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#403 : Renaissance

Titre original:"From the Ashes"
Réalisé par : Timothy Busfield
Ecrit par : Gwendolyn Parker
Première diffusion aux USA : 13/10/05
Première diffusion en France : 24/09/06

Résumé : Alors que son équipe est en crise, Jack décide d'engager un nouvel agent. Il s’agit d'Elena Delgado qui était membre de la police de New-York. Pour sa première enquête dans l'équipe, elle doit rechercher une prostituée de 20 ans dont l'appartement a été saccagé.

Audiences françaises (1ère diffusion) : 5,7 millions de téléspectateurs


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Without a Trace
4.03 - "From the Ashes"
Original CBS Airdate: 10/13/05
Transcribed from CBS


Transcribed for by Elise B.
Contact the transcriptionist at [email protected]

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A rookie agent, Elena Delgado, joins the team as they search for a missing prostitute, whose black book is found burned. Martin continues to struggle to return from his injuries.


[Ext: New York City (stock) - day]

[Int: New York apartment – bedroom - day]

(A hand reaches under the bed to pull out a shoe. As the girl puts it on, we scan up to reveal DINA KINGSTON, getting off the bed. As she puts her earrings in at the vanity, a man walks up behind her.)

MAN #1: God, I’d love to go for seconds.

(MAN #2 comes up on DINA’s other side)

MAN #2: Didn’t I tell you?

MAN #1: Awesome. Pete here’s my advance guy. For once, the merchandise lived up the hype.

MAN #2: So, how about another double of Friday?

DINA: My schedule’s crazy, but call me.

MAN #1: Let’s book. I’ve got an appointment downtown.

(The two men laugh and pat each other on the back on their way out the door. Scan back to DINA looking in the mirror)


[Int: New York apartment buildling - stairwell - day]

(DINA runs down the stairs of her apartment building. She’s stopped on the way out by the landlord, MR. PATEL.)

MR. PATEL: Where you off to?

DINA: Nowhere special.

MR. PATEL: You’re very late.

DINA: That’s why I’m rushing

MR. PATEL: On the rent. I don’t want to ask you again.

DINA: Come on. I’ll get it to you soon. You know I’m good for it

MR. PATEL: And you know I’ve been good to you. Better than a lot of landlords would be

DINA: I do. I appreciate it really, but I’ve got to go. This guy goes crazy if I keep him waiting.

MR. PATEL: (He grabs her arm as she tries to go past him to the door.) Hey. Hey. You can take five minutes. Hmm?

DINA: Not now. Tomorrow, I promise.

MR. PATEL: Yeah, all right. I’m holding you to it.

(She turns and walks out the door, stops to look back and vanishes)

[Caption: 46 HOURS MISSING]


[Ext: New York city street – outside DINA’s apartment building]

(SAMANTHA stands outside the apartment talking to one of the cops taking notes. As a car pulls up across the street, she turns and walks towards it.)

SAMANTHA: Excuse me.

(She runs forward as MARTIN struggles out of his car with his cane)

SAMANTHA: Hey. Here, let me help.

MARTIN: I got it.

SAMANTHA: Here, here.

MARTIN: I got it. I’m fine.

Sam. Okay. Just trying to help.

MARTIN: I know. I’m just tired of people treating me with kid gloves.

SAMANTHA: (clears throat) Right.

MARTIN: So. Who is she?

SAMANTHA: Dina Kingston. 20 years old. No record of employment. Last seen at her apartment two days ago. The landlord called it in.

COP: (holds people on the sidewalk out of the way): Wait there.

MARTIN: There. Did you see that? Even the rookies are treating me like a geezer from Boca.

SAMANTHA: Look, he’s a boy scout, Martin. Thought he was being polite.

MARTIN: Yeah, right.

(She stops him oustide the door of the apartment building.)

SAMANTHA: Listen. This is going to take time, okay? Why don’t you just stop trying to fight it?

MARTIN: Does that advice come with a cookie?

SAMANTHA: (She flinches, hurt.) Ouch.

MARTIN: I’m sorry. You didn’t deserve that.

SAMANTHA: No. I didn’t.

(He gestures her into the building ahead of him, where they meet with the landlord, MR. PATEL.)

MR. PATEL: So I stopped by her apartment the next day. She wasn’t there.

SAMANTHA: Why does that set off an alarm?

MR. PATEL: Well, nobody’s seen her for a couple of days. And she owes me rent.

MARTIN: We’re not a collection agency, Mr. Patel.

(MR. PATEL and SAMANTHA head up the stairs towards DINA’s apartment. Martin sighs as he contemplates the stairs, then slowly makes his way up behind them.)

MR. PATEL: She should be here, alright? She works mostly out of the house. You know, male guests.

SAMANTHA: So she’s a prostitute.

MR. PATEL: Yeah. And she was on her way out to see a John. Seemed a little antsy, so I thought maybe something had happened with him.

SAMANTHA: Did she have a pimp?

MR. PATEL: Never saw one.

SAMANTHA: Are you her pimp?

MR. PATEL: Are you kidding me?

SAMANTHA: You seem very concerned.

MR. PATEL: Yeah, well. I want my rent, alright? And if she’s not coming back, I need to turn the apartment.

(They reach the door. MR. PATEL puts in his key and lets them into the apartment.)

MARTIN: Well, first things first. Where were you the night she disappeared?

MR. PATEL: Forced to spend time with my wife.

MARTIN: Yeah. We’ll go ahead and take it from here. (He shuts the door in the landlord’s face.)


[Int: DINA’s apartment - continuous]

(As Sam puts on her gloves, they take a look around the room, which appears to have been ransacked.)

MARTIN: Somebody was searching for something.

SAMANTHA: Yeah. And the question is, what?

MARTIN: You know, maybe the client Dina was going to see wanted something that she had. Things went south, grabbed her keys, and came back here to look for it.

SAMANTHA: Or maybe they were looking for this. (She picks up a cake pan holding the burned remains of an address book) What do you think? Her little black book?

(MARTIN shrugs)





[Ext: New York City (stock) - day]

[Caption: 48 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

[Board reads: 7A-NY65831 Dina Kingston]

(VIVIAN turns away from the board after putting up a picture of DINA. DANNY is on the phone)

DANNY: I’m sorry, ma’am, I’m afraid this isn’t a joke. Okay, well, please don’t yell at me, I’m not yelling at you. (VIVIAN looks over and grins) Well, I’m sorry that your husband’s a lying ball of crap. Danny Taylor, FBI. Please have him call me, okay? Thank you.

VIVIAN: Hell hath no fury like the wife of a John.

DANNY: Are you telling me?

VIVIAN: She’s got a lot of clients, huh?

DANNY: Yeah, well, these numbers are just from her phone records, so…

VIVIAN: Oh, well, hooray for cell phones. I mean, other than this, she’d be pretty much off the grid. No credit cards, no tax returns, no next of kin that’s come forward.

DANNY: The tech’s have the burnt book, right?

VIVIAN: Yeah, they’re trying to see if they can salvage anything.

DANNY: Who would burn a hooker’s black book, huh?

VIVIAN: I’m guessing a client who’s got something to hide.

DANNY: Yeah, but why burn it? Why not just take it?

VIVIAN: Well, luckily for us, criminals are not usually rocket scientists.

(They look up at the cubicle across from them, labelled “Elena Delgado, special agent”.)

DANNY: Where’s the rookie?

VIVIAN: Probably getting the Jack special.


[Int: FBI offices - Jack’s office - day]

(JACK is talking with the new recruit, ELENA.)

JACK: The hours are long. Despite increased family values, families are churning out record numbers of runaways. There’s a lot to learn, but in a couple of years you’ll hit your stride.

ELENA: Wait. What do you mean, a couple of years? I thought that this was just another TDY; that I was going to be rotating in 90 days.

JACK: This is a permanent assignment. You got other plans?

ELENA: Well, yes. I was hoping for white collar.

JACK: Well, I was hoping for eggs and bacon for breakfast, but my cholesterol is 253. Look, if it’s any consolation, my first choice went to Counter-Terrorism.

ELENA: I guess we’re going to be stuck with each other for a while.

JACK: I would seem that way, yes. (She nods.) Agents Spade and Fitzgerald are over at Dina Kingston’s. Why don’t you, ah, why don’t you join them there?

ELENA: Of course. Let me ask you something. I was wondering, since I’m the new kid on the playground. Do you have any word of advice?

JACK: Only the obvious. Do your job. Don’t throw sand.

ELENA: Excellent. (She gets up to leave)

JACK: Agent Delgado.


JACK: A little light reading. (He tosses a small spiral notebook on top of a large stack of binders on his desk).

ELENA: (She picks it up) Thanks.

JACK: (indicating the rest of the binders) Um, ah, the whole pile.


[Int: FBI offices – Bullpen - continuous]

(ELENA carries all the binders towards her desk. As she sets them down, she is approached by VIVIAN)

VIVIAN: Hi. Vivian Johnson

ELENA: Elena Delgado.

VIVIAN: Yeah, Jack told us you’d be joining us. NYPD vice, right?

ELENA: That and decoy. Five years.

VIVIAN: Hmm. That forms manual is just going to gather dust.

ELENA: (She picks up the first notebook and puts it under her desk). Okay. Well, thanks. I don’t need it.

(DANNY walks up to them)

VIVIAN: This is Danny Taylor.

DANNY: Elena.

ELENA: I know. Danny. (She shakes his hand).

DANNY: (Question in Spanish)

ELENA: I’m super. Well, I have to go. So, nice meeting you.



[Int: DINA’s apartment - day]

(MARTIN and SAMANTHA are searching through DINA's things. MARTIN goes through the medicine cabinet, while SAMANTHA is looking through boxes under the bed.)

MARTIN: Well, I think, she’s healthy because I’m not seeing anything for STDs in here.

SAMANTHA: (finding a box of drug paraphenelia) Maybe not so healthy.

MARTIN: What’ve you got? Drugs?

SAMANTHA: Remnants of.

MARTIN: Coke? Heroin?

SAMANTHA: I don’t know. By these white chunks I would say, maybe oxycotin? MARTIN: Yeah.

ELENA: (Appearing at the door.) Self-medication. A lot of working girls do it. Takes the edge off the work. (Shows them her badge) Elena Delgado.

SAMANTHA: Ah. Samantha Spade. Hi. We’ve been expecting you.

ELENA: Yeah. Nice meeting you. And you must be Martin Fitzgerald?

MARTIN: The cane give me away?

ELENA: It did.

SAMANTHA: So, how much has Jack told you?

ELENA: Just what you knew an hour ago, so just keep going. Yeah, I’ll catch up.


MARTIN: Well, she was frugal. Some hotel soaps. Clayborn. Downtown Westsider. Mercury Plaza. All these are local hotels.

ELENA: So she brings clients here. Then does out calls in nearby hotels.

MARTIN: So, if these are her regular places, she could have been heading to one when she disappeared.

SAMANTHA: Right. Okay. (to Elena) Why don’t you come with me, and we’ll go check these places out.

(As they head out, ELENA looks questioningly at MARTIN, who remains standing in the apartment.)

MARTIN: Oh. Don’t wait for me. I was told to stay put. In case any dangerous Johns show up.

ELENA: Well, nice meeting you.

(Martin watches them go, then sits down tiredly on the bed)

[Caption: 49 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices – interview room - day]

(Vivian and Danny are questioning one of DINA’s clients)

VIVIAN: We looked through Dina’s phone records, Mr. Weston. You called her every Friday for the last six months.

DANNY: And then this Friday, nothing. What happened?

MR. WESTON: I’d had enough, that’s all.

VIVIAN: You have a little falling out, Rodney?

MR. WESTON: You could say that.

DANNY: When?

MR. WESTON: A couple of weeks ago.

VIVIAN: Tell us about it.

MR. WESTON: She went nut-job on me.


[Int: DINA's apartment - night]

(Mr. Weston and DINA in bed. His cell phone rings. He stops to get it.)

MR. WESTON: Hi baby. Oh gosh, sweetie. Did daddy forget your bedtime story. You know what – I’ll tell you an extra-long one. Yeah, it’ll have dragons and a butterfly. Give me about twenty minutes. (DINA climbs out of bed, put on a robe, staring at him) Daddy loves you too.

DINA: Did you just answer a call from your daughter?

MR. WESTON: Yeah, so?

DINA: (She shakes her head) No. No I can’t do this. You gotta get out.

MR. WESTON: You’re kidding me, right?

DINA: Just get dressed and get out

MR. WESTON: (He pushes her up against the wall and takes off her robe.) Or what? You’re gonna call tough guy Bobby? Listen. I paid my money. I want my happy ending.


VIVIAN: And what do you suppose got to her? I mean, besides your piggish behaviour?

MR. WESTON: Beats me. We finished, I left, never called her again.

DANNY: Who’s Bobby?

MR. WESTON: Her pimp. She said he was nearby, would bust my head if I got out of line. When I first started with her, she would call him to let him know she was with somebody.

DANNY: And you never met him before.

MR. WESTON: He wasn’t the one I was paying to see.

[Board reads: 13 DBD – has pimp named “Bobby”]


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

VIVIAN: This is the first we’re hearing about her having a pimp.

DANNY: Well, a pimp would have a key to her apartment.

VIVIAN: And he’d probably know which John she was headed to that day.

DANNY: Look, there’s a few Roberts on our phone records. I’m going run on that one.

VIVIAN: And I’m going to call Sam and see if he hung out at one of those hotels.

[Caption: 50 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: hotel lobby - day]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA enter and make their way to the bar.)

SAMANTHA: Alright. Let’s split up and talk to the waitresses.

(after looking around the tables, ELENA makes approaches the bartender, wearing a nametag labelled ‘Teddy’)

ELENA: Teddy. Come here. I’m Rosa. I’m good friends with Dina. Now she told me that you could help me to make some friends.

TEDDY: You new in town, then?

ELENA: If that’s what they like. So come on, I’ll make it worth your while. Talk to me. What do we do? How do we…

(SAMANTHA comes up behind her)


ELENA: Hey. This is Chloe. She’s my friend and she’s from Pittsburgh.


TEDDY: Pretty.

ELENA: Yeah. Beautiful. And she’ll do anything you like.

SAMANTHA: (She looks slightly embarrassed, but smiles) Yeah, we, um, we also work together. If you’d be interested? (She leans over to Elena, and kisses her cheek)

TEDDY: I’m sure I would.

ELENA: Good. So how do we do it?

TEDDY: Keep a low profile. People come to me. I refer you over to them.

SAMANTHA: What’s your take?

TEDDY: Like any service. 15% is nice, 20 is better

SAMANTHA: Teddy. FBI. (She flashes her badge.)

TEDDY: Dang.

ELENA: Yup. Sorry

SAMANTHA: Look, we’re not here to bust you.

ELENA: But we could.

SAMANTHA: Yup. We just want to know the last time you saw Dina Kingston. When was she in here?

TEDDY: She’s been coming in a lot lately.

SAMANTHA: More than usual?

TEDDY: Way more.


[Int: hotel bar - night]

(DINA come up to TEDDY, who is working behind the bar.)

DINA: Please, Teddy. Anything you’ve got, send it my way.

TEDDY: So you can tell me no?

DINA: I swear, all you’re going to hear from me for the next few weeks is yes

TEDDY: So if a guy wants to use a riding crop with a bit in your mouth?

DINA: I’m up for anything if they pay extra cash.

TEDDY: Are you serious?

DINA: Black leather. Showers. Threesomes. Anything

TEDDY: Wow. Kink’s not your usual style.

DINA: If they’re looking to pay for something extra, I’ll make them extra happy.

(Teddy nods)


SAMANTHA: And this was when?

TEDDY: Couple of weeks ago. We were knee deep with bad-tipping software geeks.

ELENA: So, two weeks ago she’s suddenly hurting for cash.

TEDDY: That’s how I read it.

SAMANTHA: Did you ever see her with a pimp? A guy named Bobby.

TEDDY: Never saw her with any guys other than the Johns I referred.

ELENA: What about girls?

TEDDY: Only girl I ever saw her with was Nicki Tyler. This time of day, you can probably catch her over at the back room of Sally’s Massage Parlor, 47th and 10th.

SAMANTHA: We’ll be back (ELENA laughs as they walk out.) Not a bad play. Next time, give me a heads up, okay?

ELENA: You were really fast on your feet.


[Int: Sally’s Massage Parlor - day]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA walk through some narrow, poorly-lit hallways and into an alley where a group of girls are sitting on a couch)

SAMANTHA: Nicki Tyler? We’re looking for Nicki Tyler?

(One of the girls quickly gets up and tries to walk away, but is stopped by SAMANTHA.)

SAMANTHA: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey. Hey. We’re with the FBI, okay?

NICKI: Great. Federal beef. That relaxes me immediately.

SAMANTHA: We’re not here for you. Dina Kingston’s gone missing. We want to ask you a few questions.

NICKI: Why come to me?

SAMANTHA: Have you seen her recently?


ELENA: Anyone threatening her. Maybe pressing her for cash?

NICKi: I’m not her banker. Why the hell should I know?

(As NICKi tries to walk away, ELENA grabs her arm, forces it up behind her and pushes her again the fence. The bouncer tries to intercede, but SAMANTHA pushes him off.)


BOUNCER: Hey! Leave her alone.

SAMANTHA: Back off. Back off.

ELENA: Answer the question. Lose the attitude. Turn around. Turn around and speak. Come on. (SAMANTHA pushes her back a bit) Come on.

NICKI: I knew she was definitely looking to trick more.

SAMANTHA: She say why?

NICKI: No. It all started a couple of weeks ago. She was pretty messed up.


[Int: DINA's apartment - day]

(NICKI enters, looking around.)

NICKI: Dina. What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you hear the buzzer?

(She walks in farther and sees DINA slumped against the wall, bleeding out from her wrist.)

NICKI: Dina? Oh my god. Honey, what did you do?

DINA: I can’t take it Nick. I just messed up so bad.

NICKI: Come on, get your arm up. Honey, listen to me.

DINA: What he’s asking is too much.

NICKI: He who? Who’s asking you to do what?

DINA: I can’t even kill myself right.


NICKI: Stopped the bleeding, then I put her to bed.

ELENA: And you still don’t know who was threatening her?

SAMANTHA: Was it her pimp?

NICKI: She doesn’t have a pimp.

SAMANTHA: Okay. Was it a drug dealer, a loan shark?

NICKI: I don’t know.

ELENA: How about the way back to Rikers? Do you know that? Because I know for a fact this violates your parole.

NICKI: You want to book me? Book me. I got nothing else to say.

(SAMANTHA gives ELENA a look, then walks away. ELENA follows her.)

SAMANTHA: What the hell was that?

ELENA: You took good cop. I played bad.

SAMANTHA: You’re not a cop anymore.

ELENA: Come on, she was giving us attitude. I didn’t like it.

SAMANTHA: Sometimes you have to take a little attitude to get the information. Let me tell you something. This is not about proving yourself on the street. Okay? This is about finding a missing person alive, you got it?




[Ext: New York City (stock) - night]

[Caption: 52 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices – Jack’s office - night]

JACK: You put a tail on Nicki?

SAMANTHA: Yeah. We’re also running loan sharks, dealers, and we’re still on the trail of this Bobby guy.

ELENA: Those guys trailing her still doesn’t explain why the black book was burned.

SAMANTHA: Well, unless her pimp covered her tab, burned her black book so she can’t work independently

JACK: Or had her stashed in a 24/7 stables until she paid off her debt. (He looks from ELENA to SAMANTHA.)

SAMANTHA: Alright then. (SAMANTHA gets up to leave; ELENA follows, but is stopped by JACK)

JACK: Agent Delgado. Could I speak to you for a moment, please?

ELENA: Yes, sir.

JACK: Do I detect a minority report?

ELENA: I’m just following Agent Spade’s lead.

JACK: If it were your case? Hypothetical.

ELENA: In my experience, hooker stories don’t have a happy ending. I would mark it a cold and then move on.

JACK: That’s a stark point of view.

ELENA: It is.

JACK: That caution you asked me about earlier? Experience is great. Use it, don’t let it use you. You can go.


[Int: DINA’s apartment – night]

(MARTIN sits at a table. Holding his head, he pushes away the Chinese food container in front of him. He digs in a bag on the table for a bottle of Pepto Bismol and drinks straight from the bottle. There is a knock at the door and a teenage girl enters.)


BARBARA: You the 5-0 looking for Dina?

MARTIN: No. No, I’m not police. FBI. Come on in. You know Dina?

BARBARA: I just know her name from the mailbox

MARTIN: What’s your name?

BARBARA: Barbara.

MARTIN: That’s a nice name. Aren’t you out a little too late?

BARBARA: I was looking for you.

MARTIN: You were?

BARBARA: After Dina left, I saw this guy trying to break into her apartment. With this. (She hands him a broken off piece of a credit card.) It broke in the door jamb. It’s only part of the name and some of the numbers. I don’t know if you can find somebody off that.

MARTIN: No. No, this is great. Thanks for your help.


[Int: FBI offices – interview room - night]


MARTIN: You know, I’ve got to thank you, Luther, for leaving your credit card behind. It was extremely helpful to us. Now, do you want to tell us what the hell you were doing breaking into Dina’s apartment.

LUTHER: Look, I just wanted to get in for a few minutes

SAMANTHA: To do what?

LUTHER: I gave Dina my business card. Now it was stupid of me trying to break in, but I just wanted to get it back.

SAMANTHA: Do you typically give your business card out to prostitutes?

LUTHER: No. But she seemed so desperate.


[Int: DINA's apartment - night]

(DINA and LUTHER are sitting on the bed in her apartment, as she undresses him.)

DINA: So those stores you buy for. They must hire a lot of people, like secretaries and stuff.

LUTHER: Um, yeah.

DINA: Cause I really need a straight job. I thought maybe you could recommend me. I’m good on phone and I took these typing courses.

LUTHER: That’s a good idea. Do you have a high school diploma?

DINA: No. I dropped out in the 8th grade.

LUTHER: Hold on. (He stops her, finds a business card in the pocket of his pants and give it to her.) You get your GED, so ahead and look me up. How’d you end up in this kind of work anyway?

DINA: Try getting laid off from six jobs in two weeks. My junkie boyfriend said he would help me out by bringing some of his friends around and the next thing I know, my mother’s thrown me out of the house. …We should just shut up though. You didn’t come here to hear my life story.

LUTHER: (He stops her again, holding her hands) Hey. Hey. Your hands are shaking.

DINA: Oh. I’m sorry

LUTHER: You know, we don’t have to do this. You know, I can go. You don’t look so good.

DINA: No. Stay. It’ll be good, I promise.


LUTHER: Look, my business card has the company’s address on it. And I sure don’t want someone like that turning up there.


[Int: FBI offices – hallway outside interview rooms - continuous]

SAMANTHA: Well, either he’s really stupid or he’s lying, or both.

MARTIN: Well, if he is telling the truth, shakes could mean that she was detoxing.

SAMANTHA: Well, that might explain the empty drug stash.

MARTIN: Which also fits with why she was looking for a real job. She was trying to go straight. But build up a next egg before she left for good.

SAMANTHA: By turning more tricks, taking more chances. That’s a pretty risky exit plan.

MARTIN: How about I check out his alibi.

SAMANTHA: I’ll run down his credit card. Let’s try to keep him here as long as we can.


[Int: FBI offices – Jack’s office - night]

(VIVIAN enters to find JACK stretching – legs up on his desk.)


JACK: It’s about as close as I’m ever going to get. Anything from the tech room on the black book?

VIVIAN: No, nothing yet. But I checked the rehabs in Dina’s area. She didn’t check in, but I found one that I had an application from her.

JACK: And?

VIVIAN: I found her mother. She was the emergency contact on the form.

JACK: Did you talk to her?

VIVIAN: No. She’s in Mount Adams hospital. Kidney failure two weeks ago.

JACK: Well, that would explain why she needs the extra money to pay for the hospital bill.

VIVIAN: She is surgery now, but I’m gonna talk to her as soon as she gets out.

JACK: Okay, great.


[Int: Mount Adams hospital - night]

MRS. KINGSTON: No. She wasn’t doing nothing to pay for me. I got insurance.

DANNY: Did she ever come to see you?

MRS. KINGSTON: Yeah – the first time I’d seen her in three or four months.

DANNY: How was she?

MRS. KINGSTON: She was upset. About me and what it meant for Kelly.

VIVIAN: Kelly?

MRS. KINGSTON: My granddaughter.

VIVIAN: So Dina has a daughter.

MRS. KINGSTON: She gave birth to a child. Played mommy for a while, and the day-to-day responsibility got too much.

VIVIAN: So you’re the one who takes care of Kelly?

MRS. KINGSTON: Til now. Can’t do it no more. That’s what she was fretting about.


[Int: Mount Adams hospital - day]

(DINA visits her mother in the hospital.)

MRS. KINGSTON: Two weeks from now I go to court. Sign away custody. Social Services will find her a home. I got her someplace temporary now.

DINA: What are you saying, ma?

MRS. KINGSTON: I can’t take care of her like this.

DINA: Why didn’t you tell me? I can take her.

MRS. KINGSTON: Who are you kidding, Dina? What are you gonna do in a couple of weeks you couldn’t do in all this time?

DINA: I can raise some money. I sent you some before. I sent some every week.

MRS. KINGSTON: Money’s great. But Kelly needed more than cash. She needed her mother.

DINA: I can do that now. I can.

MRS. KINGSTON: You’re a whore, Dina. A junkie whore. You think there’s a social worker in their right mind who’s gonna give your daughter back to you?

DINA: Please, ma, I just need more time.

MRS. KINGSTON: You had a year and a half to straighten yourself out, and what did you do?

DINA: I was coming back to get her. I told you that.

MRS. KINGSTON: Yeah, you told me. You told me a lot of things.

DINA: Mama. Why won’t you help me?

MRS. KINGSTON: To ruin Kelly’s life? No, honey. She’d be better off without you.


MRS. KINGSTON: I know what you’re thinking. But see how you do. I’m cleaning houses. A seventeen-year-old turning tricks. A toddler.

DANNY: So when did you throw Dina out?

MRS. KINGSTON: A year and a half ago. I couldn’t take it no more

VIVIAN: So Dina’s trying to turn things around so she can get her daughter back.

MRS. KINGSTON: If she’s trying to get Kelly, then where the hell is she?




[Ext: New York City (stock) - day]

[Caption: 63 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: Social Services offices - day]

(JACK and ELENA question KELLY's social worker, MR. VAN EATON.)

JACK: Mr. Van Eaton. We’re looking for a young woman named Dina Kingston. She has a baby daughter named Kelly and I understand that you’re the case worker.

MR. VAN EATON: Beautiful little girl. It’s a real shame, the upheaval in her life.

JACK: We thought that Dina may have tried to contact you looking for her daughter.

MR. VAN EATON: Well, I’m not sure “contacted” is the right word, but yes, she was here. It was about two weeks ago.


[Int: Social Services office - night]

(DINA is sitting on the floor of the office, digging through files. MR. VAN EATON walks in.)

MR. VAN EATON: Who the hell are you?

DINA: I’m Dina Kingston. Um. I need to know where my daughter Kelly is.

MR. VAN EATON: Get out of there. Those are confidential records.

DINA: Can you just tell me where she is?

MR. VAN EATON: I’m not telling you anything. Get out, before I call the police.

DINA: Please. I can’t lose her. Just tell me how to get her back. I’ll do anything.

MR. VAN EATON: To get your daughter back you’d have to pass a drug test for starters. And get a legitimate job.

DINA: I can do that.

MR. VAN EATON: You’d also need money for an apartment. An appropriate place. Not where you’ve been turning tricks.

DINA: How much?

MR. VAN EATON: Five or six thousand would go a long way toward demonstrating financial stability.

DINA: Five thousand?

MR. VAN EATON: Do you love your daughter?

DINA: There’s not a day goes that by I don’t think about how I’m going to make this up to her.


JACK: Did you ever hear from her again?


JACK: Is it possible that Dina got the files from anyone else?

MR. VAN EATON: Anything’s possible. I can certainly check.

JACK: That would be great. Thank you. (to Elena) You know, you don’t have to be silent. You’re allowed to speak.

ELENA: I thought maybe I said enough for today.

JACK: Why do I doubt that you believe that. (She smiles.) Okay. So, what do we do next?

ELENA: We have to find the daughter and then see if Dina has been around.

JACK: Exactly.


[Ext: New York city street - day]

(A cabbie hands a woman a suitcase from the trunk of the cab)

CABBIE: Here you go ma’am.

(ELENA is talking to a little girl, KELLY KINGSTON, sitting on a bench on the sidewalk.)

KELLY: Is Mrs. Curtis taking me to the park soon?

ELENA: Of course she is. See, she’s there. Your foster mommy is right there. Can I ask you something? Yeah? I want to show you a picture of a beautiful lady. Have you ever seen her? (She shows Kelly a picture of Dina.)




ELENA: Not walking around? Inside a car?


ELENA: No? So you don’t recognize her at all?

KELLY: Is she the lady from Sesame Street?

ELENA: No. She’s not. So let’s do something. Look at her. And if you ever see her, you tell Mrs. Curtis.

KELLY: Okay.

ELENA: Okay. You’re a good girl. (She looks back at JACK and shakes her head.)

[Caption: 65 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - day]

(VIVIAN enters.)


MACK: Hi. I’m sorry this took so long. But burn analysis can take awhile.

VIVIAN: Just tell me you got something.

MACK: Yeah. Yeah, no, I got something. (He shows her the remnant of the page with the numbers “4245” scribbled on it.) This is a notation out of the black book from the day after she disappeared. Okay, so you see, after the 3pm?

VIVIAN: 4245?

MACK: Yeah, well I figure, part of a phone number

VIVIAN: Or an address

MACK: Yeah.

VIVIAN: Good work MacK.

MACK: Thanks.


[Int: FBI offices – bullpen - day]

(DANNY and MARTIN are going through phone records as DANNY eats lunch.)

DANNY: 4232. 4265. There’s no 4245 here, man. Oh, you want half? (He offers half his sandwich to Martin).

MARTIN: Not hungry. Thanks though.

DANNY: Turkey? Provalone? You know you want it.

MARTIN: (realizing something) Wait a second. I’m seeing a bunch of calls here that Dina made to another apartment in her building.

DANNY: Whose?

MARTIN: Bobby the pimp. (DANNY reaches over for the papers as MARTIN leaves.)


[Int: Dina’s apartment building – stairwell - day]

(Martin is standing on the stairs talking to Barbara)

BARBARA: How’d you know my nickname was Bobbie?

MARTIN: Had a girlfriend in college who had the same nickname.

BARBARA: Wow. Girlfriend? You’re really old school.

MARTIN: Look, I figured something out. You were Dina’s backup. And you were acting as her pimp over the phone, right? Now how long’s she been using you?

BARBARA: She wasn’t using me. It was my idea. The Johns don’t need to talk to anyone, they just need to see Dina calling somebody. I said she could call me as easy as a real pimp.

MARTIN: Alright. So when was the last time you saw her?

BARBARA: She was back here. The day after everyone said she went missing. But it wasn’t nothing. She just wanted to say goodbye.


[Int: Dina's apartment - day]

(Dina lights the black book and puts it in the sink.)

BARBARA: Why burn your black book?

DINA: I don’t want anything left of this job.

BARBARA: So you’re really leaving?

DINA: Never turning back.

BARBARA: Does that mean I’m never going to see you again?

DINA: Who else is going to let me help them with math at the Cuban-Chinese coffee shop?


DINA: Kelly’s too young for prime numbers. Or black beans.

BARBARA: So where are you off to now?

DINA: One more thing I gotta do. Just hope it goes okay.

BARBARA: Hide his pants. Don’t let him get between you and the door.

DINA: (She looks as though she’s about to cry. She glances sadly at Bobbie.) Jesus. Listen to you. I don’t know what I was thinking letting you do this.

BARBARA: I volunteered. It’s no biggie.

DINA: Yeah, it is. You’re a kid. I never should have let you get involved in any of it. I’m sorry. Forgive?



BARBARA: Then she left for the hotel.

MARTIN: She didn’t say which hotel she went to?

BARBARA: No. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

MARTIN: No. You’ve been a big help.


[Int: FBI offices – bullpen - day]

(ELENA sits at her desk. The phone rings. She glances around, but all the other desks are empty, so she picks up the phone.)

ELENA: Delgado.

MARTIN: It’s Agent Fitzgerald here. Is Agent Spade around?

ELENA: No. I’m the only one here.

MARTIN: Alright, look. I got something off a kid down here. I think Dina was headed to a hotel. You know that number Tech gave us? 4245. I think it’s a room number.


[Int: FBI offices – interview room - day]

(SAMANTHA and DANNY are questioning LUTHER again while ELENA observes from the hall.)

SAMANTHA: Clairborne Hotel room records have you in room 4245 three days ago. On that date, Dina had a notation in her planner to be at that same hotel in the same room.

LUTHER: I can explain.

SAMANTHA: Why don’t you sit down? Sit. What can you explain, Luther? How you went back to Dina’s apartment to cover up evidence?

LUTHER: Oh my God. I swear, I never meant for it to happen.

DANNY: What to happen?

LUTHER: Any of it! I was just looking for a good time.

[Int: hotel room - night]

(NICKI and LUTHER are playing on the bed, while DINA sits at the book of the bed, drinking from a glass and surrounded by what appears to be drugs.)

LUTHER: I love New York. Every week I love New York. It feels like two for Tuesday. I feel like making a Nicki and Dina sandwich. What do you think? Sounds delicious. Should I call room service? Come on girl.

(As Nicki and Luther fake-wrestle on the bed, Dina snorts a line, then tries to get up, but falls down, foaming at the mouth.)

LUTHER: Jesus. Is she alright?

NICKI: Dina? Oh my God. Dina?

LUTHER: Is she choking?

NICKI: Dina? Oh my God.

LUTHER: What is it? What’s happening?

NICKI: She OD’ed. Oh my God? Dina?

LUTHER: Dammit! (He runs for the phone, but is stopped by NICKI.)

NICKI: What are you doing?

LUTHER: Calling the hotel. There’s got to be a doctor in the hotel

NICKI: She doesn’t need a doctor, Luther. She’s dead.


LUTHER: I was freaked. I’d never seen anything like that in my life.

(SAMANTHA and DANNY exchange a look.)




[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

DANNY: Where’s the body?

LUTHER: I don’t know. (SAMANTHA glances at DANNY again.) What? I really don’t know. The other girl took care of it.


[Int: hotel room - night]

(Dina is still lying on the floor.)

LUTHER: I can’t believe this is happening. What are we going to do?

NICKI: Luther, listen to me. Nobody needs to know about this, okay?

LUTHER: Oh, yeah? Are you nuts?

NICKI: I know a guy. He can get rid of the body, okay?


NICKI: It doesn’t matter who. I just need money, lots of it. Luther!

LUTHER: You gotta give me a moment!

NICKI: You’ve got to get out of here now

LUTHER: Here. No, I need the clip.

NICKI: Come on, come on. Do you have more?

LUTHER: You better be right.

(He picks up his suitcase and she practically shoves him out the door. He stops to look back at DINA’s body.)

NICKI: Don’t worry. I’ll get this taken care of.


DANNY: So you gave her all of your cash and she was supposed to take care of the body. That was the deal?


DANNY: How much cash?

LUTHER: I had my per diem for the week. 1300 bucks.

SAMANTHA: Well there’s good news, Luther. You’re a moron. Those girls played you. Big time.


[Ext: alley outside Sally’s Massage Parlor - day]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA question NICKI.)

SAMANTHA: Where should we start, Nicki? Fraud. Theft. Extortion.

NICKI: Luther’s pressing charges?

ELENA: We wasted a lot of time because of you. Why didn’t you just tell us the whole story in the first place?

NICKI: Why should I? The way you came at me. Grabbing me, saying you were going to arrest me.

ELENA: And you know what? I’ll…

SAMANTHA: Ok, hey. Hey! (She backs ELENA off.) We’re really, we’re sorry about that. Aren’t we? Okay. So why don’t we just start fresh? Luther left. Then what happened?

NICKI: I waited a few moments to be sure he was gone.


[Int: the hotel room - night]

NICKI: Come on. Get up. Don’t spend your birthday down there.

DINA: Baking soda is disgusting.

NICKI: Well, I figured it would keep him from giving you mouth-to-mouth.

DINA: Is foaming at the mouth even a side effect of a drug overdose?

NICKI: Who cares. Come check this out. (She counts out the money, splits it, and gives half to Dina.) So you’re still not going to tell me what it’s for.

DINA: I’m afraid to say it out loud, I might jinx it.

NICKI: Come here. Take my share. For you to come in on this, you must be desperate.

DINA: No. I couldn’t.

NICKI: Consider it a loan.

DINA: You sure?

NICKI: Don’t get sentimental on me now.


NICKI: I swear that was it. I took a shower. She made a quick phone call. When I came out she was gone.

SAMANTHA: Who was she on the phone with?

NICKI: I don’t know.

SAMANTHA: And you don’t know where she was headed?

NICKI: I figured she’d take care of her business then I’d hear from her. I didn’t expect her to disappear.

SAMANTHA: Alright. Why don’t you take a seat over there and don’t move, okay? (to Elena) Hey. Can I have a word? (She and
Elena walk away down the alley.) Here’s what I’m thinking. She was clean. She had all the money she needed. Her next step should have been making plans to show up for that hearing and get her kid back.

ELENA: She didn’t. And nobody’s heard from her.

SAMANTHA: Somebody has heard from her. Somebody on that hotel phone, right?


[Int: Social Services – MR. VAN EATON’s office - day]

(Jack places a piece of paper on the desk in from of MR. VAN EATON.)

JACK: Those are phone records, Mr. Van Eaton. And in those records is a call made from a hotel by Dina to this office. Now the last time we talked, I don’t remember you telling me about a call. Why is that?

MR. VAN EATON: I forgot.

JACK: No, Mr. Van Eaton. People forget where they left their keys. They forget where they parked their car at the mall. They don’t forget conversations they had with the FBI.

MR. VAN EATON: Why do I have to hide?

JACK: A beautiful young girl comes to you in need. You leverage it … Dina’s no where to be found. Is that the story you’d like me to tell your wife?

MR. VAN EATON: You can’t threaten me like that?

JACK: How about murder?

MR. VAN EATON: That’s ridiculous.

JACK: I know that you did something to Dina. It’s just a question of time until I figure out what.

MR. VAN EATON: Okay, okay. I saw her. But I didn’t kill her.


[Int: Social Services office - MR. VAN EATON's office - night]

(MR. VAN EATON closes the blinds to the office, as DINA explains her new situation.)

DINA: Mr. Van Eaton. I’m totally clean. Give me any kind of drug test you want. And I got over 5000. It should be enough for an apartment.

MR. VAN EATON: (He shakes his head at her.) Damn, but you’re pretty. That’s the first think I noticed about you.

DINA: Thank you.

MR. VAN EATON: Personally, I like telling a pretty woman how beautiful she is.

DINA: But, after everything I’ve done, you’ll help me right?

MR. VAN EATON: Of course I will. For starters, here’s the address where your daughter is. You can drive by. (She reaches out for it, but he holds it out of her reach.) But first, show me how happy I’ve made you.

DINA: Look, Mr. Van Eaton. You’re a nice man and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. But I don’t do that anymore.
(She gets up and starts to back away and he comes closer.)

MR. VAN EATON: Weren’t you a whore yesterday?

DINA: Yesterday I was. But today I’m not. And I know that’s silly, just one day, but you understand?

MR. VAN EATON: No, I don’t understand.

DINA: Mr. Van Eaton, don’t ask me anymore. (He keeps coming at her and tries to grab her.) I said no! (She slaps him.)

MR. VAN EATON: You’ve done every hairy ass on the west side, and now you’re telling me no?

DINA: I am. I have to. (She grabs the paper with the address.)

MR. VAN EATON: You know what. I’m going to tell the court you came to my office and stole money for drugs. You’ll never see your daughter again. (She turns to look at him, then leaves the office.)


MR. VAN EATON: She was okay when she left, I swear. She has the address. I’m sure she’ll turn up there eventually.

JACK: You’d better hope so. In the meantime, why don’t you call your supervisor? I’m sure it’s about time for your performance review.


[Ext: Central Park Playground - day]

ELENA: The foster mom is right there. With the white on. And the little girl on the slide. See her? That’s Kelly.

SAMANTHA: (She glances across the park and sees DINA sitting on a bench nearby.) Hey. I got Dina. Right over here.

ELENA: That’s her?

SAMANTHA: Uh-huh. Secure Kelly until I signal, okay? (She walks over to DINA and sits down next to her.) Dina Kingston? I’m Samantha Spade. I’m with the FBI.

DINA: You talk to Mr. Van Eaton?


DINA: What’s the charge?

SAMANTHA: We’re not going to arrest you. But we have been looking for you.

DINA: Why?

SAMANTHA: Because I know what you were trying to do. I know about your mother being sick. About your daughter.

DINA: She’s beautiful isn’t she?

SAMANTHA: Yeah, she is.

DINA: I wanted to do all the things a mother should do . That’s over now

SAMANTHA: Here’s what I suggest. Keep that money. Stay clean. Get a job. Anything. Waitressing. Temping. Doesn’t matter. And do it today.

DINA: What’s the point?

SAMANTHA: The point is, you have a hearing coming up. And if you get your act together, I will be there for you. (DINA starts to cry, as SAMANTHA puts her arm around her.) It’s okay.


[Int: FBI offices – conference room - night]

(ELENA is going through papers at the conference table. She glances out at JACK in his office as DANNY pushes into the conference room.)

DANNY: Forgot a number that I need.

ELENA: Danny. (spanish) per favor. Listen. I would like to keep our baggage out of the office. If you know what I mean.

DANNY: Sure.

(Danny goes back towards the table to get what he needed. ELENA sees JACK leaving his office, and goes into the hall to meet him.)

ELENA: Excuse me. Sir? I wanted to apologize to you about what I said yesterday about this place not being my first choice. It didn’t come out right. And…I’m really sorry.

JACK: Okay.

ELENA: Okay.

JACK: So. You’re first case. How was it?

ELENA: Well, you know how it is. Some things I would have done differently. For sure.

JACK: That’s an honest assessment. Good night.

ELENA: Good night, sir.

JACK: Stop calling me sir.

(JACK continues on his way out of the office. ELENA laughs and goes back into the conference room.)



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