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#414 : Justice expéditive

Titre original : "Odds or Evens"
Réalisé par : Martha Mitchell
Ecrit par : David H. Goodman

Résumé : Quand Andy Reynolds disparaît après que la police l'ait arrêté pour viol, sa mère affirme que la police avait harcelé Andy. Ce qui fait penser à l'équipe qu'Andy s'est enfuit. Il apprennent ensuite qu'Andy est secrètement parti la semaine précédente au Japon, pour convaincre sa victime de retirer sa plainte. Jack part alors à Tokyo pour essayer d'en apprendre plus, en espérant que la victime, Kimiko sait quelque chose.


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Titre VO
Odds or Evens

Titre VF
Justice expéditive

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Hiroki Matsukata dans le rôle de Hitoshi Osakawa

Hiroki Matsukata dans le rôle de Hitoshi Osakawa

Hiroki Matsukata dans le rôle de Hitoshi Osakawa

Hiroki Matsukata dans le rôle de Hitoshi Osakawa

Matt Lagan dans le rôle de Doug Bryant

Matt Lagan dans le rôle de Doug Bryant

Hiroki Matsukata dans le rôle de Hitoshi Osakawa

Hiroki Matsukata dans le rôle de Hitoshi Osakawa

Hitoshi Osakawa

Hitoshi Osakawa

 Hitoshi Osakawa face à Jack Malone

Hitoshi Osakawa face à Jack Malone

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Without a Trace
4.14 - "Odds or Evens"
Original CBS Airdate: 02/02/06
Transcribed from CBS

Directed by: DAVID H. GOODMAN

Transcribed by Elise B.
Contact the transcriptionist at [email protected]

"WITHOUT A TRACE" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and (c) by JERRY BRUCKHEIMER Television, CBS Productions, and Warner Bros. Television (an AOL Time Warner Company). All Rights Reserved. This transcript was made without their permission, approval, authorization or endorsement. For Fair Use, for entertainment and for educational purposes only. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of this material in any form is expressly prohibited. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for commercial gain.

SUMMARY: A former marine, who had served five years for a rape conviction in Tokyo, disappears shortly after appearing in a police lineup for a local rape and being released when he isn't picked.


[Ext: New York City suburbs (stock) - day]

[Int: Reynolds' residence - kitchen - day]

(ANDY REYNOLDS stands at the sink, washing dishes. As he dries off his hands, he glances down at the military ring on his finger and smiles.)

(His mom, DORREEN REYNOLDS, enters the kitchen, carrying a button-front shirt.)

DOREEN REYNOLDS: Here's your shirt. Leave the rest, or you'll be late.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Thanks for breakfast, mom. Best eggs you ever made.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: How do chicken cutlets sound for dinner?


(ANDY takes the shirt from her and puts it on over his t-shirt. It is a mechanic's shirt, with his name embroidered over the pocket.)

DOREEN REYNOLDS: You know, I wish you'd be more careful. Those oil stains never come out.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Hazard of the job.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: I swear, you'd think I'd learn.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Yeah, you'd think.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: It's just nice to see you in such a good mood. Is there anything you want to tell me?

ANDY REYNOLDS: How about we talk about it over dinner. Love you.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: Love you too.

(He gives her a kiss and goes out the front door.)


[Ext: Reynolds' residence - day]

(Two uniformed officers approach the house as ANDY is walking out the from door.)

COP #1: Andrew Reynolds?


COP #2: You need to come with us.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Let me guess. Sexual assault. Assailant's a white male, six foot, two hundred pounds?

COP #1: Sounds about right.

(DOREEN REYNOLDS comes out to stand on the front porch.)

DOREEN REYNOLDS: This is ridiculous. Stop harassing my son, he didn't do anything!

ANDY REYNOLDS: Mom, it's okay.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: How can he make a fresh start when none of you will give him the chance?

(The two officers help ANDY into the back of the car.)


[Int: police department - line-up room - day]

(ANDY REYNOLDS stands as number two in the line-up of four men. He goes through the motions as though it is something he has experienced before.)

LINE-UP OFFICER: Number one, step back. Number two, step forward. Turn to the right. Turn to the left. Number two, step back. Number three, step forward.

(ANDY does as he is told. As the other men in the line step forward, he vanishes.)


[Ext: Reynolds’s residence - day]

[caption: 54 HOURS MISSING]

(ELENA stands on the sidewalk outside the Reynolds’s house, talking to an officer on the scene.)

(JACK gets out of his car and walks over towards her. He is wearing a striped tie instead of his usual black one.)

ELENA: Are those stripes?

JACK: Yes. So what?

ELENA: (grinning) You like nice.

JACK: Thank you. What's going on?

ELENA: Andrew Reynolds, 29. He was brought in for a rape line-up two days ago. The victim didn't ID him so he was released. That's the last time anyone ever saw him.

JACK: So what made him a suspect?

ELENA: He has a misdemeanor charge for criminal mischief in New York and a rape conviction in Japan. He was stationed there as a Marine. Dishonorably discharged and served five years in prison over there.

JACK: When was this?

ELENA: Four months ago. The mom says the police keep harassing him.

JACK: Well, he's not on parole. Ever consider the possibility that he just got fed up and ran?

ELENA: I did. Until I found this in his room.

(She hands him a note that reads: LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE OR YOUR DEAD.)

JACK: No envelope, postmark?

ELENA: Nope.

JACK: Can't spell.

[white board reads: ANDREW REYNOLDS 7A-NY 735596]





[caption: 54 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Reynolds' residence - living room - day]

(DOREEN REYNOLDS sits on the couch. She has been crying. JACK and ELENA sit across for her. The note is on the coffee table in an evidence bag.)

DOREEN REYNOLDS: The police said the girl didn't even ID Andy in the line-up.

JACK: Has he received any threats before?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: Not that I know about.

JACK: How about any contact with the family of the woman in Japan?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: He never mentioned it. You think they wrote this note?

JACK: We're not sure. What's his social life like?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: He goes to work and he comes home.

JACK: He doesn't date?


ELENA: Mrs. Reynolds. You have to stop protecting him.


ELENA: Your son is up to something and the sooner you tell us the sooner we're going to be able to find him.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: My son made a mistake. Why can't any of you let him live it down?

ELENA: What else can you tell us about the rape?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: It's not something we talk about.

JACK: And how's he been acting lately?

(She hesitates and looks down at her hands.)

ELENA: Mrs. Reynolds?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: He seemed pretty depressed last week.


[Int: Reynolds' residence - living room - night]

(DOREEN comes down the stairs and sees ANDY sitting on the couch, flipping through a scrapbook. She goes down to join him.)

DOREEN REYNOLDS: Andy? You okay?

ANDY REYNOLDS: Yeah. Just, ah, looking at some old pictures.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: I haven't taken that out since you came home.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Do you remember this?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: The Oakwood Derby championship. I was so proud of you.

ANDY REYNOLDS: I came in third.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: But you built your car yourself. You could tell the other boys' fathers made theirs.

(DOREEN glances worriedly over at him.)

DOREEN REYNOLDS: Andy. What's wrong?

ANDY REYNOLDS: You must be so disappointed in me. Everything you did, and I just let you down and I'm sorry.


(She leans over to hug him as he begins to cry.)


ELENA: Do you have any idea what made him so upset that night?


JACK: Is it possible that Andy hurt himself?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: No. He's been in a much better mood ever since he visited a friend of his upstate.

JACK: When was that?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: He was gone for three days. He got back the day before he went missing.

ELENA: Do you know this friend?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: His name is Charles Murray. I made Andy leave his information in case there was an emergency.

(She hands them a piece of paper with the contact information on it.)

JACK: Can you think of anything else that could account for his change in mood?

DOREEN REYNOLDS: He promised he'd tell me when he got home.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(MARTIN sits at his desk, staring at his computer. He glances around the bullpen, then slides a bottle of prescription meds out of his jacket pocket. He dumps some pills into his hand, but hesitates before putting them in his mouth. He shakes his head, puts the pills back in the bottle and tosses it in the trash.)

(SAMANTHA comes into the bullpen and joins MARTIN at his desk. She hands him a file.)

SAMANTHA: Preliminary forensics on the note. No prints. Where are we on the victim's family from the rape line-up?

(MARTIN opens the file to a photocopy of the threatening note left for ANDY.)

MARTIN: Two brothers and a dad, all the alibis checked out. You know, this is supposed to be "you're", apostrophe r-e.

SAMANTHA: Oh. Marty gets a gold star.

MARTIN: Hey. It might speak to a person with English as a second language.

(ELENA leans over from her desk to join their conversation.)

ELENA: Okay, I admit it. I wrote the note.

MARTIN: I'm saying that the letter could have been sent by someone related to the rape in Japan.

ELENA: Listen, Reynolds only served five years. If I was that woman's family, I wouldn't be happy.

SAMANTHA: What do we know about her?

ELENA: Not much. Her name wasn't disclosed. But we know that the crime took place at a bar named Nakata's.

MARTIN: I'll call the Tokyo legat. Have them dig into it. (his cell phone rings) Fitzgerald.

(SAMANTHA leaves MARTIN's desk and walks towards her own. ELENA brings something over to show SAMANTHA.)

ELENA: Listen, Sam. Let me show you something. This is from his date book. I have this entry for a pick-up from two days ago.

(The entry reads: READY FOR PICK-UP 32-254-197)

SAMANTHA: Maybe it's an order number for whatever he was picking up.

MARTIN: Alright, thanks. (He hangs up.) Guys. That was Andy's friend, Charles Murray. He said that Andy asked him to lie if his mom called. He never went to visit.

ELENA: So where was he those three days?

MARTIN: Andy never told him.



[Ext: Nelson's Lube Shop - day]

DANNY: So, how long has Reynolds worked here?

NELSON WOLPERT: Three months.

VIVIAN: So you know about the rape conviction?

NELSON WOLPERT: Yeah. I was stationed in Seoul at the time. It was big news. When I read that he was from New York like me, I took an interest.

VIVIAN: So, you're Marine Corps too.

NELSON WOLPERT: HMLA 45. That's a cobra squadron.

DANNY: How'd he end up working for you?

NELSON WOLPERT: He brought his mom's car in for an oil change. I recognized him from his picture in the paper. We got to talking. He was having a hard time finding work.

VIVIAN: So you offered him a job? That's very generous of you.

NELSON WOLPERT: Look, I'm not condoning what he did. But he turned himself in, served his time. Besides, we try to take care of our own. Guess that wasn't such a good idea.

DANNY: What do you mean?

NELSON WOLPERT: Seemed everything was working out okay until a couple of days ago.


[Int: Nelson's Lube Shop - cashier's desk - day]

(ANDY is at the register, rummaging through the money in the cash drawer. NELSON interrupts him.)

NELSON WOLPERT: What are you doing?

ANDY REYNOLDS: I was just closing up.

NELSON WOLPERT: Cut the crap. What is this? Huh?

ANDY REYNOLDS: I was going to pay it back.

NELSON WOLPERT: What? You think I wouldn't find out? Like I don't keep books here?

ANDY REYNOLDS: I'm sorry, man. I needed the money.

NELSON WOLPERT: Andy, what kind of trouble are you in?


NELSON WOLPERT: No. You owe me an explanation. Are you gambling again?

(ANDY pushes past NELSON and walks towards the door.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: Just call me if you need me to cover until you find somebody else, okay?

NELSON WOLPERT: How much do you need?

(ANDY stops and turns around.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: What's there, a thousand.

(NELSON walks over to ANDY and hands him the money.

NELSON WOLPERT: Consider it an advance on your pay, alright? And next time, tell me when you've got a problem. Go on, take it.



NELSON WOLPERT: He said he needed a few days to straighten things out. He was supposed to be in a day ago, never showed.

DANNY: Okay. So, he tries to steal a grand from you, you catch him, but you let him keep the money anyway. That's, uh, nice.

NELSON WOLPERT: I considered Andy a friend.

VIVIAN: So Reynolds has a big gambling problem?

NELSON WOLPERT: Got it overseas. Lot of guys do. Sitting around, nothing to do. He said that he kicked it, but, I don't know.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA sit at a desk, going through case files. They watch JACK walk into the bullpen.)

SAMANTHA: What's with Jack's tie?

ELENA: I tried asking. It didn't go well.

(JACK arrives at their desk.)

JACK: What didn't go well?

(SAMANTHA looks up, surprised. She tries to cover.)

SAMANTHA: Some records that we were looking for.

ELENA: No. She was asking about the stripes.


ELENA: It's the truth.

JACK: It was a gift.

SAMANTHA: (laughs) No, it looks very nice. It's, ah, it's good.

ELENA: Yeah. Told you. Who is she?

JACK: (self-conscious) I'll tell her that you liked the tie. Where are we on the gambling?

(SAMANTHA looks shocked and a little hurt at the mention of a "her". She recovers quickly.)

SAMANTHA: Well, nothing since Reynolds got out of jail. But these are his bank records when he was at Camp Forrester.

JACK: The balance says zero.

ELENA: Yep. His base pay was sixteen hundred.

JACK: Maybe he spent it all gambling.

(SAMANTHA brings up a file on her computer.)

SAMANTHA: Guys. Andy was in Japan last week. I got his name here on departing and return flight manifests.

JACK: I doubt he was there sightseeing.

ELENA: That's a long way to go for just three days. Maybe he had to repay his gambling debt over there.

JACK: Well, he could just as easily wire the money.

SAMANTHA: Elena, you know that number you found in Andy's appointment book? I think the pick-up date is when he was in Japan. Do you have it there?


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - day]

(MACK sits at his computer. He shows the website for HirokiDubs to ELENA and JACK.)

MACK: The number is for a company called HirokiDubs in Tokyo. Reynolds apparently paid the company to archive some tape that he made. Um, they're supposed to be emailing it to me right now, so...

(The email pops up on his computer. He clicks on the file to open it.)

(A video file opens. A young Japanese girl, KIMIKO ASIKAWA, faces the camera. The video is date stamped: January 30, 2006.)

MACK: Date stamp is from four days ago.

ANDY REYNOLDS: (on video, offscreen) Okay. We're recording.

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: (on video) How should I start?

ANDY REYNOLDS: (on video, offscreen) Just say your name.

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: (on video) Kimiko Asikawa.

ANDY REYNOLDS: (on video, offscreen) Were you the girl that was raped outside Nagata's bar, September 8th, 2000?

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: (on video) Yes. Andrew Reynolds is not the man who raped me. Isn't that enough?

(On the video, a man comes over from behind the camera, leans down and whispers to KIMIKO.)

ELENA: That's Reynolds.

(ANDY REYNOLDS goes back behind the camera. KIMIKO hesitates for a moment before beginning again.)

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: (on video) Andrew Reynolds is innocent.

(ELENA glances at JACK. MACK closes the video file.)

JACK: If I leave now, I can be in Japan by tomorrow.

ELENA: You're going to Tokyo?

JACK: Yeah. If her family's involved, this girl may know where Reynolds is.




[caption: 63 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - night]

(VIVIAN sits alone going through stacks of files at the conference table in the bullpen. MARTIN enters and walks over to her.)

MARTIN: Hey. Jack get off okay?

VIVIAN: Yeah. Flight lands in, ah, nine hours. How are we with the tape?

MARTIN: Well, we determined that the woman on the tape is the real victim. Kimiko Asikawa.

VIVIAN: Okay, how's her family make out as suspects?

MARTIN: Her father, Hitoshi Asikawa, is a bigwig in offshore commodities. Mom has a pretty large extended family, but none of them have been in the states.

VIVIAN: Maybe they got someone else to do their dirty work. I don't know. You know, conservative culture like Japan. Reynolds gets her to confess that he's not the rapist, family could lose face.

MARTIN: So what's all this?

VIVIAN: Tokyo PD. I am just hoping that something points to other suspects in this rape.

MARTIN: So you really think Reynolds is innocent?

VIVIAN: There's no DNA evidence. And when Kimiko was first presented with his photo amongst the other marines, she didn't even ID him.

MARTIN: So why would he confess?

VIVIAN: Man, you got me. Anyway, look, I've got to head downstairs and get another translation on this file.

(VIVIAN gets up and leaves, leaving MARTIN standing alone in the bullpen. He is sweating and looks like he hasn't slept in days. He shakes his head and shivers, attempting to take deep breaths.)

(MARTIN glances around the office, then rushes over to his desk and rummages through the trash bin. It's empty.)


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

(MARTIN walks quickly down the hallway to where the day's trash from the bullpen is kept.)

(He digs through until he finds the bag from his desk. He tears it open to find his pill bottle. He slips it into his pocket and walks back towards the bullpen.)

[caption: 74 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA usher a woman in military dress, MAJOR SUSAN MALLOY, into the office.)

SAMANTHA: Major Malloy. Hello. I'm Special Agent Spade. Special Agent Delgado.


ELENA: How was your flight from D.C.?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Fine, thanks. Has there been any progress locating Corporal Reynolds?

SAMANTHA: No, not yet.

ELENA: Um, you were his officer in charge at Camp Forrester, correct?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: You said on the phone his disappearance might be related to the rape?

SAMANTHA: We're actually investigating the possibility that he might be innocent.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: I was just as surprised as anyone when he turned himself in.

ELENA: Why's that?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: After the accusation, I sat in when NCIS interviewed him.


[Int: Camp Forrester - interrogation room - day]

(ANDY REYNOLDS sits while interrogated by the officer from NCIS. MAJOR MALLOY observes from the back of the room.)

NCIS OFFICER: PCVs Jacobs and Rodriguez put you at Nagata's the night of the rape. Is this true, Corporal Reynolds?


NCIS OFFICER: What were you doing there?

ANDY REYNOLDS: They tape the Yankees games for us, sir. They show them there at night. A lot of us New York fellows go there and watch them.

NCIS OFFICER: You drinking that night?


NCIS OFFICER: You, ah, looking to get some?

ANDY REYNOLDS: No, sir. Just there to watch the game, sir.

(ANDY swallows nervously and looks around the room. The NCIS OFFICER leans in towards him.)

NCIS OFFICER: You nervous, Corporal?

ANDY REYNOLDS: A little, sir.

NCIS OFFICER: Why? Did you rape that girl?

ANDY REYNOLDS: (emphatically) No, sir.

NCIS OFFICER: Are you protecting the person who did?


NCIS OFFICER: Then you've got nothing to be nervous about. So, who won?

ANDY REYNOLDS: Excuse me, sir?

NCIS OFFICER: The night that girl was forced to have intercourse against her will, who won the game?

ANDY REYNOLDS: The Yanks, sir. Jeter went two for four with a home run, Petite gave up one, Rivera had the save.


MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: As far as I knew, Reynolds was cleared. Then four days later, he turned himself in.

SAMANTHA: Let me ask you something. Do you think it's possible that he admitted to the rape to protect someone else?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: I don't know.

ELENA: Can you think of any other reason he would have confessed?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: No, but there was something else weird that happened. A few days before, I saw him get in a fight with another Marine.

ELENA: Did you ask him about it?

MAJ SUSAN MALLOY: He said the guy owed him money for some sundries he picked up in town. But he could have been lying.

SAMANTHA: Do you remember who this Marine was?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: It was five years ago.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

VIVIAN: Hey Danny.

DANNY: Hey. I think I found the guy Reynolds got in the fight with. Corey Williams. They both got written up and they spent a day in the brig.

VIVIAN: He was one of the suspects in the Tokyo PD file.

DANNY: Yeah? Well, since he's gotten out of the Corps he's been charged with domestic abuse and assault. His wife filed a restraining order.

VIVIAN: Pattern of violence against women.

DANNY: This could be our guy.


[Ext: Tokyo - street - day]

(JACK greets his federal liaison in Japan, DOUG BRYANT, on the street outside the embassy. JACK and DOUG continue walking along the sidewalk as they talk.)

JACK: Doug.

DOUG BRYANT: Jack. Right over here. How's the place where we're putting you up?

JACK: Ah, it's good for a shower and a shave. I don't think I'll see much more of it than that. Listen, thanks for your help.

DOUG BRYANT: No problem. It's gotten pretty interesting since Hitoshi Asikawa's name came up.

JACK: That's the girl's father, right?

DOUG BRYANT: Yeah. He's got ties to a group called Ichigumi. It's a Yakuza syndicate here in Tokyo. They're into everything from illegal gambling to extortion to murder.

JACK: So how does Reynolds get out of prison alive after raping the daughter of a mobster?

DOUG BRYANT: Asikawa's got a reputation for being patient. Maybe he's been waiting.

JACK: Any idea where he is?



[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

[caption: 81 HOURS MISSING]

ELENA: You were a suspect in the rape case, right, Mr. Williams?

COREY WILLIAMS: Half the base was.

SAMANTHA: You've been really busy since you got out. Domestic abuse, assault.

COREY WILLIAMS: I served my time.

SAMANTHA: Yeah, and I'm sure you don't want to serve any more. So, if Reynolds is running around trying to prove he was innocent, that would mean the person who actually committed the rape might get caught. Right?

COREY WILLIAMS: So you think that I raped that girl? And did something to him.


ELENA: Well, you and Reynolds got into a fight before he turned himself in. What was that about?

COREY WILLIAMS: Well, he'd lent me some money about a month before. He was desperate to get it back, with interest.


COREY WILLIAMS: He was gambling. I didn't realize how deep he was into it until a couple of days later when I saw him at Nagata's.


[Int: Nagata's bar - night]

(A few of the soldiers, including COREY WILLIAMS and ANDY REYNOLDS are betting on a sort of shell game conducted by a Japanese man. ANDY bets all of his money, but loses. He looks devastated. COREY collects his winnings.)


(ANDY dejectedly gets up to leave.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: I'm gonna hit the head.

(As ANDY walks away, a group of Japanese men, led by OISHI, follow him. COREY WILLIAMS observes this, and after a few moments, follows them.)


[Int: Nagata's bar - bathroom - continuous]

(COREY reaches the bathroom and cracks the door open to check on ANDY. He sees that the Japanese men have pushed ANDY up against the wall. OISHI holds a straight razor to his throat.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: Alright. I can have some of the twenty-four grand by the end of the week.

OISHI: I beg to slit your throat. But Mr. Asikawa has a way you pay him back.

ANDY REYNOLDS: I'll do whatever you want me to do, man. Just don't hurt me.

OISHI: You here the night young lady was raped.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Yeah, what's that got to do with anything?

OISHI: Tomorrow you turn yourself in. Say you the one who raped her.

ANDY REYNOLDS: I can't do that, man. You know what will happen.

(OISHI brings the blade up, cutting into ANDY's throat.)

OISHI: You have a family in America.

(ANDY nods slightly in agreement. OISHI backs away. One of the men with him sucker punches ANDY in the gut.)

OISHI: You stick to story. If you tell anyone of your innocence, ever, you and your mother dead.


ELENA: Why did Asikawa want an innocent man in jail for this rape?

COREY WILLIAMS: I don't know. And Andy didn't care. He just knew if he didn't do it, they were going to kill him.

SAMANTHA: Alright.


ELENA: If we find out that you didn't rape that girl or do something to Andy, you might.


[Ext: Tokyo - street - night]

(JACK and DOUG BRYANT stand on the sidewalk beside a line of cars. DOUG nods towards a black limousine, which HITOSHI ASIKAWA and his bodyguards approach.)

DOUG BRYANT: There he is.

(DOUG and JACK walk over and stop HITOSHI ASIKAWA before he gets into his car. DOUG speaks Japanese and translates for JACK.)

DOUG BRYANT: (Japanese)


JACK: Ask him where Andrew Reynolds is.

DOUG BRYANT: (Japanese)


DOUG BRYANT: Says he didn't even know Reynolds was in the country.

JACK: That's interesting because Kimiko knew he was here.

(JACK shows him the video file which is on his cell phone.)

DOUG BRYANT: (Japanese)

JACK: Reynolds shot it when he was here.

DOUG BRYANT: (Japanese)


DOUG BRYANT: He says if he knew Reynolds came into his house to make the tape, it'd be obvious that he killed him because he'd still have Reynolds' blood smeared over his hands and lips.

JACK: If he wants me to believe him, he has to take me to meet his daughter.

DOUG BRYANT: (Japanese)


DOUG BRYANT: He says there's no way.

JACK: Your daughter sat in court and accused an innocent man of rape. Now, I'm sure, in this country, there are laws against perjury.

DOUG BRYANT: (Japanese)


DOUG BRYANT: He wants us to go for a ride.




[caption: 94 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Tokyo - Asikawa residence - night]

(JACK stands inside the living room, glancing around nervously. KIMIKO ASIKAWA enters the room and bows to him. JACK bows back.)

JACK: Um, Miss Asikawa. I'm Special Agent Jack Malone from the FBI.

(She gestures for him to sit.)

JACK: Thank you.

(JACK sits down on the couch, and KIMIKO sits down opposite him. She speaks in halting English.)

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: My father said you are asking question about Andrew Reynolds. That he is missing?

JACK: Yes. We think it has something to do with the video he had you make. Have you had any communication with him since?

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: Am I in trouble?

JACK: Was your father aware that Reynolds was here?

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: No. I tried to warn Andrew about the danger he was getting himself into, but he wouldn't listen.


[Int: Tokyo - Asikawa residence - day]

ANDY REYNOLDS: I just need you to say that it wasn't me that raped you.

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: I can't help you. You need to go.

ANDY REYNOLDS: But you know it wasn't me. Why can't you just say it?

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: You wouldn't understand.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Just tell me. Why was it so important for me to go to jail for what happened to you?

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: After...after I was raped, my mother tried to kill herself. My father decided that sending the wrong man to prison was better than sending no one.

ANDY REYNOLDS: He didn't care that the real rapist got off?

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: He needed to give my mother peace, and to protect our family reputation by making sure we had justice.

ANDY REYNOLDS: And what about you? What about your justice?

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: It doesn't matter. If my father found out you were here.

ANDY REYNOLDS: I'm not leaving without the tape.

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: What is so important? You've already been to prison. The difficult part is over.

ANDY REYNOLDS: A week ago I found out I have a son. And his mother won't let me see him because of what she thinks I did to you.

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: How old is he?


KIMIKO ASIKAWA: You would risk your life for a chance to see a son you don't even know?

ANDY REYNOLDS: I made a lot of mistakes in my life. But I'm not about to add having a son who doesn't know who I am to that list.

(She seems convinced, but takes a few minutes to respond.)


(ANDY nods to her, relieved. He readies his hand-held video recorder.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: Okay. I'm recording.

(KIMIKO sits down and begins the video.)


JACK: Did he volunteer any other information about his son? His name? Who the mother was? Anything.


JACK: Miss Asikawa. I know this is extremely difficult for you, but could you give me a detailed description of the man who raped you?

(She looks pained, as though she is about to cry.)

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: I gave the police a description. I'm sorry.

JACK: That's okay. It's okay.

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: I was drinking. I shouldn't have been there. I brought this shame to my entire family.

JACK: Miss Asikawa, what happened to you was not your fault.


[Ext: Tokyo - city street - night]

(JACK calls the New York office on his cell phone.)

JACK: Girl claims she can't remember anything new about her attacker.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(VIVIAN and DANNY sit at the conference table, talking to JACK on the speaker phone.)

VIVIAN: Hmm. Alright, I'm going to keep sifting through Tokyo PD's files.

JACK: What about the list of Asikawa's associates?

DANNY: Well, I checked the list Bryant emailed. None of them are in the U.S., Jack.

JACK: Nice work.

VIVIAN: So, what about the kid? It's possible that Reynolds went missing trying to see his son.

JACK: Yeah, if the kid's five years old that means he was conceived in Japan.

VIVIAN: His mother could have been a local.

JACK: I don't know. Reynolds went right back to the U.S. after he got the tape. I'd guess his mom and the kid are Stateside.

DANNY: Could have been another Marine.

VIVIAN: Well, there were fifteen hundred of them stationed in Camp Forrester when Reynolds was there. I'm guessing, what, two hundred or three hundred of them were women?

JACK: Well, if she's in the armed forces, she's got to report her pregnancy.


[caption: 98 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

ELENA: You had your son while you were stationed at Camp Forrester, right?


ELENA: Well, your son's birth certificate lists the father as a Jeremy Holt.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: My boyfriend at the time.

ELENA: We talked to him. And he was nowhere near Japan when your son was conceived.

SAMANTHA: Why'd you lie?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Who Case's father is is my own business.

SAMANTHA: Unless, of course, the father was a subordinate. Then it's grounds for dishonorable discharge.

ELENA: That's why you didn't tell anyone that Andrew Reynolds was the father? You want to add impeding a federal investigation to the list?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: We'd been seeing each other six months when I got pregnant. We were talking about leaving the military so we didn't have to keep things private. Then Andy turned himself in for the rape.

SAMANTHA: Wait. Andy claimed he didn't know about Case until recently.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: I loved him. I felt so betrayed and disgusted. So I wrote him a letter in prison telling him I miscarried. I didn't ever want to see him again.

ELENA: How did Andy find out about Case?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: I sent him some things a few weeks ago. I didn't expect him to show up at my door.


[Ext: Malloy residence - night]

(SUSAN opens the door, surprised to see ANDY there. He looks a little nervous.)



MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: What are you doing here?

ANDY REYNOLDS: I just wanted to stop by and say thank you. For returning this.

(He gestures to the military ring that he is wearing.)

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: I knew how much it meant to you.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Just, not too many people have reached out to me since I got out, you know.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: I wasn't reaching out. That's why I put it in the mail.

(ANDY tries to keep the mood light. He smiles at her.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: I heard you got married a couple years ago. Navy guy?


ANDY REYNOLDS: Well, I'll try not to hold that against him.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Look, I have something on the stove.

(She rushes to close the door in his face. He stops it with his foot.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: Susan, I'm sorry. For what I did to you.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Look, you need to go.


(SUSAN is interrupted by a boy calling to her from inside the house. She turns to see her son, CASE, standing at the stairs. ANDY stares at CASE, dumbstruck.)

CASE MALLOY: Mom? I want another movie.


(As CASE walks back up the stairs, SUSAN pulls the door closed. ANDY stops her, accusingly.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: You have a son?


ANDY REYNOLDS: How old is he?


ANDY REYNOLDS: You told me you miscarried.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: And you raped a girl. I did what I had to do.

ANDY REYNOLDS: And I don't have the right to know I'm a father?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Case has a father. A good one. Who loves and cares about him. Now get out of here and don't ever come back.

(She slams the door in his face.)


MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: That's the last I talked to him.

SAMANTHA: Well, we know that's not true. He called your house from JFK after his flight got in. The day before he went missing.

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Well, I didn't speak with him.

SAMANTHA: Well, somebody did.

ELENA: Did you tell your husband that Andy came to the house?

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Of course. He knows who Case's father is.

ELENA: Okay, so we need to know if this is your husband's handwriting.

(She slides the note over to her.)

MAJ. SUSAN MALLOY: Oh, my god.




[caption: 102 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

VIVIAN: Your wife identified your handwriting.

KEVIN MALLOY: So? I admit I wrote it.

MARTIN: You need to learn how to spell.

KEVIN MALLOY: It's just a threat. Doesn't mean I went through with it.

VIVIAN: When did you send it?

KEVIN MALLOY: As soon as Susan told me he came by the house. You blame me for wanting to keep a convicted rapist away from my family?

VIVIAN: What happened when he called you from the airport?

KEVIN MALLOY: He said he had proof that he didn't rape the girl. He wanted to show it to Susan. Told him come by when I knew that she and Case would be out of the house.


[Int: Malloy residence - day]

(KEVIN MALLOY opens the door to ANDY, who he lets into the house.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: Where's Susan?

KEVIN MALLOY: She's not here.

ANDY REYNOLDS: You said she's be home.

(ANDY turns around to face KEVIN MALLOY, who is pointing a gun at him.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: Alright, what's going on here man?

KEVIN MALLOY: You can't take a hint. So I thought this might help.

ANDY REYNOLDS: You want me to go, man, that's fine. But Susan needs to see this.

(ANDY holds out his video recorder.)

KEVIN MALLOY: (skeptically) What's that? Your proof?

ANDY REYNOLDS: Look at it yourself if you want.

KEVIN MALLOY: I don't give a rat's ass what you did or didn't do to some Geisha girl. I don't want you around here. You understand?

ANDY REYNOLDS: You gonna kill me?

KEVIN MALLOY: I ever see you again, yeah.


VIVIAN: And that's it? You threatened him at gunpoint and then let him go?

KEVIN MALLOY: You don't believe me? Call the Port Chester police.

MARTIN: What do they have to do with it?

KEVIN MALLOY: Desk sergeant called me later that night. They picked up Reynolds on a drunk and disorderly. Guys said, ah, Reynolds was ranting about me trying to kill him.

VIVIAN: Well, how come there's not a police report on Reynolds?

KEVIN MALLOY: Ask the guy I talked to. I think his name was, um, Officer Sheffield.

MARTIN: (clearly skeptical) Does Officer Sheffield have anything else to say?

KEVIN MALLOY: Yeah. He, uh, asked me if I'd seen the tape. I told him I didn't bother. As far as I was concerned, the guy was guilty.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(SAMANTHA is on the phone at her desk. DANNY sits across the bullpen at his desk, checking files on his computer.)

SAMANTHA: Okay. Thanks. Yeah. (hangs up) Alright, get this. There's no Officer Sheffield and the call to Malloy's husband didn't come from the Port Chester police. It traces back to Nelson's Lube Shop.

DANNY: So someone from Nelson's wanted to find out about that tape.

ELENA: Because they're involved in the rape?

SAMANTHA: Kimiko said that a Marine raped her, right? Well, Nelson served at the same time as Reynolds.

ELENA: How is Nelson supposed to rape Kimiko if he's stationed in Seoul?

DANNY: Because he was on leave, in Tokyo.


[Int: Tokyo - Asikawa residence - night]

JACK: Miss Asikawa. I want you to take a look at something. We think that this may be the man that raped you.

(JACK shows her NELSON WOLPERT's military photo which is no his phone. She shakes her head desperately.)

KIMIKO ASIKAWA: I don't know.

JACK: Look, I understand that this is very unpleasant. Please try and remember.

(FLASH TO: That night at Nagata's. KIMIKO struggles with a man. As she fights, his face comes into focus. It is NELSON WOLPERT.)

(KIMIKO looks at JACK, shocked, then starts to cry.)

JACK: Are you sure?

(She nods.)


[Ext: Nelson's Lube Shop - night]

(DANNY and ELENA pull into the parking lot. As DANNY heads toward the entrance, ELENA signals that she is going to take a look around the exterior.)


[Int: Nelson's Lube Shop - cash desk - night]

(DANNY walks into the garage. NELSON walks around the corner and sees him coming.)

NELSON WOLPERT: Hey. Any news about Andy?

DANNY: Shut up. We know you raped that girl in Japan.


DANNY: What did you do to Andy?

NELSON WOLPERT: I didn't do anything to Andy.

DANNY: Credit card receipts put you at Nagata's the night of the rape, Nelson.

NELSON WOLPERT: That doesn't mean I did it.

DANNY: No, but the rape victim identifying you as the man who did it, does.

NELSON WOLPERT: Wait, wait. She IDed Andy five years ago. Now she thinks it's me? She sounds pretty confused.

DANNY: She's not confused.


[Ext: Nelson's Lube Shop - night]

(ELENA looks at the few vehicles parked out in the lot. There is an old truck parked close to the building, with an oil drum in the bed of the truck.)

(ELENA climbs into the back of the truck to investigate.


[Int: Nelson's Lube Shop - continuous]

DANNY: You knew Andy had that tape.

NELSON WOLPERT: That's ridiculous.

DANNY: We're going downtown. Let's go.

(DANNY cuffs NELSON and leads him out.)


[Ext: Nelson's Lube Shop - continuous]

(ELENA struggles to pry the top off of the oil drum. As she removes the lid, she looks down to see something submerged in the oil.)

(She recoils from the drum. Looking back, she sees a hand wearing ANDY's military ring. She turns her back to it.)

(DANNY leads NELSON out toward the car. He looks over to where ELENA is still standing in the bed of the truck. She nods her head.)


[Int: FBI offices - interview room - night]

NELSON WOLPERT: I don't know what you're talking about.

DANNY: You don't? See, that's interesting, because your prints were all over the drum. Nelson, the safest place for you to be is an American prison. Don't you get that?

ELENA: Listen, if you don't confess, you'll be extradited to Japan to stand trial for Kimiko's rape. And I'm sure the father's going to take care of you real well.

DANNY: It's your choice.

(After a moment's deliberation, NELSON makes his decision.)

NELSON WOLPERT: Andy showed up right after closing. Wanted to talk. I made him tell me everything.


[Int: Nelson's Lube Shop - night]

(NELSON sits in the garage, while ANDY paces in front of him.)

ANDY REYNOLDS: Sorry to lay all this on you, man, I just didn't know where else to go.

NELSON WOLPERT: What are you going to do?

ANDY REYNOLDS: I'm gonna go to the cops. She can't keep my son from me.

NELSON WOLPERT: What about the tape?

ANDY REYNOLDS: I was just going to show my mom and Susan, but now I think I'm going to show the cops too. That girl deserves justice.

(NELSON stands up and walks over to ANDY.)

NELSON WOLPERT: Now, wait. Are you crazy? You said that the Yakuza threatened you and your mom if you told anybody.

ANDY REYNOLDS: Well, I'll ask the cops to protect us. If they can't do it, I will.

NELSON WOLPERT: I don't think you should do that.

ANDY REYNOLDS: You don't need to protect me, okay?


ANDY REYNOLDS: What are you talking about?

NELSON WOLPERT: Look, I didn't read about the rape in the papers, Andy. I was in Tokyo.

ANDY REYNOLDS: And you're telling me this now?

NELSON WOLPERT: Yeah, I thought that you might remember seeing me that night at Nagata's.


[Int: Tokyo - Nagata's bar - night]

(NELSON WOLPERT stands at the end of the bar along with a group of men all surrounding KIMIKO ASIKAWA. They are drinking and laughing. KIMIKO is clearly drunk.)

(NELSON glances over to the other end of the bar, where ANDY is watching the baseball game with a large group of Marines.)


ANDY REYNOLDS: What were you doing there? Wait. Are you telling me it was you?

NELSON WOLPERT: I was drunk. She was drunker. It got out of hand.

ANDY REYNOLDS: That doesn't make it right!

NELSON WOLPERT: I know, okay? And I'm sorry for what happened to you. And I'm trying to make up for it now. We're friends, remember? Now, I need that tape, Andy.

ANDY REYNOLDS: I'm getting the hell out of here.

NELSON WOLPERT: No, I need the tape Andy. Andy, I need that tape.

(NELSON tries to grab ANDY. ANDY shoves him back, and he falls against some equipment. ANDY turns to walk out of the garage.)

(NELSON grabs a crowbar that had fallen onto the ground with him. He gets up and chases ANDY, hitting him over the head with the crowbar. ANDY crumples to the ground.)


NELSON WOLPERT: Why couldn't he have just listened?

(DANNY hands him a pad of paper and a pen.)

DANNY: Write it down.

NELSON WOLPERT: If he had just let it go, then everything would have been fine.

ELENA: What about the girl you raped? How was everything supposed to be fine with her?


[Int: FBI offices - JACK's office - night]

(ELENA enters the office to greet DOREEN REYNOLDS, who is sitting facing JACK's desk. She stands up when ELENA comes in.)

ELENA: Mrs. Reynolds? I have bad news.


ELENA: I'm so sorry. So sorry.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: How did he..? What happened?

ELENA: Your son didn't rape that girl in Japan. He wanted to clear his name. And the man who was really responsible, well, the man killed him.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: What? No, that doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't Andy tell me?

ELENA: I think he was going to do that the night he disappeared.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: I can't believe this is happened. Oh, my sweet boy.

ELENA: I know this is very upsetting. There's one more thing.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: What else could there be?

ELENA: You have a grandson. His name is Case. Andy didn't know about him until last week.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: When can I see him?

ELENA: I'll contact the mother. And I'll arrange it as soon as possible. I will.


ELENA: Andy wanted Case to know his father. You should be proud.

DOREEN REYNOLDS: I am. I always was.

(ELENA doesn't know what to say. She looks away as DOREEN REYNOLDS starts to cry.)


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(ELENA walks into the bullpen. As she approaches her desk, she sees JACK, who is putting down mementos at each agent's desk.)

ELENA: Welcome back.

JACK: Thanks. I got you a little something.

(He hands her a paper parasol.)

ELENA: Hmm. What's this?

JACK: Well, it's not exactly original, but it's all they had in the airport.

ELENA: One for everybody?

JACK: Ladies only.

ELENA: What about the guys?

(He shows her the box of Japanese candy that he is placing on DANNY's desk.)

JACK: Did you, um, did you break the news to the mother?

ELENA: I did. Horrible. Does it get any easier?

JACK: Unfortunately, yes.

(After putting out all the gifts, JACK walks out of the bullpen. ELENA stands next to her desk. She unfolds the parasol and spins it.)



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