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#409 : Cavalier seul

Titre original : "Freefall"
Réalisé par : John Showalter
Ecrit par : David Mongan

Résumé : L'équipe part cette fois-ci à la recherche d'un ami du FBI de Jack qui a disparu après avoir laissé à sa femme, elle aussi du FBI, un message sur son répondeur à propos du meurtre de son équipier.

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Cavalier seul

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William Russ dans le rôle de Max Cassidy et Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

William Russ dans le rôle de Max Cassidy et Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

L'agent Malone souriant aux côtés d'Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

L'agent Malone souriant aux côtés d'Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

L'équipe au travail

L'équipe au travail

L'agent Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano) discute avec son chef Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia)

L'agent Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano) discute avec son chef Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia)

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) et Max Cassidy (William Russ )

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) et Max Cassidy (William Russ )



Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

Jack retrouve Anne

Jack retrouve Anne

Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) et Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia)

Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) et Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia)

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Without A Trace
4.09 - "Freefall"
Original airdate on CBS: 11/24/05
Transcribed from CBS

Written by: DAVID MONGAN
Directed by: JOHN F. SHOWALTER

Transcribed for www.twiztv.com by Elise B.
Contact the transcriptionist at [email protected]

"WITHOUT A TRACE" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and (c) by JERRY BRUCKHEIMER Television, CBS Productions, and Warner Bros. Television (an AOL Time Warner Company). All Rights Reserved. This transcript was made without their permission, approval, authorization or endorsement. For Fair Use, for entertainment and for educational purposes only. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of this material in any form is expressly prohibited. It is absolutely forbidden to use it for commercial gain.
Jack searches for an old friend in the Bureau who disappears after his partner is murdered.


[caption: 11 YEARS AGO]

[Int: New York City bar - night]

(A younger JACK sits at the bar with his drink. He chats with a pretty woman, ANNE.)

JACK: You're so nervous.

ANNE: I don't do this often, Jack.

JACK: He's a really nice guy. Nothing like me. He's fun. He's capable of having a commitment.

ANNE: Hey, come on. You're married.

JACK: And your point is? Look, he's the kind of guy... He's the kind of guy who comes home to dinner.

ANNE: Okay.

JACK: Okay? And he's got a job, unlike your other loser boyfriends. He's, he's like one of the best agents I've ever worked with.

ANNE: But not the best? You're the best agent you've ever worked with.

JACK: I am the best agent I ever worked with.

ANNE: what about me?

JACK: You're the prettiest agent I ever worked with.

ANNE: Thank you very much.

JACK: No, okay, no. You're fantastic.

(She laughs at him. JACK looks up to see MAX CASSIDY enter the bar.)

JACK: Hey, he's coming.

ANNE: He's cute.

(MAX joins them at the bar.)


JACK: Hey. Anne, Max. Max, Anne.

MAX CASSIDY: Anne. Nice to meet you.

ANNE: Nice to meet you. Thank you very much.

MAX CASSIDY: And you're even, um, smarter than Jack said you were.

JACK: I didn't tell you she was smart. Come on.

ANNE: Would you like a drink?

MAX CASSIDY: Yes, I could love a drink. Thank you. Thank you very much. (to Anne) You have a beautiful smile.

ANNE: Thank you very much.


[caption: LAST NIGHT]

[Ext: parking lot - night]

(Police cars surround the area of the parking lot. MAX CASSIDY pulls up and gets out of his car. He walks to the agent in charge, RAY PALLIDES. A short distance away, the coroner covers up the dead body of JIMMY, MAX's partner.)

MAX CASSIDY: Ray. I want to see him.

RAY PALLIDES: I don't know if that's a good idea.

MAX CASSIDY: What the hell happened?

RAY PALLIDES: There was a shooting. We don't know the whole story yet. Do you have any idea what Jimmy was doing all the way out here?

MAX CASSIDY: Not at this hour.

RAY PALLIDES: Could it be something for the case? A lead he couldn't follow during work hours without blowing his cover?

MAX CASSIDY: I don't know.

(An AGENT joins them with information.)

AGENT: We got a woman across the street claims she saw a late-model Audi leave the scene heading south on Bridge Street.

RAY PALLIDES: She get specifics? Plates, partials, anything we can go on?

AGENT: She saw the car, then the body.

MAX CASSIDY: What about the driver? Did she see the driver?

AGENT: Afraid not.

RAY PALLIDES: Let's extend the perimeter six blocks. See if we can find someone who got a good look at that car.

(The AGENT walks away.)

RAY PALLIDES: Listen, we're going to need an update on the status of yours and Jimmy's investigation. Why don't you go back to the office and start a statement. Max, you hear me? We're going to find out what happened to Jimmy.

(RAY leaves MAX as he goes to start his investigation.)

RAY PALLIDES: Hey come on. What are these people doing here? Let's shut this area down. Let's go. Come on, come on, come on.

(MAX walks over to JIMMY's body, kneels down, and uncovers his face. He is a young agent and has been shot in the head and chest. MAX vanishes.)


[caption: 6 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: JACK's apartment - bedroom - night]

(JACK is in bed, asleep. The phone rings, waking him up. He shakes himself awake and answers the phone.)

JACK: Yeah? Hey Ray, what's up? When was this? Did he swipe his ID through security? Okay. Did you look in the parking lot? Check for his car? Yeah, of course you did. Sorry. Um, what about Anne? Did you talk to her? No. I'll tell you what, let me follow up with her. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, let me know if you hear anything else. Thanks.





[Ext: New York City street - day]

(JACK pulls up in front of an apartment building where ANNE stands in the alcove out of the rain. He parks the car and runs up to her, giving her a hug.)


JACK: Hey. How're you doing?

ANNE: Have you heard anything?

JACK: No, not yet. Get in the car. Come on.


[Int: JACK's car - continuous]

JACK: Ugh. I'm sorry this is happening, honey.

ANNE: You know, I checked the messages. He did call last night. I didn't hear it. I was asleep, I don't know. Too tired.

(SHe plays the message in speakerphone on her cell phone.)

phone annouces: received 2:34 am

MAX CASSIDY: (on phone) It's me.


[Int: MAX's car - night]

(MAX sits in his parked car on the phone, leaving the message.)

MAX: Oh, god. I wish I was talking to you right now. I just, I just don't know what to do. Everything's just so screwed up. Jimmy was shot tonight. It's all my fault. I'm so sorry, honey, for everything. But no matter what happens, I want you to know that I love you.


ANNE: That's it.

JACK: What is it that he thinks is all his fault?

ANNE: Jimmy and Max were working on an industrial espionage case. Jimmy wanted to go undercover. Max didn't think he was ready.

JACK: Max was his surpervisor. If he didn't want the kid undercover, how'd he get there?

ANNE: Jimmy went over his head. Went right to Pallides. It's so hard for him lately, Jack. So hard.

JACK: It's alright, honey. We're going to find him.

ANNE: Okay.


[caption: 8 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(MARTIN, VIVIAN, and SAMANTHA discuss the case at the conference table.)

VIVIAN: So, what you got on Max Cassidy?

MARTIN: Ah, everything's a mush. But nothing so far.

VIVIAN: What about his cell phone?

MARTIN: Call to his wife was the last activity. And that call came from somewhere around LaGuardia.


SAMANTHA: Okay. Jimmy took one shot to the head, two to the chest from a .22.

VIVIAN: Professional hit.

SAMANTHA: Yeah, I'm thinking whoever shot Jimmy might have followed Max when he left the crime scene.

MARTIN: Well, no John Does have turned up.

VIVIAN: So maybe he's running, but I don't understand why he doesn't come in for help.

MARTIN: What were they working on?

VIVIAN: A mechanical engineering firm in West Orange thought that one of its employees was stealing corporate secrets. Jimmy was undercover trying to find out who. Danny and Elena are talking to the CEO.


[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

(DANNY and ELENA interview PHIL HENNERS, the CEO of Henners' Inc.)

PHIL: My god. Jimmy Haggerty's dead?

ELENA: Yeah. And Max Cassidy has been missing since late last night.

PHIL: (sighs) Max must have been right.

DANNY: Right about what, Mr. Henners?

PHIL: The investigation being compromised.

ELENA: He told you that?

PHIL: Last week. Someone inside the company tried to get into Jimmy Haggerty's personnel records. I didn't think it was a big deal.


[Ext: New York City street - day]

(PHIL and MAX CASSIDY stand between parked cars, discussing the case.)

PHIL: The security software sent an alert to the system administrator, who shut down access immediately.

MAX CASSIDY: And Jimmy's was the only file affected?

PHIL: Well, I'm sure it's nothing.

MAX CASSIDY: Sorry, Phil. But we can't ignore the fact that Jimmy's cover may have been blown.

PHIL: Meaning what?

MAX CASSIDY: I'm going to have to pull Jimmy out.

PHIL: But the software worked. Whoever was trying to look at his information...

MAX CASSIDY: (interrupting) FBI protocol clearly dictates that if there is a concern over an agent's safety, he must be extracted immediately.

PHIL: Does FBI protocol say to kiss off all the progress we've been making too?

MAX CASSIDY: We've narrowed the list of suspect employees down to four. We'll keep investigating them.

PHIL: Well, I don't find that entirely reassuring.

MAX CASSIDY: Phil, I've been doing this a long time. This is the right thing to do. And also, it's your only option.


PHIL: But then he called later that night. Said he changed his mind and decided to leave Jimmy in after all.

ELENA: Why did you call the FBI in the first place?

PHIL: We're a finalists for an army contract. It's a new fuel system for a desert vehicle. About two months ago, someone broke into our server. They didn't get the designs, but I was afraid they'd come back.

DANNY: And you're sure this fuel system is what they were after?

PHIL: It's a pretty big contract.

ELENA: And Max never told you why he left Jimmy inside the company?

PHIL: No. I assumed he'd found out his ID was still secure. But now, it looks like we were both wrong.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

MARTIN: So, everybody I've talked to about this case, they've heard rumors. Max had some kind of run-in with AD about five years ago.

VIVIAN: Uh-huh. Max blew the whistle, something about misappropriation of funds.

MARTIN: Yeah. Was he right?

VIVIAN: Well, apparently, it didn't matter. The AD got to retire and Max got black-balled. Went from major crimes to white collar.

MARTIN: No good deed goes unpunished.

(JACK leads ANNE over to join the other at the conference table. MARTIN stands up immediately at her arrival. SAMANTHA and VIVIAN nod to her.)

JACK: I'm sure you all know Agent Anne Cassidy.


JACK: So, uh, how're we doing?

VIVIAN: Well, I've got a list of four suspects in Max's espionage case. Do you recognize any of the names?

(She hands the list of names to JACK, who shows it to ANNE. She shakes her head.)


SAMANTHA: Okay, I think I've got something here. The night Max did his 180 on Jimmy, he was at a bar on 8th Street. Spent $107. Closed his tab out right before ten.

MARTIN: That's a pretty sizable tab. He could have been there for a while or he wasn't alone.

JACK: Either of those ideas a possibility?

ANNE: Well, he liked to go out for a drink after work, but that's pretty big, even for him.

JACK: Listen, if you want to use my office while we do this. Sam, could you meet me at the elevator?


ANNE: Thank you.

[caption: 10 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: New York City bar - day]

JACK: You working the bar last Friday night?

BARTENDER: Every Friday. Why?

SAMANTHA: You recognize this guy?

BARTENDER: Sure. Scotch on the rocks. Planted himself right where you are. Hung out for a few good hours too.

JACK: That's a pretty good memory you've got there.

BARTENDER: Well, it's not every night that you get an old timer squaring off with a guy nearly half his age.


[Int: bar - night]

(JIMMY and MAX are arguing at the bar.)

JIMMY: Like hell, Max. You're not pulling me out.

MAX CASSIDY: People are getting suspicious. They're trying to find out who you are.

JIMMY: You know what? You might want to think about what you're doing here.

MAX CASSIDY: I know exactly what I'm doing. And that's enough for you.

JIMMY: You want to stop like you're out there trying to protect me?

BARTENDER: Guys. Take it easy or take it outside.

JIMMY: Okay. You want to pull me Max. Go for it. But don't be surprised when Anne comes around asking where you really were all those nights you were supposed to be out with me. I think it would break her heart to know that you were really out banging your new girlfriend. Don't you think? Thanks for the drinks, boss.


BARTENDER: The young guy said his piece and left. The old guy stayed a little longer. Seemed a little rattled if you ask me.

(SAMANTHA looks worriedly at JACK. He's clearly bothered by this news.)

SAMANTHA: Ah, thank you. You've been a lot of help.

[white board: 6DBD: Has fight in bar with Jimmy]

[caption: 13 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices - JACK's office - day]

JACK: I know you said Max and Jimmy were having some problems.

ANNE: Yes?

JACK: It would appear things were a little more complicated.

ANNE: Okay.

JACK: Jimmy was blackmailing Max. He found out that Max was having an affair and he was threatening to disclose it. I'm really sorry to have to break the news to you this way.

ANNE: I knew about it. I know about the affair.

JACK: What do you mean, you knew? Did Jimmy tell you?

ANNE: No, Jimmy didn't have to tell me. I'm the wife. The wife knows these things. I followed him from the office, just to make sure.


[Int: Ronin Sushi Bar - day]

(ANNE sits in a booth. She watches a table across the room, where MAX is sitting with a young red-headed woman. They are holding hands.)

(The woman gets up from the table. After she leaves, ANNE gets up, goes over to the table and slides in across from MAX.)

ANNE: What's going on?


ANNE: What? You didn't think I'd find out?

MAX CASSIDY: What? Oh, Megan? She's from the office.

ANNE: No, I know all the women from the office. I work there, remember?

MAX CASSIDY: What I meant to say was she's a contact on the...

ANNE: I'm not stupid, Max. I thought it was work. I knew you were unhappy. I just thought it would pass. I didn't, ooh, I didn't...I didn't think you could do anything like this. I mean, to me? Why would you do this to me?

MAX CASSIDY: Annie. I don't know what to say.

ANNE: There's nothing you can say.


ANNE: He came back home. Much later. He begged me to forgive him. He told me he'd stop seeing her. And we're still working it out.

JACK: How long has this relationship been going on?

ANNE: About a month.

JACK: Has he had other affairs?

ANNE: No! No.

JACK: I just don't understand why you didn't tell me this before.

ANNE: Because it's my personal business.

JACK: But it's relevant to the case. I mean, he could have just run off with this woman.

ANNE: No, no. His disappearance has to do with Jimmy.

JACK: Look, I don't have to tell you that by withholding this information, it makes you a suspect.

ANNE: I had nothing to do with Max's disappearance and you know it.

JACK: Well, it doesn't change anything.

ANNE: Oh, come on.

JACK: You know the drill.

ANNE: Oh, come on!

JACK: Just sit tight.

(He leaves the office.)

[white board: 3 DBD: Caught cheating by wife]


[Int: FBI offices - hallway outside interview room - day]

(MARTIN comes around the corner and spots JACK standing outside the window into the interview room.)

MARTIN: Hey. We, ah, found the hacker Jimmy and Max were looking for.

JACK: What's his name?

MARTIN: Gary Raymond. He works in systems engineering at Henners. He was at work when Jimmy's personnel file was accessed.

JACK: Did you pick him up?

MARTIN: He was MIA until about fifteen minutes ago. He ran when a Port Authority cop recognized him.

JACK: Let me know when you set it up.

MARTIN: Will do.

(MARTIN goes back the way he came. JACK directs his attention back to the interview room, where ANNE is taking the lie detector test. JACK listens to their dialogue through the window.)

INVESTIGATOR: Have you been married to Max Cassidy for fifteen years?


INVESTIGATOR: Have you been married to Max Cassidy for nine years?

ANNE: Yes.

INVESTIGATOR: Was Max Cassidy having an affair?

ANNE: Yes.

INVESTIGATOR: Was Max Cassidy alive the last time you saw him?

ANNE: Yes.

INVESTIGATOR: Did you participate in any way in the disappearance of Max Cassidy?

ANNE: Absolutely not.

INVESTIGATOR: Please, just yes or no.


(The INVESTIGATOR looks toward the window. He shakes his head at JACK. She's telling the truth.)

(ANNE, fed up, begins unstrapping the wires connected to her.)

ANNE: No more.

(She storms out of the room into the hallway where JACK is still standing.)

ANNE: That was unneccesary.

JACK: You would have done exactly the same thing.

ANNE: What? Humiliate you?

JACK: I wasn't trying to humiliate you.

ANNE: Hey everybody. Did you hear about Anne Cassidy? Got cheated on by her husband. Suspect in his disappearance.

JACK: You didn't give me much choice.

ANNE: Hey, I work here, Jack. I see these same people everyday. I would never have done this do you. Ever!

(She storms off down the hall, leaving JACK standing there.)




[caption: 15 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

[MARTIN and JACK question GARY, the Henners computer tech associated with the espionage.)

GARY: I don't know anything.

MARTIN: Then what's up with the thirty five grand we found in the back of your closet?

JACK: What were you doing? Selling military secrets?

GARY: No. Look, I didn't shoot Jimmy.

MARTIN: But you know who did.

GARY: No, I don't.

MARTIN: Maybe this will jog your memory.

(He slides a picture of Jimmy's body across the table.)

GARY: A man approached me after work a few months ago. Said he'd pay me to make a map of the server. Then two days ago, he gave me a bunch of money to copy some files. That's all I did.

JACK: That's all you did? That's espionage, you idiot.

GARY: I didn't know it would get anybody killed.


[Ext: parking lot - night]

(GARY enters the parking lot, carrying any envelope. He slides the envelope into a slot on the side of the dumpster in the parking lot.)

(Looking carefully around, GARY hides on the fire escape in order to watch whoever takes the envelope.)

(JIMMY approaches the parking lot. He finds the envelope in the dumpster, takes it, and begins to exit the parking lot.)

(A blue AUDI pulls up in front of JIMMY. The red-head driving the car shoots JIMMY twice in the chest. As he falls to the ground, she gets out of the car and runs around to JIMMY's body. She grabs the envelope out of his hand and shoots him again in the head. She runs back to her car and pulls away.)


(MARTIN hands GARY a sketch of the woman who was with MAX in the restaurant. It is the same woman.)

MARTIN: This her?

GARY: Yeah. That's the woman from the car?

MARTIN: What's her name?

GARY: That I don't know.

JACK: How'd you contact these people? How'd they contact you?

GARY: Email. I tried writing them after what went down last night, but the address is dead.

MARTIN: Alright, we're going to need that email address and the name of all the files that you passed along.

(MARTIN hands GARY a pad of paper and a pen. He and JACK get up to leave the room.)


[Int: FBI offices - hallway outside interview room - continuous]

JACK: Jimmy got in the way of that dead drop and that got him killed.

MARTIN: Why would he follow this guy without backup?

JACK: Maybe he didn't trust Max.

MARTIN: For what? Pulling him off the case?

JACK: Maybe he thought Max and this woman were in it together.

MARTIN: He's your friend. Do you think he's capable of that?

JACK: I don't know.


[Int: Ronin Sushi Bar - day]

(ELENA shows MAX's picture and the sketch of the woman, MEGAN LEWIS, to the owner of the restaurant, MR. RONIN.)

MR. RONIN: No, I'm sorry. A lot of people eat here.

ELENA: Listen, I'm talking about just a few days ago. Please, think.

MR. RONIN: You think I know every customer?

ELENA: Listen, honey, I understand. They caused a bit of a scene. And I'm sure you can't say that about most of your clientele.

MR. RONIN: Frankly, no. But still, I'm sorry

(Across the room, SAMANTHA shows the same pictures to a younger woman, MISS RONIN.)

SAMANTHA: Her name is Megan. She looks something like this. She might have been here with this guy.

MISS RONIN: Yeah, I've served them a few times, actually. He's pretty regular, and I want to say that she's local.

SAMANTHA: Really? How local?

MISS RONIN: We may have delivered once or twice.

SAMANTHA: Do you have an address?

MISS RONIN: No, I don't. But our delivery service might.

SAMANTHA: Great. We're going to need to check on that.




[Int: MEGAN LEWIS's apartment - day]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA enter the apartment, weapons drawn. The apartment is almost entirely empty.)

SAMANTHA: Megan? Megan Lewis? FBI.

(They check the rooms. Nothing.)

SAMANTHA: Clear. No Megan. No Max. They're not here.

ELENA: Is this the right place?

SAMANTHA: This is the address the delivery service gave us.

ELENA: Do you think they ran away together?

SAMANTHA: I don't know.

(The LANDLORD enters behind them. SAMANTHA shows him her badge.)

LANDLORD: Can I help you?

SAMANTHA: Uh, yeah. FBI. We're looking for Megan Lewis.

LANDLORD: She's popular today.


LANDLORD: There was another guy looking for her. He had one of those too.


ELENA: when was the last time you saw Megan?

LANDLORD: Yesterday afternoon. She'd been here a couple of months. Then just up and left. Didn't even bother telling your friend.


[Int: MEGAN's apartment - night]

(The LANDLORD enters the apartment to find MAX there, staring out the window.)

LANDLORD: Hey bud. What are you doing in here?

MAX CASSIDY: Where is she?

LANDLORD: I don't know.

MAX CASSIDY: She was just here yesterday. Where did she go?

LANDLORD: I don't know, pal. I'm guessing this is her way of breaking up with you.

(MAX angrily approaches the LANDLORD, showing his badge.)

MAX CASSIDY: You need to tell me everything you know about her. Now.


LANDLORD: All I had was her rental application. She didn't give notice. Didn't leave any forwarding info.

SAMANTHA: Did she ever write any checks?

LANDLORD: No. Cash. Month to month.

ELENA: We're going to need a copy of that rental application.



(The LANDLORD leaves the apartment.)

ELENA: This is what I think. Max hears they saw an Audi at the crime scene and he remembers that his girlfriend drives the same car.

SAMANTHA: And suddenly he thinks that she might be playing him. So he comes here, sees she's cleaned the place out, and realizes that he's right.

ELENA: You think he's still looking for Megan?

SAMANTHA: I think he might have already found her. And she may have taken him out too.

[caption: 16 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(ELENA and SAMANTHA update JACK as they walk through the bullpen.)

SAMANTHA: Long and short of it, Megan Lewis doesn't exist. All we've come up with is dead ends.

ELENA: The driver's license and the social she listed on her rental application only goes back one year. So personal references, prior address, there's nothing.

SAMANTHA: And her landlord never ran a credit check. She paid first, last and security in cash.

JACK: What about the Audi?

SAMANTHA: No registration in her name. So either she was driving somebody else's car, or it's registered under an alias.

JACK: Okay. Let's keep canvassing the neighborhood. Talk to the shopkeepers, the neighbors, anybody who's in close proximity of that apartment. That girl wasn't invisible and neither was her car.


(As they walk away, JACK sees ANNE standing by the windows. He walks over toward her.)

JACK: Hey.


JACK: Look, the reason I had you take the polygraph was because I thought it would be easier than having you sit in a room and tell me about your personal relationship.

ANNE: What now, huh? Max had an affair with a woman who kills people. (She sighs.) After they moved him to white collar, his cases became less and less interesting. His team got smaller and smaller. Now, after all that he's done, he hated it. Eventually he stopped talking about work. And I stopped asking.

JACK: I know how it is. You've got less and less to talk about, and suddenly there's nothing.

ANNE: No, if he said anything to this woman, and I seriously doubt that he did, it was because I wasn't listening.

JACK: You know what, he doesn't get a pass just because he was lonely.

ANNE: I get why he's not reaching out to me. But you, you're one of his closest friends. Why hasn't he called you for help?

JACK: Because he didn't trust me. A couple of months ago he came in to see me. He heard I was going to add a member to the squad.


[Int: FBI offices - JACK's office - day]

JACK: You know as well as I do that it takes even the best agent at least two years to get up to speed.

MAX CASSIDY: And I retire in three. Hardly worth the trouble, right?

JACK: Why do you want the headache of joining a new unit anyway?

MAX CASSIDY: I've got enough headaches of my own.

JACK: I know they screwed you. It's got to kill you to be strapped to a desk, but joining this unit isn't the answer.

MAX CASSIDY: You sure it's just not political, Jack? You're not up for the trouble getting me out of white collar would cause.

JACK: You know, I'm just doing what you taught me. You put the unit first.

MAX CASSIDY: Yeah, I know. I know.


JACK: I just didn't...I didn't feel like I had a spot for him. I tried to call him. I left him a bunch of messages, but he never returned my call. And I just let it go. I feel like I let him down.

ANNE: We both did.




[caption: 17 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - tech room - day]

(MACK has the stolen design files up on his computer.)

VIVIAN: Let me get this straight. This is the design file that was stolen?

PHIL: Yes. Actually, I'm very relieved.

DANNY: So I take it, it's not the army's fuel system?

MACK: No, this is, ah, some sort of high-pressure nozzle, right?

PHIL: It's a high-end microdissipation sprayer. Capable of delivering droplets smaller than a micron. We sell them to manufacturers for painting and other industrial applications.

VIVIAN: So, it's on the market already?

PHIL: Yeah. And while it's a highly profitable item, I have no idea why anyone would want to steal it.

DANNY: Well, actually Mr. Henners, someone killed for it.

VIVIAN: Could this sprayer be modified and used for something other than industrial purposes?

(PHIL looks suddenly concerned.)


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(Agent KEN LAHEY from counter-terror looks over the design plans.)

KEN LAHEY: It's ingenious. The nozzle reduces the liquid in stages, which is how they can get the particles down to such a small size.

JACK: So if you wanted to disperse a chemical agent, you wouldn't have to weaponize it.


ANNE: What were these people going to do? Build one from scratch?

DANNY: They've already got one. Two weeks ago one was stolen from a shipment to South Korea.

JACK: And does counter-terror know what their target might be?

KEN LAHEY: Not until we know who we're looking for, we won't be able to narrow it down.

ELENA: Excuse me. A liquor store close to her place has an ATM out front. The camera took a very nice picture of our girl loading some boxes into her car around 3:30 yesterday.

JACK: Did we get license plates?

ELENA: Yeah, and the owner. Apparently, Megan's real name is Laura Simmons, and it looks like she moved here seven years ago from Nevada.

ANNE: Any address?

ELENA: Well, all roads lead to a P.O. Box. Except one, that is, well...

JACK: She's been wiring $1000 a week to that sushi bar for two months. Let's check that out.


[Ext: Ronin Sushi Bar - night]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA pull up next to the restaurant. The outside window in broken.)

ELENA: Did you see that?

SAMANTHA: I'm going to go in.


[Int: Ronin Sushi Bar - continuous]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA enter the restaurant. MISS RONIN is cleaning up broken glass.)

MISS RONIN: Oh, thank God you're here.

SAMANTHA: what the hell happened here?

(MR. RONIN enters from the kitchen.)

MR. RONIN: We were robbed. They took everything.

ELENA: Who's they?

MR. RONIN: Two gang bangers busted in the place.

SAMANTHA: Really? Did you, uh...

(She glances over to ELENA, who checks the kitchen.)

ELENA: Clear.

SAMANTHA: Did you happen to call the police?

MR. RONIN: No time. I got here and it was a wreck.

ELENA: Well, the money's here.

MR. RONIN: I came from the bank. They took that money.

ELENA: Oh, okay. (to MISS RONIN) Listen, take a break now, please. Outside. It's not up to him. Come on, come on, come on.

(She leaves. MR. RONIN looks nervously at the two agents.)

MR. RONIN: What do you want?

SAMANTHA: Why don't you take a seat?

(MR. RONIN sits down at the bar.)

SAMANTHA: We know about the thousand dollar bonus you've been getting.

MR. RONIN: I don't know what you're talking about.

ELENA: (showing MAX's picture) Okay, did this man break your window? Have you seen him?

SAMANTHA: Hey. We're federal agents. You'd better stop pissing me off and start talking.

MR. RONIN: Alright. Yes. Yes, he was here an hour ago.


[Int: Ronin Sushi Bar - day]

(There's a pounding on the front door. MR. RONIN goes to check it out.)


MR. RONIN: We're not open yet.

MAX CASSIDY: I want to talk to you. Open up.

(MR. RONIN looks out through the blinds. He recognizes MAX and runs. MAX breaks the window and opens the door. He has his gun aimed at MR. RONIN. MAX grabs him and slams him up against the bar.)

MAX CASSIDY: Hold it. Right there. Where's Megan?

MR. RONIN: I don't know any Megan.

MAX CASSIDY: She was in here every time I was. It wasn't any coincidence. You know her. You introduced us.

MR. RONIN: She just liked you. That's all.

MAX CASSIDY: No. She set me up. And you helped her. And I know you know where she is.

MR. RONIN: She paid me to call when you would come in. I didn't know why. I didn't want to know why. Okay?

MAX CASSIDY: Tell me how I can reach her.


MR. RONIN: I got a phone number.

SAMANTHA: What is it?

MR. RONIN: 555-0178.

ELENA: Well, that's not the number we've got for her apartment.

SAMANTHA: Maybe Laura got someplace else to call home.

[caption: 19 HOURS MISSING]


[Ext: parking garage - night]

(SAMANTHA and ELENA pull up into the parking garage amid sirens. JACK pulls up next to them. All the agents get out of their cars and head towards the commotion.)

(EMTs are working on a woman lying on the ground. It is MEGAN LEWIS/LAURA SIMMONS. She has been beaten badly.)

(As SAMANTHA and ELENA go over to talk to the police and ambulance crews, JACK spots a homeless woman watching from a few yards away. He calls out to her.)

JACK: Hey. Hey, hey. I want to talk to you. Did you see what happened over there? Here's twenty bucks. Did you see what happened to her?

HOMELESS WOMAN: Yeah, I saw. This guy just came and beat her up.

JACK: Did you get a good look at him?

HOMELESS WOMAN: Good enough.


[Ext: parking garage - night]

(MAX punches MEGAN/LAURA and she falls to the ground. He takes a cell phone out of her car and calls 911.)

MAX CASSIDY: Yeah, I need an ambulance right away. 101st and Riverside. Parking structure. It's a woman. She's been beaten badly.

(As the HOMELESS WOMAN watches, MAX gets into his own car and drives away.)


HOMELESS WOMAN: He sped out of here. The paramedics and the cops showed up about ten minutes later.

JACK: Okay. Thank you very much. You did good. Take care of yourself.

(JACK walks over to where MEGAN/LAURA is now up on a stretcher. He nods to the EMT.)

JACK: Do me a favor? Take a hike. (to MEGAN/LAURA) Where's Cassidy?

(She turns her head away from him.)

JACK: You know what? I already got you for killing a federal agent. That's the death penalty. You help me, I help you.

(She turns her head back and simply stares at JACK.)

JACK: Fine. Whatever you want. Get her out of here.

ELENA: Jack.

JACK: What's up?

(She shows him a gun with a silencer attached.)

ELENA: I found it in the glove box. I bet ballistics will tie it to Jimmy's murder.

JACK: Why don't you bag it? Take it down there and find out.


(SAMANTHA approaches him on her cell phone.)

SAMANTHA: Okay, thanks. Yes. (hangs up) Alright, the reason Lauren Simmons didn't pop up at this address is because her brother, a Terry Simmons, is the one on the lease. Now, this Terry Simmons, he's on the counter-terrorism watch list. He's part of a militia group. His father was killed by a cop at a white supremacist rally. Terry Simmons is a cop hater and Lahey says he may be targeting the annual meeting for the National Sheriffs Association.

JACK: That starts tomorrow here at the Stratford Hotel.


JACK: We find Max, we find Simmons.


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - night]

DANNY: Jack. Alright, 911 dispatch gave us the number that Max called from. It was Laura Simmons' cell phone.

JACK: Is it still active?

DANNY: Less than five minutes ago it was pinging off a tower in Brooklyn.

JACK: Okay, I'll meet you in the tech room.

DANNY: Alright.

(DANNY continues on down the hall. JACK stops outside his office and opens the door to update ANNE.)

JACK: We got a number for Max.

(She nods and gets up to follow JACK.)


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - continuous]

MACK: Alright guys. We are hot.

JACK: Max?


[Int: MAX's car - night]

MAX CASSIDY: Jack, is that you?

JACK: Uh-huh.

MAX CASSIDY: Hey buddy. Long time no talk.

JACK: Listen, you don't have to do this by yourself. We're prepared to send a team out to help you.

MAX CASSIDY: Ah, you'll never get here in time.

JACK: Come on, Max, help me out here a little.

MAX CASSIDY: I got stupid, Jack.

JACK: Yeah, you screwed up. The woman played you.

MAX CASSIDY: I let her, Jack. Walked right in. Gave up everything and didn't even realize it.

JACK: Look, I understand that you want to try and make it right but this is not the way to do it.

MACK: Keep him talking.

JACK: Remember, uh, remember that story you used to tell me? You'd just gotten out of Quantico. You solved that serial rapist case that everybody had marked cold?

MAX CASSIDY: The moral of that story is that I pissed off a lot of people for not listening to my superiors.

JACK: Maybe, but I always took the moral to be trust your guts, follow your instincts. Now, I know you've been on Terry Simmons. Just let us help you, okay? At least tell us where you are. Max?

(MAX is watching a van across the street from where he is parked. Several men get out of the van. He isn't really listening to JACK.)

MAX CASSIDY: You'll find me. Anne, are you there?

ANNE: Yes, Max.

MAX CASSIDY: I love you babe.

ANNE: I love you too.

MACK: I got him. I got him.

JACK: Alright, just sit tight. Don't do anything stupid, okay? We're on our way.




[Ext: Brooklyn warehouse - side entrance - night]

(Cars pull up to the building with sirens on. JACK organizes the men, pointing DANNY and MARTIN in separate directions.)

JACK: Take some guys. Sweep around the back. Martin, take your guys. Cover the front entrance.

(They open the door with a crowbar.)


[Int: Brooklyn warehouse - continuous]

(JACK and DANNY enter the main part of the warehouse. There are computers and lab equipment on various tables. An agent checks the pulse of one man wearing a lab coat who has been shot. He's dead.)

(JACK continues to explore the warehouse. He hears a cough. It's MAX, who has been shot and is sitting against a pillar.)

JACK: Geez, Max. What the hell did you do to yourself?

MAX CASSIDY: Dammit. He got up the stairs.

JACK: Shut up and relax. Danny?

DANNY: I got it, I got it. (to radio) Martin, Simmons is headed your way.

MARTIN: (on radio) Copy that.

(DANNY continues on through the warehouse with the other FBI agents.)

JACK: (to radio) I got a man down here. I need a medic, now.


[Int: Brooklyn warehouse - front - night]

(MARTIN and his men look around the stairs connecting the levels of the warehouse. TERRY SIMMONS fires at them from a level up. The agents return fire.)

MARTIN: Shots fired. FBI! Drop your weapon.

(They run up a level of the stairs. MARTIN directs the other agents to each side, and takes the central staircase himself, following TERRY SIMMONS.)

MARTIN: Cover the exits. Cover the exits. I'm going up. Drop the gun!

(TERRY SIMMONS fires at MARTIN again, who flattens himself against the stairs to avoid the bullets. TERRY fires until he runs out of rounds. He turns and continues up the stairs onto the roof.)

MARTIN: Suspect headed to the roof.


[Int: Brooklyn warehouse - night]

(JACK attempts to stop MAX's bleeding by applying pressure. MAX pushes his hand away.)

MAX CASSIDY: Come on. Forget about it. You're wasting your time. Sit down. Talk to me.

(JACK sits down next to MAX, leaning against the pillar.)

JACK: Talk to you? What do you want to talk about?

MAX CASSIDY: I told you you'd find me.

JACK: If you weren't such a stubborn bastard I would have found you sooner.

MAX CASSIDY: Listen, I've got a 25-year-old bottle of McManus in my desk at the office. Don't let those PR guys get it.

JACK: You should never have told me, you cheap bastard. I'm going to get there first and drink it myself.

(MAX groans and leans slightly against JACK's back.)

JACK: Just take it easy, I've got help coming.

MAX CASSIDY: I'm so tired.

JACK: I know. Just, just take it easy.

MAX CASSIDY: (faintly) Jack.

JACK: What?

MAX CASSIDY: Anne. Take care of Anne.

JACK: Take care of her yourself.

(MAX closes his eyes and slumps against JACK.)


(MARTIN bursts out of the door onto a landing where the fire escape stairs lead up to the roof. He begins cautiously making his way up to the roof, gun drawn.)

(Just as MARTIN's head comes into view over the edge of the roof, TERRY SIMMONS hits him with a pipe. MARTIN tumbles backwards down the flight of stairs, dropping his gun.)

(TERRY SIMMONS turns to run across the roof. He is stopped by DANNY and his men coming from the interior stairs.)

DANNY: Get on the ground. Get on the ground!

(TERRY SIMMONS turns around as if to run, but MARTIN is there. He punches him, knocking him to the ground. An agent runs over and cuffs him.)

DANNY: Primary suspect has been apprehended on the roof.

(MARTIN, obviously in pain, limps to the edge of the roof. DANNY looks over at him concernedly.)

DANNY: Martin, you alright?

MARTIN: Yeah, I'm fine.


[Int: Brooklyn warehouse - night]

(DANNY runs over to where JACK is still sitting with MAX.)

DANNY: Jack. They found Ricin in the building. A hell of a lot of it, alright? We've got to evacuate.

JACK: I'm not going anywhere.

(DANNY looks over at MAX, and sees the tears on JACK's face.)

DANNY: Listen, once the building is secure, we'll come back and we'll get Max. But right now, we have to evacuate. Come on.

(JACK just stares back at DANNY, refusing to move. DANNY concedes.)

DANNY: I'll see what I can do.


[Int: FBI offices - JACK's office - night]

(JACK tiredly enters his office, where ANNE is still sitting. It is clear that she has been crying.)



JACK: Here.

(He holds out MAX's badge to her. Slowly, she reaches for it.)

ANNE: Oh. God.

(She begins to sob. JACK sits down next to her.)

JACK: Max did a great thing.

ANNE: And you couldn't have done it without him, right?


ANNE: And you make sure the Bureau knows that, okay?

JACK: Yes, I will.

ANNE: Oh, god. I just wanted everything to be alright.

(She breaks down again, as JACK comforts her.)



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