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#404 : Le Temps Perdu

Titre original:"Lost Time"
Réalisé par : Martha Mitchell
Ecrit par : David H. Goodman

Résumé : L'équipe réouvre un ancien dossier de Jack. Cette affaire date de 7 ans, une jeune femme, Skye, avait disparu. Jack avait conclu qu'elle avait été assassinée par son professeur, un homme marié avec qui elle venait de rompre. Ils ont réouvert ce dossier parce que son sac à dos et sa pièce d'identité ont été déposés près d'un magasin. Et la vidéo de surveillance montre que la personne qui les a déposés ressemble à Skye.
Jack aurait-il fait une erreur qui aurait coûté 7 ans de prison a un innocent ?

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Titre VO
Lost time

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Le Temps Perdu

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Jack Malone, chef de l'équipe parle avec l'agent Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste)

Jack Malone, chef de l'équipe parle avec l'agent Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste)

Les agents font quelques recherches

Les agents font quelques recherches

Jack Malone

Jack Malone

Vivian Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste)

Vivian Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste)

Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez)

Elena Delgado (Roselyn Sanchez)

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia)

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia)

Anthony LaPaglia joue Jack Malone

Anthony LaPaglia joue Jack Malone

Vivian Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste)

Vivian Johnson (Marianne Jean-Baptiste)

L'agent Malone

L'agent Malone

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La disparue Captures

Without a Trace
4.04 - "Lost Time"
Original CBS Airdate: 10/20/05
Transcribed from CBS

Written by: DAVID H. GOODMAN

Transcribed for www.twiztv.com by Elise B.
Contact the transcriptionist at [email protected]

"WITHOUT A TRACE" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and (c) by JERRY BRUCKHEIMER Television, CBS Productions, and Warner Bros. Television (an AOL Time Warner Company). All Rights Reserved. This transcript was made without their permission, approval, authorization or endorsement. For Fair Use, for entertainment and for educational purposes only. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of this material in any form is expressly prohibited. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for commercial gain.
When new evidence comes to light, Jack reopens a case of a co-ed's murder, concerned that his investigative tactics seven years earlier led to the suspect confessing to a crime he didn't commit.


[caption: April 17, 1998]

[Int: Hudson University - Redford Hall - dorm room - day]

(A young woman, SKYE PETERSON, moves around the room, packing clothes and books into a backpack. Her roommate, DORI, enters.)

DORI: Beware of Joey Giro's. I got a contact high just walking by the door.

(SKYE ignores her and continues packing.)

DORI: Skye, what's going on?

SKYE: (tearily) I'm going home for the weekend. I'll see you Monday.

(Upset, she leaves the room. DORI looks worriedly after her.)


[Ext: Hudson University - Redford Hall - day]

(SKYE leaves the building and walks towards the parking lot. She passes two boys walking the other direction. One of the boys, PAUL CARTWRIGHT, notices her.)

PAUL: Hey Skye.

(She doesn't even acknowledge his presence, but keeps walking. The screen fades to white.)


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(VIVIAN is going through a box, which includes a picture of SKYE and other evidence related to her disappearance.)

ELENA: Hey Viv.

VIVIAN: Hey, hey, hey.

ELENA: What's all this?

VIVIAN: A case that Jack and I worked back in '98.

(ELENA picks up one of the newspaper clippings.)

ELENA: Skye Peterson. Car found abandoned at a highway rest stop in Woodbridge.

(VIVIAN picks up an evidence bag that contains a blue backpack.)

VIVIAN: Backpack that she had with her the day she disappeared got dropped off in a thrift store bin two days ago. When they found the ID inside, they passed it on to us. Now, I'm hoping that if we ID the person who gave it away, they'll tell us where they found it, and maybe we can find Skye's body.

ELENA: You never found a body?


ELENA: (indicating the case file) But it says here case closed.

VIVIAN: Well, the guy she was having an affair with confessed. He recanted later but we got a conviction anyway. He's serving twenty-five years.

ELENA: A conviction without a body. That's no easy task.

(She picks up an evidence bag containing a strip of photo-booth photos of a man with SKYE.)

ELENA: This him?

VIVIAN: Yeah, Thomas Beal. Her English professor.

ELENA: So she was sleeping with a teacher and disappeared on her way home from college.

MARTIN: Hey Viv.


MARTIN: You're going to want to see this.

(MARTIN calls them over to his computer, where he is watching the footage from the thrift store security camera. He pauses it to show a woman who looks very much like SKYE dropping off the backpack.)

ELENA: From the thrift store? That girl looks exactly like Skye Peterson.

MARTIN: Uh-huh. She sure does. Maybe that's why you never found a body.





[Int: FBI offices - tech room - day]

(JACK and VIV work with MACK at zooming in and clarifying the images from the security tape.)

MACK: Alright, so, I stabilize the image and then use a frame average to boost detail.

JACK: I still can't tell. How about you, Viv?


JACK: Is this the best you can do?

MACK: With this footage, yeah.

VIVIAN: What about facial recognition software?

MACK: Okay, I tried that. Here's the thing. I need six points of reference minimum and with the way she's positioned, I'm getting two.

JACK: Thanks.

MACK: Yeah, you got it.


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

VIVIAN: Forensics is printing the backpack. It should tell us if the woman in the video is Skye.

JACK: I don't buy it. Where's she been for seven years?

VIVIAN: Well, she could have orchestrated her own disappearance.

JACK: So she framed Beal for murder? I mean, he's been in prison for a long time.

VIVIAN: Well, her case proceeded at a pretty fast clip. Maybe there was something we missed.

JACK: If she hiding, why did she ditch a backpack with her ID in it?

VIVIAN: Maybe after seven years, maybe there's a part of her that wants to be found.


[Ext: Peterson residence - day]

(MRS. PETERSON opens the door to JACK and SAMANTHA. She pauses when she recognizes JACK.)


JACK: I don't know if you remember...

MRS. PETERSON: I remember.

JACK: This is, uh, Agent Spade.


MRS. PETERSON: Why are you here?


[Int: Peterson residence - kitchen - continuous]

(JACK, SAM, and MRS. PETERSON sit at the kitchen table, looking at evidence photographs of the blue backpack.)

JACK: Is that Skye's backpack?

MRS. PETERSON: Yeah, this is hers.

JACK: Mrs. Peterson. Have you had any contact with your daughter in the last seven years?

MRS. PETERSON: Why would you even ask me that?

(SAMANTHA hands her a photo image taken from the security tape.)

SAMANTHA: We think there's a possibility that your daughter dropped the backpack off herself.

MRS. PETERSON: Oh, my god. You think she's alive?

SAMANTHA: We don't know.

(JACK's cell phone rings. He gets up to answer it, moving to another room.)

JACK: Excuse me. (into phone) Malone.


[Int: thrift store - day]

DANNY: Jack. Yeah, I'm in the thrift shop. The guy who works here says there's a woman who comes in pretty often. I'm praying it's our girl from the video.

JACK: Any possibility that it's Skye?

DANNY: He's not sure. I'm going to leave him Skye's picture and the video still and we'll see what happens.

JACK: Alright, I'll see you back at the office.

DANNY: Okay. Bye.

(JACK looks at the photographs of SKYE that cover a wall in the Peterson house.)


[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

(A younger JACK places a tape recorder on the table. He sits down across from THOMAS BEAL as VIVIAN watches from the doorway.)

THOMAS BEAL: (on tape recorder) Skye, pick up, I'm serious. Pick up the phone, dammit! I need to talk to you. You can't just end things like that. I don't know who the hell you think you are, but I won't let you, Skye. Am I understood?

THOMAS BEAL: How many times are you going to play that?

JACK: Until you tell me what you did to her after you made that threat?

THOMAS BEAL: It wasn't a threat! I just...(sighs) I went to the bar and I got drunk and I called her, you know, it was stupid.

JACK: Okay, you left the bar at 6pm. Then where'd you go?

THOMAS BEAL: We've been over all of this!

JACK: So go over it again.

THOMAS BEAL: I didn't want to drive home like that, and so I took a walk.

VIVIAN: We canvassed the entire area. Shopkeepers, the police. Nobody saw you. How come?

THOMAS BEAL: I don't know. Maybe I should have put a sign on my head that said 'Remember me' on it.

JACK: Nobody saw you, smartass, because you went straight to Skye's dorm. When you saw her leave, you followed her to the rest stop.

THOMAS BEAL: That's ridiculous. Look, I was upset. I...

JACK: (interrupting) Then how did her blood end up in your car?

THOMAS BEAL: We had sex in it. She didn't... I didn't know she was a virgin.

JACK: So you don't make it regular practice to deflower one of your students in the family car?

THOMAS BEAL: No. I've never had a relationship with a student before.

JACK: That's good. Because people send their kids to college to get an education. Not to get raped by their professors.

THOMAS BEAL: I didn't rape Skye!

JACK: I have a little girl. If I was Skye's father and I found out you were tapping my little girl, I'd kill you.

VIVIAN: (warningly) Jack.

JACK: You're just lucky that her father's dead.

(VIVIAN and JACK leave the interview room. They stop in the hallway just outside.)

VIVIAN: We've been pounding him for two hours. I don't know that this is working.

JACK: We need more information on this guy. I want you to put every available resource on it.

VIVIAN: I'd have to take the manpower from the university.

JACK: Okay, so do it.

VIVIAN: Jack, why do you think he hasn't asked for a lawyer?

JACK: You don't seriously believe this story he's selling, do you?

VIVIAN: I that he can be a world-class scumbag without having killed Skye.

JACK: Please, just do it for me?


(JACK hears MRS. PETERSON from the other room and moves back into the kitchen.)

MRS. PETERSON: That man is in prison for murdering her. If she's still alive, why would he say he did such a terrible thing?

SAMANTHA: I'm sorry. We just don't know yet.

MRS. PETERSON: Do you really think this could be her? Oh, my god! (She begins to sob.)


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(MARTIN is putting the information from the case onto the white board.)

[white board reads: 7a NY-03671 SKYE PETERSON]

VIVIAN: Hey Martin.

MARTIN: Blast from the past, huh?

VIVIAN: Any luck ID-ing the thrift store lady?

MARTIN: No, none of the other businesses had video surveillance. As for it being Skye, I faxed her picture to the police departments around the thrift store. You really think it could be her?

VIVIAN: If it is, an innocent man has spent the last seven years in prison.

MARTIN: Well, you and Jack don't shoulder the responsibility for that. You have to remember, a jury still convicted him.

VIVIAN: Beal's entire life was ruined. His wife was six weeks pregnant when he was arrested. She didn't even know he was having an affair until we told her.

ELENA: Vivian? Can you come here please?

(ELENA calls out to them from her desk. VIVIAN goes over to look at her computer.)

ELENA: Hey, I think I have a problem.



[Int: FBI offices - Jack's office - day]

ELENA: I was going through the old investigation and found some references to the Middlesex County Police file.

JACK: And?

ELENA: Well, the tip that came in after Beal's confession. It never made it over here.

JACK: What?

ELENA: And it put Skye at a bar near the rest stop where her car was found at about 10:30pm.

JACK: Were the Middlesex police able to verify this tip?

ELENA: No, they figured you had the guy.

VIVIAN: The DA passed the information on to Beal's lawyer but he didn't follow it up either.

ELENA: Well, if the tip is legit, part of Skye's timeline was never investigated.

JACK: Has we talked to this witness yet?

ELENA: I can go talk to him right now.

JACK: Okay, take Danny with you.

(He looks worriedly at VIVIAN.)

[white board reads: DOD: Skye seen in bar - 10:30pm?]


[Int: bar - day]

(DANNY and ELENA enter the bar. The bartender, FREDDIE STONE, looks up from what he's doing.)

DANNY: Freddie Stone?


DANNY: Special Agent Taylor, this is Special Agent Delgado. We're with the FBI.

FREDDIE STONE: My boss said you called. What's this all about?

DANNY: Skye Peterson's disappearance.

FREDDIE STONE: Oh well, you sure took your time.

DANNY: The turnpike was jammed.

ELENA: The report said that you spoke to someone who saw Skye Peterson the day she went missing?

FREDDIE STONE: That's all they wrote down?

ELENA: There was more?

FREDDIE STONE: Wayne did a lot more than just see her.


[Int: bar - night]

(FREDDIE STONE works behind the bar. At the end of the bar, a rough looking man, WAYNE GORN, watches news footage of BEAL's arrest with interest.)

NEWSCASTER(on tv): Beal was transferred today to county jail after confessing to the murder of New Jersey native, Skye Peterson. Beal, an associate professor...(becomes background noise)

WAYNE GORN: Well, I guess that gets me off the hook.

FREDDIE STONE: Off the hook for what?

WAYNE GORN: I was one of the last people to see that girl alive.


WAYNE GORN: Yeah, right here. At least I sent her off with a smile.

FREDDIE STONE: What's that supposed to mean?

WAYNE GORN: She came in looking to make friends.


[Int: bar - night]

(SKYE enters the bar and looks around.)

WAYNE GORN: Got to talkin'.

(SKYE and WAYNE clink their glasses and drink. SKYE puts her head back and laughs.)

WAYNE GORN: Let's just say, we, uh, hit it off.

(WAYNE and SKYE are having sex in the bar's bathroom.)

FREDDIE STONE: What happened next?

WAYNE GORN: Like I said, I'm glad I'm off the hook.


DANNY: What is Wayne's last name?


ELENA: Listen, did you believe this story?

FREDDIE STONE: Well, he'd been in prison for raping a girl. That's why I called the police.




[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]


SAMANTHA: You told a friend of yours that you were one of the last people to see her alive. You also boasted that you had sex with her.

WAYNE GORN: Is that a crime?

SAMANTHA: Rape is a crime. One that I believe you're very familiar with.

WAYNE GORN: I didn't rape that girl.

JACK: I don't know the mind of the typical college coed, Mr. Gorn. So I'm going to consult with my colleague. Agent Spade, if you were Miss Peterson, in college with ten thousand young men at their sexual peak, would you choose to sleep with that?

WAYNE GORN: There wasn't any sex. That part of the story was, ah, what do you call it? Creative license.

JACK: Why don't you tell us what really happened?

WAYNE GORN: She had a flat tire, or something. She came into the bar looking for help.


[Int: bar - night]

(SKYE enters and approaches a COCKTAIL WAITRESS at the bar. WAYNE watches her from his seat at the end of the bar.)

SKYE: You have a phone? My friend's down the road, has a flat, doesn't have a spare.

WAYNE GORN: I'd be happy to give you a ride, sugar. Where you want to go?

COCKTAIL WAITRESS: In back. Phone book's got the tow company's number written on the cover.

(He grabs SKYE's arm as she goes past him.)

WAYNE GORN: Come on, now. How about a little fun. Just you and me.

(The COCKTAIL WAITRESS pours a drink into WAYNE's lap.)

WAYNE GORN: You bitch!

COCKTAIL WAITRESS: Sorry about that, Wayne.


WAYNE GORN: I guess she called for a tow and took off.

JACK: What time was it?

WAYNE GORN: 10:30.

JACK: You have a pretty good memory for something that happened 7 years ago.

WAYNE GORN: Bar's down the road from the wherehouse where I was working. I was on third shift. I had to clock in at 11:00.

JACK: And your place of employment will verify that?

WAYNE GORN: Hey! What are you giving me the third degree for? You already got the guy, right?

(JACK and SAMANTHA exchange a look.)


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

JACK: Find the woman who was working the bar that night.

SAMANTHA: Alright. I'm also going to pull their pay phone records.

JACK: Beal's time is accounted for after 9:30pm. If Gorn's telling the truth...

SAMANTHA: Listen, Jack. He's a convicted felon, okay? He could have made the whole thing up.

JACK: Yeah, well there's a real posibility that I screwed up.

(DANNY runs up from the bullpen.)

DANNY: Jack! I got off the phone with the thrift shop. The lady who dropped off Skye's backpack is there right now.

JACK: Great, get on it.

DANNY: Alright.


[Int: GoodThrift thrift store - day]

(DANNY talks to the thrift store clerk, SEAN.]

SEAN: I tried to keep her here. But as soon as I got off the phone with you, she took off.

DANNY: You're letting me down, Sean.

SEAN: She was fast. Besides, she had a head start. But I got a good look at her. She's definitely not the girl you're looking for.

DANNY: Do me a favor. Can we back it up to the moment when she walked in here?

SEAN: She said the backpack was her husband's. She needed to get it back for him.


[Int: GoodThrift thrift store - day]

(The woman who looks like SKYE, BRITTA, stands at the counter talking to SEAN.)

BRITTA: I'm happy to pay for it.

SEAN: You know, I think I know the bag you're talking about. Let me just check in the back and see if I can find it.

BRITTA: You're saving my life.

(SEAN goes back into the office behind the counter. BRITTA looks through her bag as she waits. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a print-out of the security tape footage and a note that reads "If seen please call Special Agent Danny Taylor FBI".)

(She looks through the window into the office and sees SEAN making a phone call. She runs out the door to her car and drives away. SEAN comes running out of the office after her.)

SEAN: Wait! Wait! I think I found it!


SEAN: She drove off in a blue Prius but I couldn't get the license.

DANNY: Okay, Sean. I know that she touched this. Did you remember if she touched anything else?

SEAN: I think she put her hands on the counter.

DANNY: Okay, so why don't you take your hands off the counter. Thanks. (taking out his cell phone) Hey, it's Taylor. Yeah, I'm at the thrift shop. I need somebody to come here and lift some prints.


[Int: FBI offices - Jack's office - day]

(JACK sits in a chair in his office, watching a tape of the interrogation of THOMAS BEAL.)

THOMAS BEAL: (on tape) It had to be somebody. There's no other explanation for...

JACK: (on tape) (interrupting) Except the obvious explanation.

THOMAS BEAL: (on tape) How many times do I have to tell you I did not do anything?

JACK: (on tape) Let's go back to the start, okay? Tell me what happened after she broke it off with you.

(JACK fast forwards the tape and starts it in another place. The tape morphs into FLASHBACK.)

JACK: Agent Johnson just had a conversation with Preston Molina. He says that he saw you leave the office at 9:30. Is that correct?

THOMAS BEAL: (He thinks about it.) Yeah, that's right. I stopped by at the end of my walk before I went home.

JACK: Well, we've been talking for two hours and you never mentioned it. Now, why's that?

THOMAS BEAL: I just forgot.

JACK: How long were you at the office?

THOMAS BEAL: I don't know.

JACK: You don't know?

THOMAS BEAL: No, I must have blacked out. I just woke up there.

JACK: What's the last think you remember before you blacked out?

THOMAS BEAL: Uh, leaving the bar.

JACK: That was at about six, right? That's three and a half hours. A lot of things can happen in three and a half hours.

(The scene fast forwards.)

JACK: You teach English Literature, right?

THOMAS BEAL: What's that got to do with anything?

JACK: Well, I'm trying to remember this term. It's when you're reading a story and you're not sure that the person who's telling you the story is telling the truth.

THOMAS BEAL: That's called the unreliable narrator.

JACK: Sometimes the narrator's even fooling himself, right?

THOMAS BEAL: Um, I don't see what you're getting at.

JACK: Thomas, see, I don't think you're lying to me about what you did to Skye. I think you're lying to yourself.

(THOMAS BEAL looks very distressed. He puts his hand up to his forehead.)

JACK: Did you hurt her? Did you kill her, Thomas?


JACK: Well, she never made it home, so what other possible explanation could there be?

THOMAS BEAL: I don't know.

(The scene fast forwards again.)

THOMAS BEAL: Oh, my god. Uh-huh. I must have killed her.

(The scene fast forwards. JACK pushes a pad of paper and a pen over towards THOMAS.)

JACK: I just want you to write down everything you told me, in your own words.

THOMAS BEAL: Where do I start?

JACK: When Skye ended the relationship. You went to a bar, you got drunk. You decided that you needed to convince her. You followed her to the rest stop. You got angry. You didn't know what else to do.

THOMAS BEAL: And that's when, and that's when I killed her? Right.

(He begins to write.)


(JACK rewinds the tape. VIVIAN enters his office.)

VIVIAN: The cocktail waitress verifies Gorn's story, and we found the tow company that Skye called. So hopefully they'll have records and we'll be able to find out who she was with that night.

JACK: He kept trying to tell me there was someone else.

VIVIAN: What do you mean?

(JACK indicates the video, which he has playing again.)

THOMAS BEAL: (on tape) Maybe she was seeing somebody else.

JACK: (on tape) Just another secret boyfriend that nobody knows anything about.

THOMAS BEAL: (on tape) It had to be somebody. There's no other explanation for what's happened to her.

(JACK stops the tape.)

JACK: I thought he was just throwing stuff in my path to get me off the track.

VIVIAN: Did he tell you who it could have been?

JACK: I never gave him the chance.


[Int: prison - visitation room - day]

(JACK sits at a table. THOMAS BEAL is brought in with his attorney, ROGER NANCE.)

JACK: Counselor.

ROGER NANCE: Agent Malone.

JACK: Appreciate your time.

ROGER NANCE: Your request came as quite a surprise. So why are we here?

JACK: Some new evidence has come to light that would suggest that Mr. Beal had nothing to do with Miss Peterson's murder.

ROGER NANCE: And what's this new evidence?

JACK: An eyewitness places her at a bar at 10:30 the night she disappeared.

(THOMAS BEAL stands up suddenly, turning his chair over. He clenches his fists against the window of the room.)

THOMAS BEAL: You son of a bitch. I've been rotting for seven years in here because of you. I've lost everything. I've lost my entire life.

JACK: I understand. I'm trying to help.

THOMAS BEAL: You're trying to help? Is that like you helped me confess to a crime that I didn't commit?

JACK: Mr. Beal, in our original interview you had said that Skye had been acting strangely when she ended the relationship. You said that you thought there might have been someone else.

THOMAS BEAL: Like I haven't spent the past seven years trying to figure out who that might be.

JACK: Look, I know we've been through this before. But I need you to tell me exactly what happened the night she ended the relationship.

THOMAS BEAL: That didn't work out so well for me last time.

JACK: I know. This time, I'm listening.

(ROGER NANCE nods. THOMAS picks up the chair and sits back down at the table.)

THOMAS BEAL: Everything seemed fine. And then, suddenly she wanted to end it.


[Int: Hudson University - Redford Hall - Skye's dorm room - day]

SKYE: It's just the right thing to do.

THOMAS BEAL: Well, I don't agree.

SKYE: What about your wife?

THOMAS BEAL: Skye. I'm in love with you. I am.

SKYE: Don't say that!

THOMAS BEAL: There's something you're not telling me.

SKYE: I just think that I should start seeing people my own age.

THOMAS BEAL: Now, that's the reason? Are you trying to tell me there's someone else?



SKYE: There isn't anyone. Now, you need to go.

(She goes to the door and start to open it. He gets up and stops her.)

THOMAS BEAL: I am not going until you tell me what is going on.

SKYE: Dori is coming back from class any second.

THOMAS BEAL: No. No. We need to talk about this some more.

SKYE: I'm going home. Besides, I made up my mind. It's over.

(They stare at each other for a few moments, then he goes out the door. She starts to cry as she closes it behind him.)


THOMAS BEAL: I actually thought that going home would be good for her. Straighten out whatever was on her mind. And then, maybe, when she got back... I, you know... Anyway.

JACK: Did she ever talk about any crushes she had? Any flirtations?

THOMAS BEAL: We led completely separate lives.

JACK: (sighs) Okay. Mr. Beal, I'm going to do everything I can to get you out of here.




[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(DANNY walks over to the conference table, where SAMANTHA and MARTIN are going through stacks of paperwork.)

DANNY: What are you guys doing?

MARTIN: Interview transcripts. Trying to figure out who the other man in Skye's life was.

SAMANTHA: This just feels like a waste of time. I mean, the old investigation went over everyone she knew.

DANNY: What if we're going about this completely the wrong way, hmm? What if the person who got Skye to break off the affair wasn't connected to Skye? What if that person was connected to Thomas?

MARTIN: You know, that's a good point. Skye's old phone records, there was a call from the Beal's house the morning she went missing. It's the first thing that tipped Jack and Viv off to the affair. Hold on, let me see if I can find it. Yeah, right here.

SAMANTHA: You know, Thomas did deny making that call. Jack and Viv just figured he was lying.

MARTIN: What if he wasn't lying?

DANNY: His wife.

SAMANTHA: She had an airtight alibi, so she was never a suspect. She could definitely have made that call.


MRS. BEAL: So this has something to do with my ex-husband's case?

VIVIAN: We'd just like to go over a few details.

MRS. BEAL: Mind if I ask what for?

JACK: We think he may be innocent.

MRS. BEAL: What? He confessed to killing her.

VIVIAN: Well, we've had some new evidence.

JACK: Someone made a phone call from your house to Miss Peterson's dorm the morning she disappeared.

MRS. BEAL: Alright.

JACK: I think it was you.

MRS. BEAL: I don't see how any of this could possibly be relevant.

VIVIAN: During the investigation you said that you had no idea that your husband had been having an affair.

JACK: But you found out about it, didn't you? That's why you made the call.

VIVIAN: What did Skye say to you?

MRS. BEAL: I didn't want to talk about it over the phone so I asked her to meet me.


[Ext: Hudson University - campus - day]

(MRS. BEAL sits on a park bench as SKYE approaches her.)


MRS. BEAL: You need to stop seeing my husband.

SKYE: Mrs. Beal, I...

MRS. BEAL: Don't try to deny it. At least give me the respect.

(She hands SKYE a strip of photos of SKYE and THOMAS BEAL together.)

SKYE: Where did you get these?

MRS. BEAL: How long have this been going on. How long have the two of you been...

SKYE: Four months.

MRS. BEAL: Well, you need to end it.

SKYE: If you want it to end so bad, you should tell Thomas.

MRS. BEAL: I don't want him to know that I found out, I just want it to end. I'm pregnant.

SKYE: Oh, my god.

MRS. BEAL: Thomas doesn't know yet. I want our baby to have a father, you understand?

SKYE: Yeah, I do.


JACK: Why didn't you tell us this before?

MRS. BEAL: I knew it made Thomas look guilty. I didn't think he did it. I was trying to protect him.

VIVIAN: But then he confessed.

MRS. BEAL: And then I thought, if he couldn't live without that girl, then let him burn.

JACK: The photos that you confronted Miss Peterson with, where did you get them?

MRS. BEAL: Someone sent them to me the day before, to my office.

JACK: Who?

MRS. BEAL: They were in a blank envelope. There wasn't any name.

JACK: Did it ever occur to you that whoever sent those photos to you could be reponsible for Miss Peterson's disappearance?

MRS. BEAL: You're the ones who got Thomas to confess.


[Int: prison - visitation room - day]

(JACK hands THOMAS the strip of photos in an evidence bag.)

JACK: Do you remember them?

THOMAS BEAL: Yeah, of course.

JACK: Would anybody else have known about them?

THOMAS BEAL: Skye was super careful about stuff like that.

JACK: Mr. Beal, whoever sent those photos to your wife could be responsible for Skye's disappearance. I really need you to take the time and think.


[Int: photo booth - day]

(SKYE and THOMAS BEAL sit and pose for the pictures.)

(They exit the subway system, laughing about the pictures they took.)


THOMAS BEAL: Look at your face. It's so cute. Wait, wait.

(As they stop on the sidewalk, SKYE is surprised by a boy, PAUL CARTWRIGHT, standing next to them.)


SKYE: Paul. What's up.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I was just checking out a chop saki festival at Theater 80.

SKYE: Oh, uh, this is Professor Beal. We just ran into each other a couple of seconds ago.


SKYE: Are you headed back to school?


SKYE: Well, I'll come with you. It was nice bumping into you. I'll see you in class.

THOMAS BEAL: Yep. Nice to meet you, Paul.


(SKYE smiles at THOMAS as they walk away, while PAUL eyes him warily.)


JACK: This Paul guy. You remember his last name?

THOMAS BEAL: No, not really. But I'm pretty sure that they lived in the same dorm.

JACK: Thanks, Mr. Beal. You've been a great help.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

MARTIN: Skye's residence hall had six hundred students. So far, I've got seven Pauls.

ELENA: Okay, so give me the ones you've got. I'll start running them down.

SAMANTHA: You might not have to. That was the tow company. I got a make and model of the car she was in. A red Honda CR-X.

MARTIN: Okay. (He types the information into his computer.) The only Paul in Redford with a car matching that description is a Paul Cartwright.

ELENA: His current address is in Milborne. That's the same town as the thrift store.





[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

JACK: Mr. Cartwright. I'm Agent Malone. This is Agent Johnson.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Is this about Skye Peterson?

JACK: Yes. We're re-investigating her disappearance.


JACK: You went to school with her, right?

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: We were friends. There's a guy in prison for killing her, right?

JACK: There is. Where were you the night she disappeared?

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: That was seven years ago. I don't remember.

JACK: But if you were with her, you'd remember?


JACK: So were you with her?

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: No. Why would you think that?

VIVIAN: Your car. It broke down off route 531. Skye called for a tow truck. Someone was with her.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: You know dorm life. I left my keys out all the time. Whoever was with Skye must have taken them.

VIVIAN: Well, if it wasn't you, then how'd you get ahold of Skye's backpack? Your wife dropped it off at a thrift store three days ago.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I was pretty messed up with what happened to her. I went into her room and I took it. To have something to remember her by.

VIVIAN: Paul, it wasn't in her room. It was with her when she disappeared.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: No, it wasn't.

JACK: Why'd you marry somebody that looks just like her?

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Leave my wife out of it.


[Int: FBI offices - private office - continuous]

(ELENA and MARTIN interview PAUL's wife (and the woman from the thrift shop), BRITTA CARTWRIGHT. She looks at the pictures of SKYE.)

BRITTA CARTWRIGHT: My hair was short when Paul and I met. It was his idea to let it grow.

ELENA: Listen, we know this is hard.

BRITTA CARTWRIGHT: So then, the backpack was hers?

MARTIN: Yeah, she had it the night he disappeared.

BRITTA CARTWRIGHT: Why would he keep something like that?

MARTIN: We're not sure.

BRITTA CARTWRIGHT: He was furious when I gave it away. Ever since he's been moody and upset. It's like he's a whole different person.


[Int: FBI offices - interview room - continuous]

JACK: You must have been pretty mad when you found out that Skye had been dating her professor.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: That was a secret. I didn't know about that until I heard about it on the news.

JACK: You didn't know when you saw them coming out of the subway together?

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I don't know what you're talking about.

JACK: You sent those photos to Mrs. Beal to break up the affair. We talked to her, Paul. She told us.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: He was using her. She was just going to get her heart broken, that's why I sent them.

JACK: What did you think? Mr. Beal was out of the way, that you'd stand a chance with her?

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: It wasn't about that.

JACK: Because as far as I could tell, she wasn't even remotely interested in you. You weren't even a blip on the radar.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: What would make you say that?

JACK: Thirty-seven interviews done with people that loved and cared about Skye. We asked them about every person in her life and you know how many times your name came up? Zero.

VIVIAN: What did you do to her, Paul?

(PAUL runs his hands through his hair, but doesn't respond.)

VIVIAN: Let Skye's mother put her daughter to rest.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I'm sorry, but I can't help her.

JACK: Your wife is watching this entire interview. We told her what you did to Skye.

(PAUL glances behind him at the mirrored window. We scan through to see that Jack is lying - there is no one standing on the other side.)

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I didn't do anything.

JACK: You still can't admit it, can you? You ran like a coward and you let this guy rot in jail for seven years for something you did. Why don't you look at him? Go on! Look at him. You flushed this guy's life down the toilet. And what do you do? You marry the first xerox copy of Skye that you meet.


JACK: Beal wasn't the reason that Skye wasn't in love with you.


JACK: Then why don't you do the right thing and admit that you did it?

VIVIAN: Just tell us what happened, Paul.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I saw how upset she was when she left the dorm.


[Ext: Hudson University - Redford Hall - day]

(SKYE again leaves the dorm on the day of her disappearance. PAUL tries to get her attention, but she ignores him and keeps walking. He waves his friends on at the entrance to the dorm and turns to follow her.)

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: (v.o.) So I followed her in my car. When she pulled over at the rest stop, I decided I would try and talk to her.


[Ext: rest stop parking lot - night]

(PAUL approaches SKYE as she gets out of her car at the rest stop.)


SKYE: Hey.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Where are you headed?

SKYE: Home. How about you?

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Aunt's house. She's got some old furniture I'm picking up. Hey, are you alright?

SKYE: Yeah. (She sniffles a little.) I just broke up with my boyfriend.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Wow. I didn't even know you had one.

SKYE: He was sorta my professor. It was this big secret.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: That guy who you were with that day I ran into you by the subway.

SKYE: Yeah, right. You're the first person at school I've told. It feels pretty good. Anyway, god, you're practically a stranger and here I'm unloading my entire life.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: It's cool. Unless you have to go.

SKYE: Going home may be the worst idea I've ever had.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: So, don't go. We can hang out. Talk. I know a place nearby that's pretty cool.

SKYE: Sure, yeah. That sounds great.

(She takes her backpack out of her car and walks off with PAUL.)


PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I drove. We thought about turning around when we got the flat, but by then we were practically there. Everything was going great.


[Ext: canyon - night]

(SKYE and PAUL sit on the edge of some sort of canyon. It is obviously far from the city.)

SKYE: It's beautiful. I'm glad we came.

PAUL: Are you feeling a little better?

SKYE: Yeah, thanks.

(PAUL leans over to kiss her. She stops him, surprised.)

SKYE: Wait.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I thought... You said you were glad to be here with me.

SKYE: That doesn't mean that I want to make out with you.


SKYE: Maybe you should take me back to my car.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Are you still in love with him?

SKYE: What? No! It's none of your business.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Because even if he had chosen you over his wife, five years from now you'd be just like her, finding out that your husband is a liar and a cheat.

SKYE: How did you know she found out? You're the one that sent her those pictures.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I had to make sure that it ended. I didn't want you to get hurt.

SKYE: But they were in my room! You followed me tonight.

(She gets up and starts backing away.)

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I knew you were upset.

SKYE: I've got to go.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Skye, please.

SKYE: Leave me alone.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I can explain.

(In her rush to escape, SKYE falls down. PAUL tries to help her up, but she's scared now. She scrambles to her feet and away from him.)

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: Skye, let me help you.

SKYE: Don't touch me. Let go.


SKYE: Let go!

(She gets up and back away from PAUL, not realizing how close to the edge she is. She steps over the edge and falls. Clinging to the edge of the ravine, she calls for help.)

SKYE: Help me, please. Help me.

(PAUL grabs her hands, but she slips and falls out of sight.)



PAUL CARTWRIGHT: I tried climbing down the hill but it was too steep.

JACK: Why'd you bother? You let her go.

PAUL CARTWRIGHT: No. My hand slipped.

JACK: You're still lying to yourself.

(VIVIAN hands him a pad of paper and a pen.)

VIVIAN: Write it down. Write down what happened.


[Ext: the canyon - night]

(A retrieval crew brings up SKYE's body with the help of a helicopter.)

(DANNY identifies the body at the site and is handed a silver necklace that SKYE was wearing.)


[Int: Peterson residence - family room - night]

(SAMANTHA is sitting with MRS. PETERSON. She gives her the necklace taken from the body.)

SAMANTHA: I'm so sorry.


[Int: prison - visitation room - night]

JACK: Paul Cartwright confessed to the murder. They recovered Skye's remains about an hour ago.

THOMAS BEAL: So what does that mean for me?

JACK: Well, I'm having a meeting with the District Attorney to get your conviction overturned.

THOMAS BEAL: How long's that going to take?

JACK: Hopefully, a couple weeks. In the meantime, I'm going to get you moved.

THOMAS BEAL: Um, my son. His birthday's in nine days.

JACK: Okay. I'll see what I can do.

(JACK gets up to leave, but stops when THOMAS BEAL begins to speak.)

THOMAS BEAL: You know, I had a lot of time to think about why this happened to me. But for a long time, I hated you. Sometimes I thought I brought it on myself, for what I did to my wife and my family, and, uh, what happened to Skye. But I didn't deserve this.

JACK: No, you didn't.

(Jack goes over to the gate and knocks for the guard. The gate buzzes and he opens it to leave.)


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - night]

(JACK sits at the conference table with SKYE's file. VIVIAN walks past him to her desk to get her things.)

VIVIAN: Talk to Beal?

JACK: Yeah.

VIVIAN: Think he'll sue?

JACK: Probably.

(She picks up her purse from her desk and walks over to him.)

VIVIAN: The government'll settle. At least he'll get something.

JACK: If we had kept agents doing interviews when you wanted to back then, none of this would have happened.

VIVIAN: But we didn't.

JACK: I did what I thought was best. And under the circumstances, if I had to do it again, I'd do the same thing.

VIVIAN: And most of the time, you'd be right.

(VIVIAN leaves the bullpen. JACK sits quietly and stares at the strip of photos of SKYE and THOMAS.)



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