why you lied to me about where you're from? And you called his cell phone this afternoon, because it's not like him?

ROSA: I don't know. I was scared.

VIVIAN: Not to mention the calls you made before the Costas even left. Surely, you mentioned the fact that people in the photo he had on him were coming.

ROSA: Only after Miss Lucy asked me to.

ELENA: She asked you to?

ROSA: It was about three weeks ago.


[Int: Costa residence - living room - day]

(ROSA is polishing the furniture. LUCY gazes out the window, where JAMES is conducting a lesson with a young woman. They are obviously friendly.)

LUCY: Look at them. Not too obvious.

ROSA: Oh, Miss Lucy. Not Chloe. Mr. James teaches and she is little. She's a nice young girl.

LUCY: Young, yes.

ROSA: And Mr. James loves you so much. I don't see him this happy since Miss Mary was alive.

LUCY: Is that right?

ROSA: I know this. You don't worry.

(LUCY shakes her head as though to clear it. The angry expression leaves her face, and she smiles at ROSA.)

LUCY: How's your family, Rosa?

ROSA: My family?

LUCY: Yes, your son. Juan, isn't it?

ROSA: Jose. Doing better.

LUCY: Oh, that's right. Mexico. Legal trouble. Jail.

ROSA: He's out now, looking for work. It's not easy. I send him money when I can.

LUCY: You know, maybe we can help with that. As luck would have it, James has booked us a vacation in Puerto Muerlos.

ROSA: (very excited) That is near Jose. Half hour.

LUCY: You think he'd be interested in playing tour guide for a day? We'd gladly pay for his time.

ROSA: Oh, Miss Lucy. That would be so good. And you will love Jose.


ROSA: That is why I call before trip. Not for kidnap. For Jose to take them on a tour. I give them his number.

VIVIAN: Do you know if they called it? Did Jose talk to them? Did he see them?

ROSA: I don't know. That's why I call this morning, but he never answered.

(ROSA begins speaking quickly in Spanish, crying so that her words are unintelligible. ELENA walks her out of the office, comforting her in Spanish.)


[Int: Puerto Muerlos - LUCY's hotel room - night]

JACK: So, neither you or James called Jose to get together?

LUCY: We never got around to it. God, poor Rosa. She must be devastated.

DANNY: And he never called you either?

LUCY: Don't you think I'd tell you if he had?

JACK: His cell phone shows that there were three calls received from courtesy phones around the hotel.

LUCY: What do you mean? You're telling me it's an employee here?

JACK: That is one possibility, yes.

DANNY: Look, ...

LUCY: No, you look. I don't know what you guys are after, but none of it seems to be getting James back. And if these bastards can kill one of their own. Kill Jose. Oh, god. Just back off, all of you.

(She gets up and leaves the room abruptly.)


[caption: 32 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(SAMANTHA and MARTIN walk over to the conference table. MARTIN sits down in front of a laptop, SAMANTHA sits down next to him.)

SAMANTHA: Okay, so let's say James and Lucy are having a typical affair.

MARTIN: Is there such a thing?

SAMANTHA: Sure. She gets fed up, dumps him, takes the job in Paris. But James can't live without Lucy, can't live without Mary's money either.

MARTIN: So he arranges her murder?

SAMANTHA: And gets the best of both worlds. The money and the mistress.

(MARTIN's computer dings. He opens the file.)

MARTIN: Oh, here we go. Mary's pre-nup.

SAMANTHA: I'm surprised James signed one.

MARTIN: Well, the accountant did say she was shrewd. Let's see. Okay, Mary and James are divorced, James gets half a million.

SAMANTHA: Mary dies.

MARTIN: He gets it all. And so does Lucy.

SAMANTHA: You think Lucy helped him plan killing his wife?

(VIVIAN joins them at the table.)

VIVIAN: She might have done more than that. That whole jealousy angle the maid gave us last night got me chasing a little deep background into Lucy. Seems as a college junior, she was suspended and only reinstated after completing a summer of anger counseling.

MARTIN: Hmm. Did it say for what?

VIVIAN: Couldn't find that. But local PD archives show two restraining orders. One filed by her ex-boyfriend. And the other by his new girlfriend.

MARTIN: Sounds like she's got some serious issues.

VIVIAN: Yeah, wonder what her issues were with Mary.

SAMANTHA: Well, I'd say James, for one.



[Int: Puerto Muerlos - LUCY's hotel room - day]

(JACK observes as LUCY counts the stacks of money stacked on the bed.)

JACK: You don't trust Mexican banks?

LUCY: These guys want a hundred thousand. I won't have James die because some flunky shorted me twenty bucks.

JACK: You've been burned before.

LUCY: Like you'll never know.

JACK: I think I do.

LUCY: Oh, really? You think so?

JACK: When I was sixteen, I found my mother pretty much the way you found your dad. It's not often you meet somebody who's walked in your shoes.

LUCY: You know, I appreciate everything you've done, Jack. Really. But I have to do this alone, and I will.

JACK: You think I'm just angling? You think I pulled out my dead mother just to play nice?

LUCY: I didn't say that.

JACK: Let's talk about you.

LUCY: Let's not.

JACK: Let's. I think I can guess most of it anyway. Young girl loses her father like that. How can life ever be the same? Your mother moves you out of the big house. Away from the mortgage and the painful memories and into a crappy little apartment that's a long way from your private school friends. The bitch of it is, the kids at the public school think you're a snob. And where does that leave you? You put a wall up. You put your head down. And you work your ass off just to show those bastards that you don't need any of them. Not that you didn't need James, of course.

LUCY: I still do.

JACK: Where'd you meet?

LUCY: You tell me. You know everything.

JACK: Paris. You were working at the Louvre. He was there getting over his wife. You ever meet Mary?

(She glances at him uncomfortably.)

JACK: Of course not. She was dead by then.

LUCY: Actually, I had met Mary months before, briefly. I worked at her country club for a time. James and I were on our second date before we even realized it. Small world.

JACK: Isn't it?

(DANNY enters the room carrying a brightly colored woven backpack. He puts it down on the coffee table.)

DANNY: Okay, this is all I could find, but I think it'll work.

(As DANNY sits down next to JACK, and starts packing the money into the bag. LUCY's cell phone rings. She rushes to answer it.)

LUCY: Hello? Yes. Yes. Is he okay? Yeah, same place? Okay. Alone? I know. Please don't hurt him. I have all the money here. Please. Hello?

(The call has been disconnected.)

JACK: How'd they get your cell phone number? They didn't call the hotel room last night?

LUCY: I don't know. Maybe James gave them my number.

JACK: Yeah, maybe.

DANNY: We'll give you a ride.

LUCY: I can call another cab.

(She finishes packing the money into the bag that DANNY brought in.)

DANNY: Lucy, we should go with you.

LUCY: You have no jurisdiction. You can't force yourselves on me.

JACK: Just as you can't stop us from going. Why don't you take the ride? We're not going to interfere.

(She looks angrily at them, but consents.)

LUCY: Fine.

(She doesn't wait for them, but takes the bag and leaves the room.)




[caption: 33 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: La Huerta - car (moving) - day]

(DANNY drives LUCY and JACK to the rendezvous point.)

DANNY: You know, Lucy, as long as they get the money, I don't think they're really going to care who makes the drop.

LUCY: I disagree.

DANNY: Okay, well, will you at least wear a wire?

LUCY: If they search me and find it, then what? Idiot.

JACK: You know, we're not going to let you do it.

LUCY: You have no jurisdiction.

JACK: That's why you chose Mexico in the first place, isn't it?

LUCY: Excuse me?

JACK: What better place to stage a botched kidnapping than the kidnap capital of the world? You're not going to let your husband dump you and spend all his money on some little tennis chippy, are you?

LUCY: Stop the car!

(She opens the door. DANNY realizes she is getting out of the moving car, and slams to a halt.)

(LUCY climbs out of the car with the bag of money. JACK and DANNY follow her.)

JACK: At least with Mary, you used professionals. You really screwed up this time. Using a bunch of Mexican ex-cons that you can't control.

LUCY: Stay away from me.

(JACK grabs her arm and pulls her around to face him.)

JACK: You really shouldn't have taken that phone call from your mother. It's a hell of a decision, isn't it. Do you not tell her and run the risk of suspicion down the line? Or do you tell her and hope that even if she blabs, you'll have enough time to pull it off?

LUCY: Let go of me.

(She wrenches her arm out of his grasp, turns, and continues walking.)

JACK: If you've got nothing to hide, if you have nothing to fear, let us make the drop.

LUCY: Wish me luck.

(They stop and watch her walk on to the rendezvous point.)

JACK: (quietly) Like you need it.

DANNY: I thought you had her.

JACK: I still do.


[Ext: La Huerta - ridge overlooking rendezvous point - day]

(CRUZ sets up a rifle while DANNY watches. JACK is observing LUCY through binoculars.)

DANNY: (Spanish) You sure you know how to use that thing?

CRUZ: (Spanish) I've had lots of practice.

JACK: Hey, Danny, come over here.

(DANNY moves down to where JACK is looking through the binoculars.)

DANNY: Yeah?

JACK: You see that ridge?

DANNY: Uh-huh.

JACK: You think you can get down there without being seen?

DANNY: You bet your ass.

JACK: Go for it.

CRUZ: In that case, you may be needing these.

(He hands DANNY their guns back, which DANNY takes. He hands one to JACK, then moves down to the ridge.)

JACK: Thanks.

(CRUZ sights his rifle while JACK observes DANNY through the binoculars. DANNY moves along a ridge close to where LUCY is standing, but out of her sight.)

(JACK looks out in the other direction. The white van pulls up nearby.)

JACK: Looks like we got company.

(There is the sound of a motorbike. A man in a skull mask rides out to meet LUCY. He gets off the bike when he reaches her.)

CRUZ: Could be Franco.

(LUCY hands him the money. Instead of getting back on the bike, the man takes off his mask.)

JACK: Something doesn't feel right.

(The man pulls a gun. Two shots ring out. The man falls to the ground. DANNY moves out towards LUCY, weapon drawn.)

JACK: You lucky bitch.

(LUCY screams at the dead man.)

LUCY: You son of a bitch. You son of a bitch!

(DANNY checks quickly that she is alright. He runs past her, and jumps onto the motorbike. The white van pulls away, DANNY following.)

(CRUZ and JACK approach LUCY and the dead man.)


(DANNY chases the white van on the motorbike. The driver, in a skull mask, tries to run him off the road. The van drives into a cul-de-sac and is forced to stop. DANNY brings the motorbike down next to the van. He is in perfect position. The driver gets out of the van, gun drawn, but is shot by DANNY.)

(DANNY checks that he is dead, then pockets his weapon. He goes around to the back of the van.)

DANNY: James?

(DANNY opens the van doors. He lowers his gun and lifts up his sunglasses. He sighs.)


[Ext: La Huerta - rendezvous point - continuous]

(LUCY sits, dejected, on the ground. JACK is on his cell phone. There are several Mexican officers scattered around the area.)

JACK: Okay, Danny. Come on in. (He hangs up.)

LUCY: Is that your guy? Did he catch them?

JACK: Uh-huh.

LUCY: What about James? Is he okay? Tell me.

JACK: Unfortunately, he's dead.

LUCY: See? Told you. But you had to interfere.

JACK: Yeah.

(JACK reaches down to the bag of money at her feet. She grasps for it, but he digs around, reaching for something.)

LUCY: What are you doing?

(He hands the bag back to her, but is holding a recorder.)

JACK: It's okay. You can keep the bag. I just want this.

LUCY: What is that?

JACK: We wired you anyway. Although now it seems pointless.

(LUCY picks up the bag and stomps away toward the cars.)

LUCY: I want to go back to the hotel.

JACK: Maybe we should listen to this. Just for fun, what do you say?

LUCY: Knock yourself out.

FRANCO: (on tape) Did you bring the money?

LUCY: (on tape) It's all there. Do what you said you would do. Do it.

LUCY: What did you expect to hear?

JACK: I don't know. Something about you asking them to cut one of your husband's fingers off.


[Ext: La Huerta - rendezvous point - day]

(The driver of the van walks out to meet LUCY. JAMES is tied up in the back of the van, but he can clearly hear what is going on outside.)

JAMES COSTA: Lucy, don't do this, please. I'm not leaving you. Are you crazy?

LUCY: It's all here. Now get it over with.

KIDNAPPER: We cannot do that, senora. We want more. One hundred thousand.

LUCY: What? No. We had a deal. Look, the FBI is here. Get out while you're ahead. They're tapping the room phone. Where's Jose?

KIDNAPPER: Jose is no more. You deal with us now. One hundred thousand, or your man goes free. And he's not happy.

LUCY: Okay. Okay. But I'll need proof for the feds. They need to know this is real.

KIDNAPPER: Proof? Like what?

LUCY: A finger. Give me his finger. Come on.

(He turns back to the van. JAMES screams.)



JACK: Sound familiar?

LUCY: You have quite an imagination.

JACK: Lady, even I couldn't make this stuff up.

(Their attention is drawn by the sound of an approaching car. It is the white van. DANNY drives, and JAMES is sitting in the passenger seat. The van stops next to them, and DANNY and JAMES get out.)

LUCY: James?

DANNY: Surprise.

JAMES COSTA: You killed Mary. You killed Mary. She killed Mary.

JACK: Yeah, I know she did. Officer Cruz, you can hold her until we can get her extradited. Although, James, you have the choice to have her prosecuted in Mexico. If you wanted.

(JAMES COSTA, holding his bloody hand, stops and looks back at his wife.)

JAMES COSTA: What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico.

(JACK and DANNY help him into a car, leaving LUCY behind with the Mexican police.)



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