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#405 : Traditions

Titre original:"Honor Bound"
Réalisé par : Ken Collins
Ecrit par : Amanda Segel Marks

Résumé : Wendy Kim a disparu, elle venait de rompre ses fiançailles avec un homme de sa communauté. Pendant l'enquête, l'équipe découvre qu'elle était étouffée par sa famille. Il y a plusieurs explications possibles à sa disparition, une agression par son ex-fiancé ou son petit ami actuel, ou alors elle est partie pour fuir cette pression familiale.


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Honor Bound

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 Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez ) discute avec son collègue Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez ) discute avec son collègue Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

 Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez ) observe le tableau

Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez ) observe le tableau

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez ) parle de l'affaire en cours avec son collègue Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez ) parle de l'affaire en cours avec son collègue Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

L'agent Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

L'agent Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

L'agent Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez )

L'agent Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez )





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Without a Trace
4.05 - "Honor Bound"
Original CBS Airdate: 10/27/05
Transcribed from CBS

Directed by: KEN COLLINS

Transcribed for www.twiztv.com by Elise B.
Contact the transcriptionist at [email protected]

"WITHOUT A TRACE" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and (c) by JERRY BRUCKHEIMER Television, CBS Productions, and Warner Bros. Television (an AOL Time Warner Company). All Rights Reserved. This transcript was made without their permission, approval, authorization or endorsement. For Fair Use, for entertainment and for educational purposes only. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of this material in any form is expressly prohibited. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for commercial gain.
The team investigate the disappearance of a young Korean woman who went missing during her shift at the family deli, revealing a social life that may upset the woman's traditional family.


[Ext: New York City (stock) - night]

[Int: Kim family store - night]

(A young Korean woman, WENDY KIM, sits behind the cash register, paging through the fashion design ideas in her sketchbook. She opens it to a blank page, and begins to draw. She is interrupted by a man in the store.)

MR. O'DONNELL: Excuse me, Wendy. I can't reach the bran flakes.

WENDY: I'll be right there, Mr. O'Donnell.

MR. O'DONNELL: Thank you.

(She gets up from her seat and uses a hook to get the box of cereal down from the top shelf. As she makes her way back to the counter, a man, GEORGE ZOUSNER, walks in and stops her.)

WENDY: Here you go.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Where were you?

WENDY: (surprised) What?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: What? We were supposed to have dinner.

WENDY: Oh my god.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Yeah. I sat at Dominic's for like an hour waiting for you.

WENDY: I totally forgot. I'm so sorry.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: You forgot? Are you sure this isn't just another one of your lies? (She looks hurt, but doesn't respond.) Look if you don't want to see me anymore, fine. But be stand up about it. Say it to my face.

WENDY: This isn't fair.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: No. Life isn't fair.

(MR. O'DONNELL stands at the cash register, waiting to be checked out. He glances concernedly at the arguing couple.)

MR. O'DONNELL: Wendy? Can I check out?

(She rings up his cereal.)

WENDY: $6.25.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Okay, you got your fiber, man. I think you can go now.

(MR. O'DONNELL leaves the store.)

WENDY: Can we talk about this later?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: You know, sometimes people do things that come back to haunt them.

(GEORGE ZOUSNER stalks out of the store. WENDY follows to the doorway of the store. Staring after him, she vanishes.)

[caption: 10 HOURS MISSING]


[Ext: Sidewalk outside the Kim family store - day]

(SAMANTHA interviews MR. O'DONNELL outside the store.)

MR. O'DONNELL: Came in for my morning coffee and heard Wendy was missing. Figured that guy must have had something to do with it.

SAMANTHA: Do you think you could give an accurate description to our sketch artist?

MR. O'DONNELL: Definitely. I got a good look at him.


[Int: Kim family store - continuous]

(MARTIN interviews WENDY's mother, MRS. KIM, who is working in the store.)

MRS. KIM: This is my daughter, Sun. It's from three years ago. My husband's sixtieth birthday party.

MARTIN: You said Sun?

MRS. KIM: That's her real name. She changed it to Wendy when she turned 21. Why would anyone take her?

MARTIN: I don't know. But we're doing our best to figure that out.

(She moves away from MARTIN and begins frantically straightening the shelves. MARTIN follows her around the store.)

MARTIN: Look, Mrs. Kim. A customer of yours called the police at 4:30 in the morning. Said the place had been robbed. What time do you normally get here?

MRS. KIM: Six o'clock. I wake up early, so I usually work mornings. Sun comes in at nine.

MARTIN: Didn't you say that she worked the late shift last night?

MRS. KIM: She was filling in for her brother, Jin.

MARTIN: Right. Mrs. Kim. Is there any possibility that your daughter was in some kind of trouble, and she was the one who took the money from the register and left?

MRS. KIM: Not my daughter. She is responisible girl. She would not steal from us. You don't understand. We were robbed! My daugher is missing! Why won't you look for her?

MARTIN: Mrs. Kim. We are looking for her. Look, right now, we need to keep this area clear. Let the investigators do their work, and I'll keep you updated. (She storms off and leaves Martin in mid-sentence.)

(SAMANTHA comes up to him, having finished her interviews outside.)



SAMANTHA: Anything off the security cameras?

MARTIN: No, Mrs. Kim said that the cameras have been broken for a month.

SAMANTHA: Did she know anything about this guy Wendy was arguing with?

MARTIN: No. No. And I asked her about a boyfriend. She said Wendy doesn't have one.

SAMANTHA: Hmm. Well, the witness I just spoke to said the argument seemed very personal.

MARTIN: Well, maybe things got out of hand, the guy kidnapped her, and then he made it look like a robbery.

SAMANTHA: Yeah. I say, we should start looking for her boyfriend.

MARTIN: I say you're right.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

[Wendy's picture is put up on the white board. Zoom in.]





[caption: 11 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: WENDY's apartment - day]

(DANNY and ELENA enter the apartment. They turn on the lights to find every available surface covered with design sketches, patterns, and fabric.)

ELENA: Well.

DANNY: Looks like a fashion studio in here.

ELENA: Guess her time at FIT was well spent.

DANNY: Yeah.

ELENA: The fabrics look high-end. I'm sure she put every penny she made into her designs.

(DANNY goes into the office and looks through the file cabinets.)

(ELENA scans the room. She imagines WENDY working at the sewing machine. DANNY comes back in with some papers.)

DANNY: Oh, I love an organized woman. She's got tax records, student loan docs, insurance info, and her SoHoSingles.com profiles.

ELENA: What? She's internet dating?

DANNY: Yeah. All Caucasian men in their twenties and early thirties. All right, listen to this. (reading) "You're looking for love in all the wrong faces? Well, your search stops here. I'm smart, funny, and I'm hoping for a long term relationship."

(ELENA has found a datebook on the table. She looks through it as DANNY sorts through the men's profiles.)

ELENA: How far back do they go?

DANNY: Looks like about five months.

ELENA: Well, it's probably hard.

DANNY: What are you talking about?

ELENA: Just think about it. You know, this is a young girl from a traditional family, trying to break out on her own. It's not easy, Danny.

DANNY: Are you kidding me? She's got a scholarship, her own apartment, she's beautiful.

ELENA: Then why is she back at the deli? And internet dating?

DANNY: Who knows.

(ELENA finds what she was looking for. She hands the datebook to DANNY.)

ELENA: Okay. Got it. The name of the guy she was supposed to meet last night.

DANNY: George Zousner. (He looks through the stack of profiles and pulls one out.) We got him.


[Int: Kim family deli - day]

(SAMANTHA and MARTIN show the dating profiles to MRS. KIM and WENDY's brother, JIN.)

JIN: Sun never told me she was internet dating.

MRS. KIM: Where did you find this?

MARTIN: In Wendy's apartment.

SAMANTHA: When was the last time you saw your sister?

JIN: Well, I worked a double shift and then Sun came in to relieve me at 10.

MARTIN: Double shift? Does that happen a lot?

JIN: Yeah. It's just the way it is. We've been shorthanded ever since my father had a stroke.

SAMANTHA: (indicating a bruise on his forehead) How'd you get that?

JIN: Oh, it's nothing.

SAMANTHA: Oh, good. How'd you get it?

JIN: (glancing at his mother) We were robbed last week, so...

MRS. KIM: What? You never told me. Or your father.

JIN: (quietly) Well, I think he has enough to worry about, mom.

(MARTIN and SAMANTHA exchange a look.)

MARTIN: Why don't you tell us what happened?

JIN: Okay. They came in through the front and they had a gun.


[Int: Kim family deli - night]

THUG #1: Get your hands up. Get your hands up, now!

THUG #2: Yo. Do what he says, Jackie Chan. Now open the drawer and give us the cash.

THUG #1: Hey! Don't even think about calling the cops unless you've got a death wish.

JIN: Just take what you want and get out.

THUG #2: Think I'll do that.

(He blows a kiss to WENDY. JIN shoves him back and gets hit on the side of his head with the gun, falling to the ground behind the counter. WENDY takes the money out of the register as the other THUG puts his gun in her face.)

THUG #1: Yo. Fill it!

WENDY: Okay. I'm sorry.

THUG #1: Hurry up!

WENDY: Don't hurt us, alright?

THUG #1: Come on. Let's go.

(THUG #1 runs toward the door. WENDY leans down to help JIN. THUG #2 stops to threaten JIN and WENDY with his gun.)

THUG #2: You tell anyone about this, I'll kill you both.

THUG #1: Let's go. Let's go!


SAMANTHA: Okay, wait. So let me get this straight. You left your sister here alone on the late shift after you'd been held up at gunpoint.

JIN: Look, I already told you, we're short staffed.

MARTIN: Yeah, you did tell us that. Why didn't you file a police report?

JIN: We don't call the police.

SAMANTHA: Why not?

MRS. KIM: You people never do anything when we're robbed.

MARTIN: And there's no security tape.

MRS. KIM: I already told you, our cameras are broken.

(She speaks in Korean to her son, then walks off through the store.)

JIN: I'm sorry

(He follows his mother away from the agents.)

[white board: 7DBD: Robbed at gunpoint]


[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

JACK: George, according to our reports, you're one of the last people to see Wendy.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: I don't know what happened to her. I went straight home after I saw her. You can ask my doorman.

VIVIAN: We spoke to your doorman. He said that you got back around 11:30.


JACK: He also says that there's an emergency exit that he disconnects and props open when he wants a cigarette. You could have gotten out that way.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Why would I do that?

JACK: I don't know. Do you smoke?

(GEORGE ZOUSNER looks at them in exasperation.)

GEORGE ZOUSNER: I swear, I didn't do anything to Wendy. I really like her.

VIVIAN: That's not what the customer thought.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: When she didn't show up to dinner, I was worried and I go over there and I see that she's okay. I'm thinking that she blew me off. I was...I was pissed.

VIVIAN: So you stalked her?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: No. Wh...I... I'm telling you, I was concerned.

JACK: How many times have you two dated?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Last night would have been five.

JACK: Right, so you went out last night, looking for a little action. She stood you up. You got angry.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: It wasn't like that.

VIVIAN: Why'd you call her a liar?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Because she wasn't who she said she was.


[Int: NYC club - night]

(A fashion show is going on. GEORGE gets drinks at the bar, then heads over next to the runway, where WENDY is standing.)

GEORGE ZOUSNER: I love these fashion shows.


GEORGE ZOUSNER: Free food, free booze. You know how to treat a guy.

(The designer does his walk down the runway at the finale of the show. WENDY watches him closely.)

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Was he in your class at FIT?

WENDY: A year behind me. One of Marc Jacobs' lackeys spotted Jeremy's girlfriend wearing one of his designs at a club. The rest is history.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: I know you're going to be the next to make it. You work for this big designer, right? She's got to see how talented you are.

(WENDY gets very quiet at this remark.)

GEORGE ZOUSNER: You okay? Hey, are you okay?

WENDY: George, I have to be honest with you about something.

(She leads him away from the runway to a quieter part of the club.)

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Uh-oh. Sounds like break-up talk.

WENDY: No, no. If anything, I'm going to be the dumpee.


WENDY: I lied on my profile.

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Really? Everyone does that. Listen, I'm sure you know by now, I'm not six foot six.

WENDY: (She laughs.) I don't work for a fashion designer. Not anymore. I'm a cashier at my family's deli. I had to quit my job a couple of months ago after my dad had a stroke. Yesterday I had a gun held to my face.


WENDY: We were robbed. They hit my brother, they took all of our money. We probably could have been killed. I'm so sorry. I don't mean to lay all of this on you, I just...

GEORGE ZOUSNER: No. No, Wendy. Listen, I'm just happy you told me the truth. Okay? Come here.

(They hug.)


GEORGE ZOUSNER: And I don't blame her. I may never have emailed her if she put deli slave as her occupation.

JACK: Did she ever tell you about any of her internet boyfriends?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Yeah, we swapped a couple of stories, but nothing really sticks out. She told me about her ex-fiance.

JACK: She has an ex-fiance?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: She was trying to break up with this guy, and finally did it two months ago.

JACK: Two months ago, are you sure?

GEORGE ZOUSNER: That's what she told me. She said it did not go over very well.

[white board: 2 MBD: split with fiance?]


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(JIN and MRS. KIM sit with the sketch artist, working on sketches of the men who robbed the store. JACK walks over to interrupt.)

JIN: I think he had thin mustache. Right, right. Just a real thin mustache.

JACK: Mr. Kim. Mrs. Kim. I'm Special Agent Malone. I'm heading up the investigation on your daughter. I'm just curious why you neglected to tell us that Wendy was engaged.

MRS. KIM: What does that have to do with anything?

JACK: Well, it's possible that her ex-fiance is involved in her disappearance.

JIN: No. You don't understand. That would never happen. Steven...Joo-Seung is a good guy.

JACK: Do you have any idea why they broke up?

MRS. KIM: She wouldn't tell us. Her father and I were shocked.


[Int: a Korean restaurant - private party - night]

(Two girls in traditional dress are playing drums on stage. As they finish, the family is distracted by the sound of raised voices. WENDY argues with her fiance, STEVEN.)

STEVEN: What are you talking about?

WENDY: I'm sorry, Steven.

STEVEN: You're sorry? Well, I guess if you're sorry...

(MRS. KIM goes over to them.)

MRS. KIM: What is going on?

STEVEN: Oh, your precious daughter's just told me she's calling off the wedding.

MRS. KIM: You embarass your family. Your father wants you to stop this now, Sun.

WENDY: My name is Wendy. Steven, you know thing's aren't right.

STEVEN: The wedding is four months away. What? You just change you mind now?

(JIN joins the group, trying to keep the argument out of earshot.)

JIN: Okay, what's going on? Dad's upset.

WENDY: I am sick of everybody pretending they know what's best for me. I can't do this anymore.

MRS. KIM: You will marry Joo-Seung because that is what your father and I decided.

WENDY: But it's not what I decided.

JIN: This is not the place.

WENDY: No. No, I don't love Steven. I'm not happy. And I'm not going to marry him just to please them.

STEVEN: Okay, you know what? I'm done with you anyway. You're lucky I was even with you in the first place. Not many men would marry such a slut.

(She slaps him. The room is shocked. STEVEN storms out of the room, leaving WENDY looking very upset.)


JACK: I wish that you had told us this sooner.

MRS. KIM: Why?

JACK: Well, Steven was humiliated in front of his family and friends. Revenge is a strong motive.




[caption: 15 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - Jack's office - day]

STEVEN: I haven't seen Wendy in weeks.

JACK: I heard what happened at your engagement party. Pretty rough.

STEVEN: I didn't do anything to her.

JACK: You have an alibi for last night?

STEVEN: I was at a friend's birthday party.

JACK: Did you cheat on her?

STEVEN: Never.

(JACK puts one of the internet dating profiles on the desk.)

JACK: She was cheating on you. She's been dating men from this internet service for the last five months. You've been broken up, what? Two?

STEVEN: I know.

JACK: You have an open relationship?

STEVEN: Not exactly. I'm gay.

JACK: And how long has she known about this?

STEVEN: About six months. She agreed to wait while I figured things out. You have to understand, alright. Coming out is already hard enough. But a first born son coming out to his old world parents? It's unthinkable, alright? They'd never speak to me again.

JACK: I can see that.

STEVEN: My parents always expected I'd run the business someday. Give them a grandson. Carry on the family name. That's what a son does.

JACK: Why did you both agree to make the break-up official?

STEVEN: We'd already postponed the wedding once. And Wendy couldn't take it anymore.


[Int: a Korean restaurant - engagement party - night]

(WENDY approaches STEVEN at the bar, where he is fixing himself a drink.)

WENDY: Wow. Your parents really went all out, huh?

STEVEN: (He downs his drink.) Yeah.

(She looks over at the girls drumming on the stage, in full traditional attire.)

WENDY: Strange to think I used to be one of those girls.

STEVEN: That was a long time ago, okay?

WENDY: Well, you ready?

STEVEN: I don't think I can do this.

WENDY: It's better to pull a bandaid off all at once than little by little, right?


WENDY: Okay. (She grins at him.) Remember, make it look good. And hey, I'm sorry in advance for anything bitchy I might say.

STEVEN: Right back at ya. (beginning the argument) What are you talking about?

WENDY: I'm sorry Steven.


STEVEN: Even if I hadn't come out, I think she still would have called it quits. I mean, we loved each other. Just not that way.

JACK: Any idea why she agreed to take the blame?

STEVEN: Well, she had something to gain too. You see, it's not easy for women in our culture. Mr. and Mrs. Kim want her to go to law school, marry a Korean man, and have babies.

JACK: And that's not who she is.

STEVEN: Not even close.

JACK: Did you ever meet any of the men she dated?

STEVEN: We kept a separation between church and state.

JACK: How did you feel about her dating online?

STEVEN: Wendy is an incredibly trusting person. The internet is a dangerous place for people like her.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

[white board: 7A NY-45168 WENDY KIM]

(SAMANTHA is on the phone at her desk)

SAMANTHA: Okay. Thanks.

(She hangs up and walks over to the 'suspects' board, which is covered with information regarding the men WENDY dated. SAMANTHA adds a post it to a profile, then turns to sit with ELENA at the conference table.)

SAMANTHA: Ah, another SoHo Single with an alibi.

ELENA: Which one was that?

SAMANTHA: Dylan Netley. Iced latte, two splendas. I guess you've got to take a lot of notes when you power date.

ELENA: Can I tell you something? I will never ever understand this whole internet dating thing. You never know what you're going to get.

SAMANTHA: Well, a girl I know met her fiance online. They're getting married in the spring.

ELENA: Do you think I'm missing out?

(They both laugh.)

ELENA: Listen, this, um, Wendy girl met a lot of these guys at Caffinated Coffee shops. I was thinking maybe someone saw something there.

SAMANTHA: Maybe, but which one? There are at least twenty in Manhattan alone.

(MARTIN comes striding into the bullpen and goes up to add information to the board.)

MARTIN: Hey. We found the two guys who robbed the Kim's deli. Along with a foolproof alibi.

SAMANTHA: Which is?

MARTIN: They're in jail.


MARTIN: Yeah, they knocked over a bodega two blocks away from the Kim's. PD picked them up about an hour later.

SAMANTHA: What about her ex-fiance?

MARTIN: Oh, he cleared too. A birthday party attendee said that he was there the entire time.

ELENA: I've got at least a dozen calls from Wendy's apartment to the same number number and the last one was two days before Wendy's disappearance. Look at this. See that.

(She brings up the information on her computer: 212-555-0153 Caffinated Coffee Shop 1006 28th St New York, NY)

ELENA: Caffinated Coffee Shop. 28th street and 7th.

SAMANTHA: That's right by FIT.

MARTIN: Right.

[caption: 17 HOURS MISSING]


[Ext: Caffinated Coffee Shop - day]

(MARTIN and SAMANTHA talk to WENDY's friend, KAREN, who is taking her smoking break.)

KAREN: Of course I know Wendy. She's one of my best friends.

SAMANTHA: When was the last time you saw her?

KAREN: Um, three days ago, I guess.

MARTIN: So you're the reason she was meeting her dates here.

KAREN: Yeah, it's kinda her safehouse. Do you think she's okay?

SAMANTHA: Listen, ah, did any of the guys stand out to you? Seem weird?

KAREN: I don't think so. To be honest, most of them were kinda dull.

MARTIN: So what about anyone you didn't meet?

KAREN: You know, she did mention wanting to ditch a guy a couple weeks ago.


[Int: Caffinated Coffee Shop - day]

WENDY: I met a guy with potential.

KAREN: Do tell.

WENDY: He's a CPA. George.

KAREN: Oh, he has a name.

WENDY: Now I just have to get rid of 'clingy guy'.

KAREN: Oh. Last week, mocha freeze, double shot?

WENDY: Yeah. He called me and asked me why I said hi to a guy that I work with while we were on our date. And now he won't stop calling.

KAREN: Okay. The only way to get rid of him is to just be as straightforward as possible. Call him and tell him you're not into him. Thanks, but no thanks.


SAMANTHA: Do you know this clingy guy's name?

KAREN: We don't use names. We call them by whatever they do for a living. Like stockbroker guy. Wannabe actor guy.

MARTIN: So what guy was he?

KAREN: Lawyer guy.

MARTIN: Lawyer guy?

(She nods.)

[caption: 18 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(ELENA and DANNY sort through the internet profiles.)

DANNY: Doctor. Drywall hanger. Dog Walker.

ELENA: Ah, here we go. 31. Attorney. Loves Airedales, tashimi, and mountain climbing. My favorite toy is my Tivo. Clingy?

DANNY: Um, I don't know if that's clingy. You know, it surprises me that there isn't one single Korean in this whole stack.

ELENA: Sometimes it's good to get away from what you know.


(She picks up another profile from the stack.)

ELENA: 32. Powerful, successful attorney. Likes to be in charge. Looking for someone to fill the void in his life. Only apply if you're looking for exclusivity.

DANNY: This guy sounds needy and possessive.

ELENA: Yup. I'll tell Jack.


[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

BRAD STONE: Yeah, we went out a few times, but she wasn't the one who did the breaking up.

JACK: Why did you end it?

BRAD STONE: Let's just say she had some repressed issues to work out and I wasn't interested in helping her.


[Int: WENDY's apartment - bedroom - night]

(WENDY is on top of BRAD STONE in bed. She pulls out a knife and slides it up his bare chest.)

BRAD STONE: What are you doing?

WENDY: You're going to like it, I promise. Trust me.

(She slices through the skin on his chest. He screams at her.)

BRAD STONE: Okay. Get the hell off of me. Get me out of these things.

WENDY: Brad, it's a game. A little pain. A lot of pleasure.

BRAD STONE: I don't think so. Untie me. Now!

(She does and lets him off the bed.)

BRAD STONE: What are you? Some kind of freak?

WENDY: Look, I was just trying to have a little fun. It's your turn now. You can do whatever you want to me, Brad. You can even hurt me if you want to.

BRAD STONE: Yeah, listen, you're a really interesting girl, but I don't think we should see each other anymore.

WENDY: What?

(He puts his shirt back on and leaves.)


BRAD STONE: You know, in some alternate universe, it might have been hot. But she had this look of desperation in her eyes, like she really wanted me to hurt her. And I'm just not into that kind of thing.

ELENA: That's interesting, because I read that you like to be in charge.

BRAD STONE: Yeah, look, I work 80 hours a week. I don't have time for games.

JACK: Where were you at 11:00 last night?

BRAD STONE: At work.

ELENA: Can anyone confirm that?

BRAD STONE: I don't know. Why don't you check with the janitorial staff? Look my secretary should be here any minute. I have some papers to sign before six. Are we done?

JACK: Yeah, we're done. Someone will show you to reception.


[FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

(ELENA and JACK watch BRAD STONE as he leaves the offices.)

JACK: Something about that guy's not right.

ELENA: Wendy could be reacting to a very repressed family and culture. Maybe this is her way of rebelling.

JACK: I can think of better ways of rebelling than having sado-masochistic sex with a scumbag lawyer.

ELENA: True. She could have done what I did.

(ELENA turns to go towards the bullpen.)

JACK: What's that?

ELENA: (over her shoulder) Became a cop.

[caption: 20 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: WENDY's apartment - bedroom - day]

(DANNY and ELENA search through WENDY's thing for clues.)

DANNY: You really think she's into S&M?

ELENA: I don't know. But we need to verify Stone's story.

DANNY: You find anything?

ELENA: Besides a fabulous wardrobe, no.

DANNY: (He holds up a pair of black leather pants.) Would you consider these kinky?

ELENA: No. Just out of style.

(A man , VICTOR, climbs into the apartment through the open bedroom window. The agents are shocked, but pull out their guns.)

ELENA: FBI! Stay right there.

(VICTOR tries to backtrack his progress, but it's too late. DANNY grabs him and pushes him to the floor, hands behind his back.)

DANNY: Where's Wendy?

VICTOR: I don't know, man. I was just answering the ad, I swear.

DANNY: What ad?

VICTOR: It's in my back pocket.

(DANNY glances at ELENA, then reaches down to pull the piece of paper from the man's pocket.)

VICTOR: She's the hot Asian girl, right? I wish that you were the one going through my pockets, gorgeous.

ELENA: Shut up.

(DANNY opens the ad. It's a picture printed off the internet of WENDY, posed in lingerie on a bed.)

DANNY: (reading) "Hot exotic with exploitation fantasy. Come and have sex with me now. I'll leave the back window unlocked. If you can't get in, break in." It's got Wendy's name and address on this.




[caption: 21 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - hallway outside interview room - night]

(JACK watches the interview of the man who broke into WENDY's apartment through the window. ELENA approaches him.)

VICTOR: (muffled through window) What was I supposed to do? Do what she said in the ad?

ELENA: His name's Victor Pratt. Two priors. B&E and sexual assault. Unfortunately his alibi checked out.

JACK: What about the lawyer?

ELENA: Security guard clocked him leaving his office after midnight.

JACK: Did you find the ad?

ELENA: Yeah. It's on a website called, um, Gavin's Garage. Everything from bowling balls to ball gags.

JACK: Did any of her friends mention that she was into S&M?

ELENA: Sam and Martin talked to her friend at the coffee shop. She said she didn't know anything about an ad or any sexual proclivities that she might have had.

JACK: Yeah, most people tend to keep that stuff to themselves. I wonder what other garbage climbed through her window.


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - night]

(MACK has downloaded the picture of WENDY onto his computer.)

MACK: Okay. I blow up this picture and look what happens.

SAMANTHA: It's a fake.

MACK: Yeah, yeah. Head shot was probably taken with a generic digital camera. 640x480 pixels.

MARTIN: And then you've got the lower half.

SAMANTHA: Which is much better quality.

MACK: More pixels. Yeah. Probably taken with a digital SLR. Um, and you guys notice how the head overlaps the neck over here?

MARTIN: Um-hm. Could have been ripped from a magazine.

MACK: That would be my guess. This is clearly professional. The quality, I mean. Not the photo.

SAMANTHA: Alright, so wait. She is into this stuff, but she's embarrassed of her body, what?

MARTIN: Yeah, it's either that or somebody else put this up without her knowing about it.

[white board: ? DBD: sex ad put up on 'Gavin's Garage']


[Int: offices of Gavin's Garage website - day]

(VIVIAN walks up to a young man playing his game boy. She holds out her badge but he doesn't look up.)

VIVIAN: I'm looking for the website administrator.

WEBMASTER: That would be me.

(Finally he looks up and sees the badge. He sits up straighter.)

VIVIAN: Oh. (She shows him a printout of WENDY's ad.) I take it that you recognize this? Some of your handiwork?

WEBMASTER: She called the feds? She saw me take it down.

VIVIAN: She was here?



WEBMASTER: A few days ago.


[Int: offices of Gavin's Garage website - day]

WEBMASTER: I don't know what to tell you.

WENDY: You can tell me who put up this disgusting ad.

WEBMASTER: I'm sorry. I can't do that. We pride ourselves on our client's right to privacy.

WENDY: I am going to sue your ass. Gavin's Garage will be finished. And you're going to be calling yourself Mommy and Daddy's basement cause that's what you're going to be working out of.

WEBMASTER: This Asian girl brought it in. I figured she was a friend of yours or something.


WEBMASTER: She didn't give a name.

WENDY: Well, what kind of friend puts up an ad like this? Do you have any idea what I have been through since this thing went up?

WEBMASTER: We're not responsible for any false advertisements, ma'am. It's clearly written in our terms of service.

WENDY: Fine. I'm going to call the cops. (She takes out her cell phone.)

WEBMASTER: Look, hey. Okay, okay. It's cool. I'll take it down.

(She watches as he deletes the file.)


WEBMASTER: I took it down and she left.

VIVIAN: You posted this online, and you didn't get the name of the girl who dropped it off?

WEBMASTER: No. She just handed it to me on a disk and gave me cash.

VIVIAN: I need the disk.

WEBMASTER: Yeah, okay.

VIVIAN: Some business you've got here.

WEBMASTER: I'm just a pawn in the game.

(He digs through a drawer and pulls out the disk. He hands it to VIV.)

VIVIAN: Yeah. Well, the game's over. You see that girl again, call me.


[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

(SAMANTHA and MARTIN show the ad to MRS. KIM and JIN.)

MRS. KIM: I can't believe she would do this.

SAMANTHA: She didn't. The picture's a fake.

MARTIN: We think that someone she's acquainted with put this ad up without her knowledge.

JIN: Are you sure? Why would someone do that?

SAMANTHA: An Asian woman in her 20s, not your daughter, dropped this off. Do you have any idea who that might be.

JIN: Most of Sun's friends are white.

MRS. KIM: She has two cousins her age, but they would never do anything like this.

(She becomes very upset. JIN puts his arm protectively around her.)

JIN: Okay. I have to take my mom home.

MARTIN: Alright, fine.

(JIN speaks in Korean to MRS. KIM, who responds. MARTIN stops them before they leave the office.)

MARTIN: Care to fill us in?

(MRS. KIM stops JIN from saying anything, and answers instead.)

MRS. KIM: When Sun went to college, she started to change. She stopped listening to us. My husband was right. We gave her too much freedom.


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

(JIN and MRS. KIN leave the office, SAMANTHA and MARTIN following. The agents stop to talk to JACK, who has come out of his office to join them.)

JACK: How'd it go?

SAMANTHA: Well, the family seem more concerned with blaming her than with finding her.

JACK: Probably think that none of this would have happened if she'd married a nice Korean boy.

MARTIN: Well, look, whoever put that ad up had to be angry enough to take that kind of revenge. Someone with a serious grudge.

SAMANTHA: Maybe someone she dated?

JACK: Maybe someone she dated and rejected?


[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

(ELENA and JACK talk to BRAD STONE again.)

ELENA: You secretary told us that she took a trip to Gavin's Garage last week. That was the same day that this ad was put up. See?

JACK: The day you put up that ad.

BRAD STONE: I don't know what you're talking about.

ELENA: Well, your secretary also said that Wendy showed up at your office the day before she disappeared. And that she was very distressed and she really, really needed to talk to you.

JACK: Must have slipped your mind the day we spoke.

BRAD STONE: I don't have to sit here and listen to this, certainly not without an attorney.

JACK: We've already got you for cyber-stalking. That's a felony. You're looking at a lot jail time.

BRAD STONE: Look, I don't know where she is, okay?

JACK: She's not into S&M.

ELENA: Listen, if anyone was playing games, it was you. So she found out about the ad and she confronted you. Hm? Am I correct?

BRAD STONE: I called her right after I put it up, okay? I told her I found the ad. I said I'd googled her name and it came up. I thought she'd want someone to lean on.

JACK: Why'd she come to your office?

BRAD STONE: She was upset about the ad. I was out at a meeting. She left me a note, told me to meet her at the Caffinated by FIT after work.


[Int: Caffinated Coffee Shop - night]

(BRAD STONE rushes in to meet WENDY, who is sitting at a barstool. It is clear she has been crying.)

BRAD STONE: Oh, hey. I'm sorry I missed you today.

WENDY: I'm sorry for not calling first. But I didn't know where else to go.

BRAD STONE: It's fine, Wendy. Why don't you tell me what happened?

WENDY: I went to Gavin's Garage and made them take down the ad.

BRAD STONE: Good, that's great.

WENDY: But it's been up for two days. I'm terrified to go home. I've already had two guys knock on my window. And I keep getting these disgusting phone calls. That idiot at Gavin's Garage let someone put up that ad and he needs to pay.

BRAD STONE: Well, you probably have a very good case against them.

WENDY: Will you help me?

BRAD STONE: Yeah, of course I will.

WENDY: I just wanted to meet a nice guy, you know. That's not asking too much, is it?

BRAD STONE: No. Not at all.


BRAD STONE: I just wanted to get her attention.

JACK: Yeah, well, you probably got her killed.




[caption: 36 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(DANNY is on his cell phone.)

DANNY: Okay. Alright, thanks. Okay. Bye. (He hangs up.) Elena. The techs found a set of prints on Wendy Kim's back window. The prints match a guy named Walter Cole. He lives in Brooklyn.

(He leans over her shoulder as she looks up the record on her computer.)

ELENA: We have a Walter Cole. 38. Married. No record.

DANNY: Hmm. How'd you like to have that guy come in through your back window?


[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

WALTER COLE: You guys are really messing me up here. My boss is going to kick my ass.

JACK: Jeez, I'm really sorry to inconvenience you, Mr. Cole. Although I bet Miss Kim was much more inconvenienced when you tried to climb through her back window and rape her.

WALTER COLE: Oh no. That girl put up an ad.

JACK: And you answered it.

WALTER COLE: Yeah, so what? That's not illegal. Yeah, well, my wife doesn't exactly like to role-play, so, I've got to get my kicks elsewhere, you know?

JACK: I don't care what you or your wife do. What'd you do with the girl?

WALTER COLE: I never touched the girl. You can ask the guy she was with.

JACK: What guy?

WALTER COLE: Some Oriental guy. He answered the door. Look, I tried the window like the ad said, and it was locked, so I went around front.


[Int: hallway outside WENDY's apartment - night]

(WALTER COLE knocks on the door of the apartment. JIN answers the door.)

WALTER COLE: Guess you got here first, huh?

JIN: What do you want?

(WENDY comes around the corner to see who is at the door. WALTER COLE looks her up and down.)

WALTER COLE: Whoa. She's as hot as her picture. Maybe I'll come back for some one-on-one, huh?

JIN: What?

WALTER COLE: Hey, just for sex with the girl. It's not a gang bang.

(JIN pushes WALTER back out of the doorframe and up against the wall.)

JIN: Get lost.


(JIN holds him with his face against the wall.)

JIN: What are you talking about?

WALTER COLE: She put up an ad. For sex. Look.

(He pulls out a copy of the internet ad and hands it to JIN. JIN lets him go and transfers his anger to WENDY.)

JIN: What did you do, Sun?

WENDY: I didn't do anything.

(JIN grabs her by the shoulders and shakes her.)

JIN: Haven't you brought enough shame on our family? Are we so horrible that you have to whore yourself out just to get away from us?

WENDY: I don't even know what you're talking about, I swear!

JIN: What have you become?


WALTER COLE: I got the hell out of there.

JACK: What happened to the guy?

WALTER COLE: As far as I know, he stayed.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(VIVIAN approaches SAMANTHA, who is looking through records at the conference table.)

VIVIAN: Walter Cole just identified Jin as the guy in Wendy's apartment.

SAMANTHA: Well, this is interesting then. Jin has worked at his parents' deli since he was a kid, okay? But after he graduated from Fordham, he borrowed money from his family and invested in two more delis in the burroughs. One of the delis was wiped out by fire, the other never really got off the ground.

VIVIAN: What year?


(MARTIN joins them.)

MARTIN: Hey. Jin's Easy Pass registered a toll from the midtown tunnel after 11pm on the DOD. He could have been heading back to the deli.

SAMANTHA: Let's go see him.


[Ext: alley behind Kim's family store - day]

(JIN is receiving inventory from a delivery truck. MARTIN and SAMANTHA approach him.)

JIN: (to delivery man) Thanks.


JIN: What's going on?

SAMANTHA: A couple of our agents checked out your parking garage. They found this in a dumpster. (She pulls out a video tape in an evidence bag.) I'm willing to bet that it fits the security system inside.

MARTIN: From the one that your mom said was broken a month ago.

JIN: Yeah, it did. I mean, it's broken.

MARTIN: So if we take the tape back to the lab and splice it together, we're not going to find out what happened to your sister?

JIN: So, uh, what do you want from me?

MARTIN: I want to know what you and your mom are trying to hide.

JIN: No, ah, my mom...my mom didn't do anything.

SAMANTHA: You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to bring her in. Cause I want to know why she lied to me about the security cameras.

JIN: No.

SAMANTHA: No? Your mom did something to Wendy and you're trying to cover up for her.

JIN: No, okay. I was the one who, I was the one who told her about the cameras. My mom doesn't know anything about it.

SAMANTHA: About what? (He doesn't respond.) Let me tell you what I think, okay? I think that Wendy was doing everything that you wanted to do and couldn't. Dating, making her way in the world, pulling away from the store, from the family, and you had to stop her.

JIN: That's not how it is.

SAMANTHA: Yeah. You wanted respect, like your father. And when she didn't give it to you, it made you feel like a failure, and it made you feel weak.

MARTIN: And you couldn't handle the shame of that.

JIN: I came back here to help her. And I got here and there was some guy here.


[Int: Kim family store - night]

(JIN enters the store through the back door. He comes out into the store to see WENDY and GEORGE ZOUSNER arguing.)

GEORGE ZOUSNER: Sometimes people do things that come back to haunt them.

(JIN watches as WENDY goes to the door. She turns back into the deli and sees JIN, shaking his head at her.)

WENDY: What are you doing here?

JIN: You're still meeting men online. I thought you were done with that.

WENDY: Well, you thought wrong.

JIN: I'm not going to lie to mom anymore.

WENDY: Fine, then don't. Tell her. I don't care anymore.

JIN: Okay, Sun. It's been barely two months since you were engaged to Steven. That is an insult to who they are, and to who we are.

WENDY: (indicating her smock for the deli) This isn't who I am, Jin. And maybe if you went out of here every once in a while, you'd realize this isn't who you are either. We've got options, you know. We don't have to work in this place forever.

JIN: What options? This store pays for all your clothes and your rent. Maybe you're too busy putting sex ads up on the internet, to realize that the store you hate so much keeps us all alive.

(He storms out with the trash into the alley. WENDY follows.)

WENDY: I told you, I didn't put up those ads.


[Ext: alley behind Kim family store - continuous]

JIN: Sure you did.

WENDY: Fine, yeah, you know what. It was all my idea. I want to be dominated by strange men. Does that make you feel better? Maybe I should tell mom and dad.

(He slams the trash into the dumpster, then turns on her.)

JIN: Don't you dare!

WENDY: God! There is more to life than this place!

JIN: Shut up, Wendy. Go back inside, right now!

WENDY: You want to die a slow death like dad? Fine, you can stay. Rot away selling lotto tickets and 40s for the rest of your life. But I'm done.

(She pulls the smock over her head and throws it in with the other trash, then walks away down the alley. JIN goes after her.)

JIN: Oh. You're done? I have to work in that store every day. Every day! It doesn't matter if it's the last place on earth that I want to go. I take care of my family. I do my job, and it's your duty to help me!

WENDY: No, it's not.

JIN: Now, this is where you belong. Right here with all this trash.

(She slaps him and he falls to the ground. She turns and walks away. JIN picks up a broken piece of wood lying next to him on the ground. In a fit of rage, he hits WENDY across the side of the head. She falls to the ground.)

(Realizing what he's done, he kneels beside her, but it's too late.)

JIN: Sun. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


JIN: (sobbing) It happened so fast. I didn't mean to hurt her, I swear. Why did she have to lie to me about that ad?

SAMANTHA: Let's go.

MARTIN: Come on, Jin.

(They help him up and lead him out of the alley.)


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - day]

(ELENA walks down the hallway. As she nears JACK's office, she hears MRS. KIM sobbing in Korean. ELENA looks into JACK's office to see MR. and MRS. KIM crying at JACK's desk. JACK glances out at ELENA, then the both observe the crying couple.)



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