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#408 : De l'autre côté

Titre original : "A Day in the Life"
Réalisé par : Jeannot Szwarc
Ecrit par : Hank Steinberg

Résumé : Cette épisode spécial, ait raconté selon le point de vu des parents du jeune garçon de 15 ans qui a disparu. Les parents se sont inquiété lorsque leur fils, Shawn, n'est pas rentré à la maison à l'heure prévue.

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Titre VO
A Day in the Life

Titre VF
De l'autre côté

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Jack Malone, chef de l'équipe

Jack Malone, chef de l'équipe

Eric Close joue l'agent Martin Fitzgerald

Eric Close joue l'agent Martin Fitzgerald

Susan Hopkins parle avec l'agent Fitzgerald

Susan Hopkins parle avec l'agent Fitzgerald

Susan et Larry Hopkins

Susan et Larry Hopkins

Les agents enquêtent

Les agents enquêtent



Susan Hopkins

Susan Hopkins

Laurie Metcalf dans le rôle de Susan Hopkins

Laurie Metcalf dans le rôle de Susan Hopkins

L'agent questionne Susan Hopkins (Laurie Metcalf )

L'agent questionne Susan Hopkins (Laurie Metcalf )

Matt Craven dans le rôle de Larry Hopkins

Matt Craven dans le rôle de Larry Hopkins

Jack Malone

Jack Malone

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

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Without a Trace
4.08 - "A Day in the Life"
Original CBS Airdate: 11/17/05
Transcribed from CBS


Transcribed for www.twiztv.com by Elise B.
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The investigation into the disappearance of high school boy is told from the point of view of his parents.


[Ext: suburbs - Hopkins' residence - night]

(A bike is sprawled on the front lawn of the house. There are lights on inside.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - dining room - night]

(MRS. HOPKINS brings dinner over to the table. She picks up a bottle of wine and pours herself a glass, walking over to the table, where MR. HOPKINS has papers scattered across the table.)

MRS. HOPKINS: What? Work tonight?

MR. HOPKINS: Yeah. It's Comcast analysis. Pain in the ass.

(She goes to pour wine into his glass, but he covers it with his hand.)

MR. HOPKINS: No, none for me. I'm going to be up for hours.

MRS. HOPKINS: Oh, half a glass won't kill you.

MR. HOPKINS: No, really honey. No thanks.

MRS. HOPKINS: Oh, alright.

(She sits down across from him at the table.)

MR. HOPKINS: How was your day?

MRS. HOPKINS: I got the Frigidaire account.

MR. HOPKINS: Really? Does that mean we get free household products?


MR. HOPKINS: Congratulations. (He picks up his glass to toast.) Oh, wait. That's bad luck.

MRS. HOPKINS: (She laughs and clinks the glasses together.) No. Come on.

(Their fifteen-year-old son, SHAWN, comes in from the other room.)


MR. HOPKINS: Hey. No dinner with us?

SHAWN: I'm going to meet some of the guys down at the arcade. I'll get something there.

MR. HOPKINS: Did you finish your homework?

SHAWN: Yes. I'll be back by 10.

MR. HOPKINS: Don't forget your helmet.

SHAWN: Do I ever?

(SHAWN waves, then goes out the front door. MR. HOPKINS turns back to his wife.)

MR. HOPKINS: I don't like that he's biking around at night.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - night]

(MR. HOPKINS is asleep on the couch, a stack of papers on his chest. He wakes up with a start, then peers at the clock. It is 12:40.)

(He goes up the stairs to SHAWN's room, but it is dark and empty. He goes to the bedroom and wakes up his wife.)

MR. HOPKINS: Sue. Wake up. Have you heard from Shawn?

MRS. HOPKINS: No. What time is it?

MR. HOPKINS: It's 12:40. He's not here.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - garage - continuous]

(They turn the light on in the garage, but there's no sign of SHAWN's bike.)

MR. HOPKINS: It's not here.

MRS. HOPKINS: Maybe it's in the driveway.

(They open the garage door to reveal the empty driveway.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - kitchen - continuous]

(MR. and MRS. HOPKINS are both on the phone, trying to locate SHAWN. The calls fade into and overlap each other.)

MR. HOPKINS: Shawn, it's your father. You're three hours late on your curfew, buddy. We sure hope you're okay. Call us.

MRS. HOPKINS: Owen? This is Shawn's mom. I'm sorry to call so late. Were you with him tonight? Oh, good. Do you have any idea where he is?

(TRANSITION: clock shows 2:45am)

MR. HOPKINS: And he left the arcade at 9:30?

MRS. HOPKINS: So you never saw him after that? I'm sure he'll turn up. I'm sorry I woke you.

MR. HOPKINS: No, we haven't heard from him. I was hoping that you had.

MRS. HOPKINS: Shawn, honey, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, we just need you to call home. Honey, please, we just, we want to make sure that you're safe.

MR. HOPKINS: Shawn Hopkins. No, he's not a patient. Can you listen to me for one second please? I'm just asking you. Did he come into the ER tonight?

MRS. HOPKINS: Hopkins, K-I-N-S.

MR. HOPKINS: Accidents, muggings, anything?

MRS. HOPKINS: No, he was on a bike. He has a green Schwinn 10-speed.

(MR. HOPKINS hears this and corrects her.)

MR. HOPKINS: Twenty-four speed.

MRS. HOPKINS: Twenty-four speed. I'm sorry. Yes, I'll hold.

(The clock now reads 4:43 am.)

MR. HOPKINS: Yes, he's fifteen years old. Yes, we would like to file a missing persons report.

(The camera cuts to a picture of SHAWN on the mantlepiece.)





[caption: 13 HOURS MISSING]

[Ext: Hopkins' residence - front lawn - day]

(FBI agents mill around the house, looking for evidence.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - foyer - day]

(MR. and MRS. HOPKINS are being interviewed by a police officer.)

MR. HOPKINS: He's a very responsible kid. He's never missed a curfew.

OFFICER: And you said you spoke to his friends?

MR. HOPKINS: Yeah, and they all said the same thing, which is that he left the arcade at 9:30.

MRS. HOPKINS: Now, have you sent somebody down there to check it out. See if anybody saw anything at all?

OFFICER: Not yet, no.

MR. HOPKINS: Why not?

OFFICER: Because it's not even open yet. There's no one there to interview right now.

(JACK and MARTIN enter the house and look around. To the HOPKINS'point of view, these two men in their suits are clearly different from the officers in their house, but they don't understand why they are there. The officer sees them.)

OFFICER: Excuse me.

(The officer goes to update JACK and MARTIN. As they are talking, JACK looks over at the HOPKINS'.)

MRS. HOPKINS: Who is this?

MR. HOPKINS: I don't know.

(JACK and MARTIN approach them, showing their badges.)

JACK: Hi. I'm Special Agent Malone, from the FBI. This is Special Agent Fitzgerald.


MR. HOPKINS: I'm Larry Hopkins. This is my wife, Susan.

JACK: The local PD has filled us in on what's going on. We need to put a tracer on your phone. We need you to sign some paperwork.

MRS. HOPKINS: Why do you have to do that?

JACK: Just in case there's a ransom call.

MRS. HOPKINS: So you think Shawn's been kidnapped?

JACK: We're not sure. It's just a precaution. We should go and talk.


(JACK turns towards the living room. MR. AND MRS. HOPKINS follow. MARTIN stops MRS. HOPKINS.)

MARTIN: Mrs. Hopkins. Why don't we go over here somewhere?


MARTIN: We'd like to talk to you separately.

MR. HOPKINS: Yeah, I get that. I want to know why?

JACK: Because it's faster. And time is a factor here.

MRS. HOPKINS: It's okay, Larry. (to MARTIN) In the kitchen?

MARTIN: Yeah, that'd be great.

(MR. and MRS. HOPKINS look back at each other as they're led away in opposite directions.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - kitchen - continuous]

(MARTIN follows MRS. HOPKINS into the kitchen.)

MARTIN: Mrs. Hopkins, we're going to need a recent photo of Shawn. Something with a clear view of his face.

(She picks up a framed photo of SHAWN and hands it to MARTIN.)

MRS. HOPKINS: That alright?

MARTIN: Yeah, that's perfect. Also, we're going to need to take a look at his bedroom.

MRS. HOPKINS: That's upstairs.

MARTIN: Okay. I'll be sure you get this back.

(MARTIN takes the framed photo over to the foyer, where he hands it to a female agent.)

(As MRS. HOPKINS watches from the doorway of the kitchen, DANNY joins MARTIN in the foyer. They talk for a bit. MARTIN glances over at MRS. HOPKINS. DANNY goes up to the stairs. MARTIN walks back over to MRS. HOPKINS.)

MARTIN: Sit here?


[Int: Hopkins' residence - kitchen - continuous]

(MARTIN and MRS. HOPKINS sit across from each other at the kitchen table.)

MARTIN: Now, was Shawn having any problems in school?

MRS. HOPKINS: Nope. No, he's basically a straight A student. On the track team. All the teachers love him. He's a great kid.

JACK: (v.o.) Does he do drugs?


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - continuous]

MR. HOPKINS: Drugs? No.

JACK: Drinking?

MR. HOPKINS: No. He's fifteen.

JACK: What about gambling?

MR. HOPKINS: He's in a rotisserie league. You know, baseball, football. Stuff like that.

MARTIN: (v.o.) Does he have a girlfriend?


[Int: Hopkins' residence - kitchen - continuous]

MRS. HOPKINS: Uh, there was a girl. Um, Linda Kirkland. But it was about a year ago. Only for a few weeks. I don't think it was serious.

MARTIN: How about at home? Any problems here?


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - continuous]

JACK: What about violence? Is there a tendency to fight?

MR. HOPKINS: No. He's a sweet kid.

JACK: Any friends he shouldn't be hanging around?

MR. HOPKINS: Not that I know of. No.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - kitchen - continuous]

MARTIN: Okay, we've talked a lot about Shawn. Now, we need to talk about you and your husband a bit.

MRS. HOPKINS: Alright.

MARTIN: Has your husband ever hurt your son, physically?


MARTIN: How about you?

MRS. HOPKINS: No. What is this?

MARTIN: I know these questions are difficult but I have to ask them.


MARTIN: Because often when I child is missing, one of the parents had something to do with it.

MRS. HOPKINS: Well, not this child.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - continuous]

MR. HOPKINS: My marriage?

JACK: Yes. Have you or your wife had an affair recently?

MR. HOPKINS: Is that why you separate us? So you can ask us these ridiculous questions?

JACK: Teenagers often act when there's trouble at home. And you haven't answered my question.

MR. HOPKINS: No. Neither of us is having an affair. And there's no big dysfunction in this family that caused my son to disappear.

JACK: Okay.

MR. HOPKINS: You know. My son is out there somewhere. And you come into my home and you ask me these questions like I did something wrong. What are you doing to find my son?

(JACK's phone rings. He takes it out of his pocket to answer.)

JACK: Excuse me.

(JACK gets up and walks to the other end of the room.)

JACK: (to phone) Yeah?

(MR. HOPKINS looks through the open doorway into the kitchen, where MARTIN is talking to MRS. HOPKINS. MR. HOPKINS walks over to them. Their words get clearer as he gets closer.)

MRS. HOPKINS: No. Never, never.

MARTIN: Does he work a lot of late nights?

MRS. HOPKINS: Yeah, sometimes.

MR. HOPKINS: Excuse me. I'd like to speak to my wife for a second, please.

MARTIN: Actually, we're in the middle of something right now.

(MR. HOPKINS glances at his wife. She nods, as if to indicate that it's alright. Frustrated, he nods.)


(MR. HOPKINS walks toward the front of the house. He sees an FBI agent go up the stairs. He looks at him, mystified as to what they might need upstairs.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - SHAWN's bedroom - continuous]

(MR. HOPKINS enters his son's room. The room is a mess and has clearly been searched. DANNY is there collecting the CPU from SHAWN's computer.)

MR. HOPKINS: Excuse me.

DANNY: Yeah.

MR. HOPKINS: Who are you?

DANNY: I'm Danny Taylor. I'm with the FBI.

MR. HOPKINS: What are you doing?

DANNY: Looking through Shawn's stuff. Your wife said it would be okay.

MR. HOPKINS: She did?

DANNY: Yeah, she did.


DANNY: (confused) Why?

MR. HOPKINS: Yeah, why? Why do you need to look through all this stuff?

DANNY: Because something in this room might help us find Shawn.

MR. HOPKINS: You're taking his computer?

DANNY: Yeah. IMs, emails. We need to look through them.

(MR. HOPKINS glances around the room. The clothes in the closet are piled on the floor.)

MR. HOPKINS: You went through his closet?

DANNY: Teenagers have secrets, sir.

MR. HOPKINS: Right, yeah, I'm sure the key to where Shawn is is hidden somewhere in the closet.

(DANNY carries the computer to the door.)

DANNY: Well, once our tech has a look at this, I'll bring it back to you. Thank you.

(MR. HOPKINS takes a look around the room. He imagines SHAWN sitting on the bed, listening to his headphones and reading a magazine.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - foyer - continuous]

(MR. HOPKINS follows DANNY down from upstairs. He glances into the living room, where MARTIN and JACK are talking. As his wife crosses by the stairs, he calls to her and goes down to meet her.)

MR. HOPKINS: Sue. We gave them the wrong description of what Shawn was wearing. We told them he was wearing the green jacket.


MR. HOPKINS: No, he was wearing the blue jacket my mom gave him for Christmas.

MRS. HOPKINS: No, it was the green one. I'm sure of it.

MR. HOPKINS: I just looked. It's not hanging in his closet.

MRS. HOPKINS: That's because it's at the dry cleaner.

MR. HOPKINS: Are you sure?


MR. HOPKINS: Can you believe some of the things they were asking?

MRS. HOPKINS: I have to tell you something.

MR. HOPKINS: what?

MRS. HOPKINS: I should have told you at the time, I don't know why I didn't.

MR. HOPKINS: Just tell me. What?

MRS. HOPKINS: Last week, Shawn came home pretty out of it.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - foyer - night]

(MRS. HOPKINS comes across SHAWN leaning against the stairs, staring into space.)

SHAWN: (goofily) Hi, mom.

MRS. HOPKINS: Are you drunk?

SHAWN: I had a couple of beers with Chad and the guys.

MRS. HOPKINS: You can't ride your bike home like that.

SHAWN: I'm not an idiot. I took a cab.

(He goes around to the landing of the stairs.)

MRS. HOPKINS: How often do you drink?

SHAWN: Every once in a while. Mom, it's no big deal. Look, I'll take it easy. Where's dad?

MRS. HOPKINS: He's working.

SHAWN: Please, mom, don't tell dad, and I promise I'll take it easy. You know how he gets. It'll be like the Spanish Inquisition. Just let it be our little secret. (He puts his finger to his lips and grins at her.) Shhh.


MR. HOPKINS: Well, that's perfect. Perfect.


MR. HOPKINS: No, it's fine. What else didn't you tell me? Is he on drugs?


MR. HOPKINS: What? Smoking pot?

MRS. HOPKINS: I'm sorry. I already said that I was sorry.

MR. HOPKINS: Did you tell them?


MR. HOPKINS: And what'd they make of it?

MRS. HOPKINS: I can't tell.

(She notices JACK approaching them. They both look at him, expectantly.)

JACK: Excuse me. I'm going to need you to come down to the FBI offices.


JACK: I'll explain to you in the car.

MRS. HOPKINS: But what if somebody calls? You said we should be here if somebody calls.

JACK: I'll have it re-routed to my cell phone. Let's go, please.

(They follow JACK out of the house.)




[caption: 17 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - hallway - day]

(JACK walks briskly down the hallway from the elevators towards the bullpen. MR. and MRS. HOPKINS follow, staring at the activity.)

JACK: Right this way.


[Int: FBI offices - hallway outside interview room - continuous]

(JACK comes around the corner and stops outside the window into the interview room where ELENA and VIVIAN are questioning a young black man. MR. and MRS. HOPKINS stop alongside JACK and look at the man, confused.)

JACK: His name is Ricky Johnson. Do you recognize him?

MRS. HOPKINS: I've never seen him before.

JACK: Does the name sound familiar?


MR. HOPKINS: Who is he?

(JACK picks up the phone in the hallway and calls into the interview room. VIVIAN gets up from the table and answers.)

JACK: They don't know him.

(VIVIAN nods and hangs up.)

JACK: He's a drug dealer at the school.

MR. HOPKINS: Are you saying Shawn knows this guy?

JACK: Apparently he's doing business with him.

MRS. HOPKINS: I don't believe it.

JACK: There are three eyewitnesses.

MRS. HOPKINS: Well, it's a misunderstanding. Shawn doesn't do drugs.

MR. HOPKINS: Did they say what he was buying?

JACK: Well, this guy's into everything. Is is possible that your son was dealing?

MRS. HOPKINS: Dealing?

JACK: Was there a change in his spending habits?


JACK: Is he in debt?

MRS. HOPKINS: No. If he was in trouble, he would come to us.

JACK: Mr. Hopkins?

MR. HOPKINS: I don't know. I think he would.

MRS. HOPKINS: Of course he would. There's another explanation.

(JACK leaves them to talk to DANNY, who has come down the hall.)

MR. HOPKINS: Maybe he wasn't just drinking last week. Maybe he was on something.

MRS. HOPKINS: I smelled beer on him.

MR. HOPKINS: Maybe he was mixing. Who knows.

MRS. HOPKINS: It doesn't make sense, Larry. We would know.

(They both look up to watch DANNY and JACK talking.)

MRS. HOPKINS: What are they talking about?

(DANNY leaves and JACK comes back to MR. and MRS. HOPKINS.)

JACK: Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins. Would you mind coming with me?

(He leads them down the hallway.)


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - continuous]

(JACK holds the door of the tech room open for MR. and MRS. HOPKINS.)

JACK: Please, come in.

(They walk around to see the screen of one of the computers. The tech brings up a picture of a mangled bike.)

JACK: Is that your son's bike?

MRS. HOPKINS: No. It isn't. That's not his bike.

JACK: You sure? Look closely.

(The tech zooms in on the body and handlebars of the bike.)

MR. HOPKINS: That's his bike.

MRS. HOPKINS: No. It's not.

MR. HOPKINS: Susan, it's his bike. Look at the handlebars. Those are his racing stickers.

MRS. HOPKINS: But it... Has he been in an accident?

JACK: We're not sure.

MR. HOPKINS: Did you find his helmet?

JACK: No. Did he have any reason to be near Right Avenue and Thompson Street last night?

MR. HOPKINS: No. I mean, that's ten miles from our house. It's no where near the arcade.

MRS. HOPKINS: Did someone take him? I mean, hit him and take him?

JACK: As I said, we're not sure.

MRS. HOPKINS: I don't want to hear you're not sure. I want to know what you're doing to figure it out.

JACK: Mrs. Hopkins, we're doing everything possible.


[Int: FBI offices - coffee pot - continuous]

(MRS. HOPKINS storms out of the tech room. She throws her jacket on a chair in frustration. As she glances around the hallway, VIVIAN approaches to pour a cup of coffee. MRS. HOPKINS accosts her.)

MRS. HOPKINS: What did he say?

VIVIAN: Excuse me?

MRS. HOPKINS: The kid, the drug dealer. What did he do to Shawn?

VIVIAN: Oh, Mrs. Hopkins, I...

MRS. HOPKINS: (interrupting) What did he do to my boy?

VIVIAN: We don't know that he did anything.

MRS. HOPKINS: You don't know?


MRS. HOPKINS: You just talked to him and you don't know what he said?

VIVIAN: Well, he didn't say much of anything actually. But he did claim that he didn't do anything to Shawn.

MRS. HOPKINS: He said that he didn't hurt Shawn? Did you believe him?

VIVIAN: He has an alibi, and when I check it out, I'll know more.

MRS. HOPKINS: But did you believe him?

VIVIAN: Can I get you something to drink?

MRS. HOPKINS: Agent...I don't...I'm sorry. I don't know what your name is.

VIVIAN: Johnson. Vivian Johnson.

MRS. HOPKINS: Agent Johnson, have you ever had cases where it looks like somebody's in trouble, and then it turns out that they're okay?

VIVIAN: Yeah, it happens.

MRS. HOPKINS: So, that could be the case with Shawn? It could be coincidences that some other kid stole his bike and wrecked it and Shawn could be out playing video games somewhere. It could be, have happened something like that, right?

VIVIAN: Sure. It's still early on.


(This calms her down significantly. VIVIAN goes back to work.)


[caption: 19 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(MR. and MRS. HOPKINS sit at a table in the bullpen. They stare at the activity around them, saying nothing. MR. HOPKINS reads the white board.)

(white board reads: 7A-NY 121669 SHAWN HOPKINS)

(1WBD: Comes home drunk)
(3DBD: Drug deal with Ricky Johnson)
(9:30pm: Leaves arcade)
(12:45am: Parents start calling friends)

(As they watch, ELENA puts up a picture of RICKY JOHNSON on the Suspects board.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - day]

(A younger Shawn lies on the couch with a thermometer in his mouth. His mom approaches, dressed for work.)

MRS. HOPKINS: Alright. See what we've got here. It says 108. Funny. Cause you feel more like 98.6. How'd you manage that?

SHAWN: I put it next to the lamp.

MRS. HOPKINS: What's going on? You don't want to go to school?


MRS. HOPKINS: Why not?

SHAWN: Well, I thought you could stay home from work with me. Play scrabble. Watch As the World Turns. You know, like we used to.

(She thinks about it, then slides her suit jacket off and sits beside him on the couch.)

MRS. HOPKINS: I guess I could go in a couple of hours late. But next time, no faking. Otherwise I won't know when something is really wrong. Do you still want this?

SHAWN: I love your chicken soup.

MRS. HOPKINS: Well, I love you.


(SAMANTHA joins them at the conference table. She is carrying a yearbook from SHAWN's school.)

SAMANTHA: Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. Okay, we've marked off kids who may be trouble at Shawn's school. What I want to do with you guys is go through them one by one. Okay, here's the first one.

MRS. HOPKINS: Michael Anders? What's he into?

SAMANTHA: According to our sources, he deals in steroids.

MR. HOPKINS: Shawn's a stick. He doesn't do steroids.

SAMANTHA: Are the two of them friends?

MRS. HOPKINS: No. Not since 5th grade.

SAMANTHA: Okay. Let's go to the next one. Here.

MR. HOPKINS: Vinnie Demonica.

SAMANTHA: You know him?

MR. HOPKINS: I coached him in Little League.

SAMANTHA: He's apparently the school bookie.

MRS. HOPKINS: Well, Shawn doesn't gamble.

SAMANTHA: We checked Shawn's computer. He spends about 12 hours a week playing online poker.


SAMANTHA: He's been doing it late at night, which is probaby why you guys don't know about it.

MR. HOPKINS: Did he lose? Is he losing?

SAMANTHA: We don't know what the stakes are yet. We are looking into it though.

MRS. HOPKINS: Well, does he owe someone money? Is that why this is happening?

(DANNY interrupts them, out of breath with new information.)

DANNY: Excuse me. Do you know anything about a girl named Becky Grolnick?

MRS. HOPKINS: Her mother and I shared a carpool. A long time ago.

DANNY: Well, Shawn's been talking to her a lot from his cell phone lately.

MR. HOPKINS: I've never even heard of her.

DANNY: Okay. Thank you.

(As they watch, DANNY goes over the white board and adds: calls with Becky Grolnick.)

SAMANTHA: Let's keep going.

(She notices MR. HOPKINS staring at the white board.)

SAMANTHA: Mr. Hopkins. I need you to focus.


SAMANTHA: It's okay. (her phone rings) Uh, I'm sorry. Would you excuse me?

MRS. HOPKINS: I can't believe where we are. I can't believe this is happening.

MR. HOPKINS: I know.

MRS. HOPKINS: I mean, do we not know our son? Is that what's happening here?

MR. HOPKINS: I don't know.

MRS. HOPKINS: I'm just wracking my brain for signs. They talk to you about signs. He got a B- in chemistry last semester. He's always been good at science. Could it be because he's doing drugs or he's gambling...

MR. HOPKINS: Anything's possible.

MRS. HOPKINS: Anything is possible?

MR. HOPKINS: Yes, Susan. Anything is possible. We were too lenient with him. And now we have no idea what he might be into.

MRS. HOPKINS: We? You mean me.

MR. HOPKINS: I was always too controlling, right? I was always worried about every little thing, remember?

MRS. HOPKINS: Yeah. I do remember. And maybe that's why he's rebelling against you now.

MR. HOPKINS: I wonder where he would have learned that from.

MRS. HOPKINS: what's that supposed to mean?

MR. HOPKINS: Come on. You undermine me at every turn. You've been doing it practically since he was born. You had to have him all to yourself. I wasn't good enough, so maybe you could make him perfect.


MR. HOPKINS: If he's rebelling against anything, it's against you.

MRS. HOPKINS: Wow. I never knew.

MR. HOPKINS: Well, now you do.

(JACK makes his way in their direction, looking somber. They both stand up nervously.)

MRS. HOPKINS: What is it? Is something wrong?

JACK: New Jersey state police just found a body outside Princeton. A teenager matching your son's description.

MRS. HOPKINS: Oh, my god.

JACK: We're having trouble making a positive ID on him. We need you to come with us.

MR. HOPKINS: What do you mean, you can't positively ID him? What's that mean?

JACK: We should leave.

MR. HOPKINS: You just need one of us, right?

JACK: Right.

MR. HOPKINS: Okay. Susan, I'll go.

MRS. HOPKINS: No, I'm going to go.


MRS. HOPKINS: I'm going to go, Larry! I want to see my son.

JACK: We should take my car.


[Int: New Jersey coroner's office - morgue - day]

(JACK leads MR. and MRS. HOPKINS into the morgue.)

(The coroner's assistant wheels out a gurney with a body covered by a sheet. JACK nods to him, and the assistant folds the sheet back to reveal the body. The boy's face has been beaten and cut with some object, so much so that the bones are misshapen.)

(MR. HOPKINS covers his mouth and rushes to a nearby sink to vomit.)

(MRS. HOPKINS moves closer to the body. She glances at the boy's face, then down towards his shoulder.)

MRS. HOPKINS: That's not Shawn.

(Both JACK and MR. HOPKINS look at her in surprise.)

JACK: Are you sure?

MRS. HOPKINS: Shawn has a birthmark on his shoulder. That's not my son.




[caption: 21 HOURS MISSING]

[Ext: Hopkins' residence - front lawn - day]

(A car pulls up to the house. MR. and MRS. HOPKINS get out of the backseat and silently make their way to the front door.)

(MRS. HOPKINS goes inside, but MR. HOPKINS pauses on the sidewalk. He stares at the driveway.)


[Ext: Hopkins' residence - driveway - day]

(MR. HOPKINS teaches a 10-year-old SHAWN to ride his bike.)

MR. HOPKINS: That's it, Shawn. That's it. Take it easy. Good! Good job. Okay, slow down. Whoa, whoa. Slow down. Whoa, whoa.

SHAWN: Dad, I want to go in the street.

MR. HOPKINS: Not yet, not yet.

SHAWN: Why not?

MR. HOPKINS: Cause there's too many cars. And you're not ready.

SHAWN: Well, when will I be ready?

MR. HOPKINS: When I say so.

SHAWN: Come on, dad, when? (His dad swings him off the bike into a hug.) Come on, dad, when? When will I be ready?


(MR. HOPKINS goes into the house.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - SHAWN's bedroom - day]

(MRS. HOPKINS sits on SHAWN's bed, staring into space. She imagines SHAWN sitting at his desk. When he turns to look at her, his face is bloodied and cut.)

(MR. HOPKINS comes into the doorway. They look at each other in silence. He nods, about to say something, but is interrupted by the phone ringing. He turns and runs down the stairs.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - continuous]

(As MR. HOPKINS comes into the room, MARTIN is putting on his headset.)

MARTIN: Just give me a sec.

(At MARTIN's signal, MR. HOPKINS answers the phone.)

MR. HOPKINS: Hello? (He shakes his head at MARTIN and sits on the couch.) Hey, Tara. No, we still really don't know anything yet. Uh-huh. I know. Thanks. Honestly, I don't really think she's up for talking right now. Okay, I will. Yeah. Bye.

(MR. HOPKINS hangs up.)

MR. HOPKINS: Friend of Susan's.

MARTIN: Yeah, I remember. She called this morning.

MR. HOPKINS: Right. You know, I'm going to go take a shower.



[caption: 24 hours missing]

[Int: Hopkins' residence - bedroom - night]

(MR. HOPKINS sits on the bed, staring blankly into space. MRS. HOPKINS comes into the room.)

MRS. HOPKINS: I didn't know you were here.

MR. HOPKINS: Tara called.

MRS. HOPKINS: What'd she say?

MR. HOPKINS: She just wanted an update. I told her you'd call her back later.

(MRS. HOPKINS begins tidying up.)

MR. HOPKINS: You don't have to do that.

MRS. HOPKINS: Have you eaten?

MR. HOPKINS: No. Can't.

MRS. HOPKINS: You think he's dead, don't you?

MR. HOPKINS: I don't know.

MRS. HOPKINS: Why can't the FBI tell what they're thinking?

MR. HOPKINS: They don't know anything.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - kitchen - night]

(The clock reads 2:35 am. MR. HOPKINS sits at the table with a glass of water and the work that he had been doing the previous night. He glances at the papers and, frustrated, pushes them aside and leans against the table.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - bedroom - night]

(MRS. HOPKINS lies awake in bed, staring at the ceiling.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - day]

(MRS. HOPKINS flips through a photo album full of pictures of a younger SHAWN.)

(MARTIN has fallen asleep on the couch. He awakes, groggily, then sits up when he realizes MRS. HOPKINS is there.)

MARTIN: I'm sorry.

MRS. HOPKINS: No, that's okay. I was just looking through pictures. You want some coffee?

MARTIN: Yeah, coffee would be great.


MARTIN: Thanks.

(She picks up his empty coffee cup and gets up to leave the room. She pauses in the doorway.)

MRS. HOPKINS: Agent Fitzgerald. It's been almost 36 hours.

MARTIN: We still have time.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - kitchen - continuous]

(MR. HOPKINS still sits at the table. MRS. HOPKINS begins to make the coffee, drawing his attention.)

MRS. HOPKINS: I'm going to make coffee. You want some?

(It takes him a minute to respond.)

MR. HOPKINS: No, thanks.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - continuous]

[MR. HOPKINS enters the living room and sits down next to MARTIN on the couch.)

MARTIN: You get any sleep?

MR. HOPKINS: No. Did you ever figure out who that kid was? The one from the morgue?

MARTIN: Yeah. Yeah, we did. Sorry you had to go through that.

MR. HOPKINS: Who was he?

MARTIN: Actually, I can't tell you that.

MR. HOPKINS: What happened to him?

MARTIN: We think it was his father.

MR. HOPKINS: (dumbfounded) His father? His father did that to him?



MARTIN: I don't know. Looks like it was alcohol related.

MR. HOPKINS: Things you must see. It's got to be worse than anyone can imagaine.

MARTIN: People can imagine it. That's how it happens.


(The doorbell rings. They both stand up abrubtly at the sound.)

MARTIN: You expecting someone?



[Int: Hopkins' residence - foyer - continuous]

(MR. HOPKINS opens the door to reveal a woman and her daughter, about SHAWN's age.)



(MRS. HOPKINS joins them at the doorway.)



MARSHA GROLNICK: You remember Becky.

MARTIN: Becky Grolnick?

MARSHA GROLNICK: That's right.

MARTIN: I'm Agent Fitzgerald with the FBI. We've been looking for you.

MARSHA GROLNICK: Oh, I know. We were out of town. We just got back and heard what was happening. We have something we need to tell you. About Shawn. If that's alright?

MRS. HOPKINS: If you have something to tell us about Shawn, it's not up to him.

(They all look uncomfortable at this outburst.)

MARTIN: Look, why don't we all go sit down?

MR. HOPKINS: Come on in.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - living room - continous]

(MARSHA sits with her arm around her daughter. MR. and MRS. HOPKINS sit on the couch opposite. MARTIN has taken a chair facing them. All attention is focused on BECKY.)

BECKY: Um, I, um...

MARSHA GROLNICK: Do you want me to tell them?

BECKY: No. No, it's okay. Last weekend, I was at a party, and I got pretty drunk and there was this guy there. And he, and he, um...

MARSHA GROLNICK: He took advantage of her.

BECKY: I didn't know what to do or who to tell. And I was over here on Monday afternoon doing homework with Shawn and I guess I just sort of lost it.


[Int: Hopkins' residence - SHAWN's bedroom - day]

BECKY: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to tell you. I just... I haven't told anyone and this just kinda came out, I guess.

SHAWN: It's okay. It's okay. Who was it that did that to you?

BECKY: I don't want to say.

SHAWN: But you're going to report him.

BECKY: I can't. I can't. I don't want to.

SHAWN: You have to. I mean, what if he does it to someone else?

BECKY: Shawn. Please, don't do this.

SHAWN: Okay, okay. I'm sorry.

BECKY: God, for all I know, I could be pregnant.

SHAWN: Well, maybe you can get one of those morning after pills.

BECKY: How? Don't I need my mom to approve something?

SHAWN: No, I heard Ricky Johnson sells them. I bet I could get one off of him.


BECKY: He said he wouldn't get it for me unless I told him who the guy was from the party. And now I'm afraid that maybe he spoke to the guy, and something bad happened to him because of that.

MRS. HOPKINS: Who's the guy?

BECKY: I don't want to say.

MRS. HOPKINS: (angrily) Well, you don't have a choice.

MARTIN: (quietly) Mrs. Grolnick?

MARSHA GROLNICK: She hasn't even told me yet.

MR. HOPKINS: Becky? We have to know.

BECKY: I can't. (She starts to cry.)

MARTIN: Becky? Was his name Van Horten?

(She looks at him, surprised. She nods.)

MR. HOPKINS: What the hell? How'd you know that?

MARTIN: He's someone we're looking into.

MRS. HOPKINS: Well, who is he? What did he do?

MARTIN: Well, the fact aren't clear yet, but we think Shawn may gotten into a fight with him the night he disappeared.

MRS. HOPKINS: What? When did this happen?

MARTIN: Mrs. Hopkins, please.

MRS. HOPKINS: No! I want to know.

MARTIN: On his way home from the arcade.

MRS. HOPKINS: When were you going to tell us this?

MARTIN: When the facts became clear.

MR. HOPKINS: What else are you not telling us?

MRS. HOPKINS: Where is this kid? We have to find him.

MARTIN: We don't know yet.

MRS. HOPKINS: (becoming beligerent) We have to find this kid. He might have Shawn.

(MARTIN stands up, starting to lose his temper.)

MARTIN: Mrs. Hopkins, I assure you, we are doing everything...

MRS. HOPKINS: Don't you dare tell me what I need to know about my son. This is my son!

(She gets up from the couch and grabs MARTIN, shaking him. MARTIN, surprised, tries to calm her down.)

MARTIN: Mrs. Hopkins, calm down! Calm down.

MRS. HOPKINS: This is my son and you're not telling us everything that we need to know. Find him!

(As BECKY and her mom look on in shock, MR. HOPKINS wraps his arms around his wife and pulls her away from MARTIN.)

MR. HOPKINS: It's okay.

MRS. HOPKINS: Let me go! Let me go.

(She wrenches herself out of his grip. She shakes her head in disgust, then storms up the stairs.)




[caption: 40 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - JACK's office - day]

(MR. HOPKINS comes storming into JACK's office, where JACK is sitting at his desk.)

MR. HOPKINS: I want to know what is going on with my son.

JACK: Sit down, Mr. Hopkins. Would you like a cup of coffee?

MR. HOPKINS: No, I don't want any of coffee. I want to know what's going on with my son.

(JACK simply looks up at him, calmly. MR. HOPKINS sighs and sinks down into a chair.)

MR. HOPKINS: Look, this whole thing is just... This whole thing is just so hard, you know. We don't have any control over any of it.

JACK: Mr. Hopkins, the reason we don't come running to you with every detail is because the information changes and it changes quickly. And I don't see the point on taking you on that roller coaster ride.

MR. HOPKINS: Well, maybe we can help.

JACK: If we need your help, we'll tell you.

MR. HOPKINS: Antyhing that you can tell me is better than sitting here in the dark.

(JACK sighs and leans back in his chair.)


[caption: 45 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Hopkins' residence - foyer - night]

(MR. HOPKINS comes running into the house. He stops in the foyer and looks over to MARTIN, who is standing in the living room.)


MARTIN: Upstairs.

(MR. HOPKINS runs up the stairs.)


[Int: Hopkins' residence - bedroom - continuous]

(MRS. HOPKINS is sitting on the bed staring out the window. MR. HOPKINS comes in and sits across from her.)

MRS. HOPKINS: I've been sitting here for hours just thinking he's going to ride up on his bicycle.

MR. HOPKINS: I got some information from the FBI.

MRS. HOPKINS: Do I even want to know?

MR. HOPKINS: Well, it could be good news, Suze. It turns out that Shawn did stop by Rollo's Pizza the other night. And when he got there he ran into that Van Horten guy. I guess they had some words, and Shawn said he was going to turn him in, you know, for raping Becky. And then they fought, and I guess this guy ran Shawn down on his bike. (She still hasn't turned toward him.) Susan, are you listening to me?

MRS. HOPKINS: (disinterestedly) I'm listening.

MR. HOPKINS: (excitedly) Okay. So the FBI started searching around for Horten and they found this friend. Well, it turns out that Horton took Shawn to this friend's house and that he was alive. Susan, he was alive.

(She finally turns to face him.)

MRS. HOPKINS: Where is he now?

MR. HOPKINS: They don't know. They think Van Horten's on the run and that he's got him.

MRS. HOPKINS: What do they think Horton's going to do with him?

MR. HOPKINS: They think he's panicking. But this guy has no record or anything that suggests that he's a killer.

MRS. HOPKINS: But he ran Shawn down with a car.

MR. HOPKINS: I know.

MRS. HOPKINS: So everything that they said about Shawn. The drugs and the gambling. That was nothing. He got hurt because he was trying to help somebody.

MR. HOPKINS: You know, I've been thinking a lot about when Shawn was born. You know, he spent all that time in the incubator and we thought that he was going to... I never told you, but I made a deal. You know, I don't know, with god, with myself.

MRS. HOPKINS: What was the deal?

MR. HOPKINS: You were so strong. You know, you took what happened and you turned it into a blessing. You're such a believer in life. The deal was, that...that if Shawn survived that I would never let anything happen to him. That I would, that I would protect him from the world.

(He starts to cry. She is surprised, but puts an arm out to him. MARTIN runs into the room.)

MARTIN: Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins! We've located Van Horten.

(They both stand up immediately at this news.)

MRS. HOPKINS: Does he have Shawn?

MARTIN: He's holding him hostage in an abandoned warehouse. I'd like to come with me to the scene in case we need your help.


[Int: MARTIN's vehicle - night]

(MARTIN pulls the vehicle up to a stretch of road where there are several police cars with lights flashing. MARTIN and MR. and MRS. HOPKINS remaing sitting in the car.)

MR. HOPKINS: What is this? Where are we?

MARTIN: This is the outer perimeter. The warehouse is down about a half mile up the road from here.

MR. HOPKINS: I don't understand. We're stopping here?

MARTIN: Yep, this is as far as we go right now.

MR. HOPKINS: I thought you said we were here to help.

DANNY (on radio): SWAT is ready to bang and make entry.

MRS. HOPKINS: What is that? What's happening?

MARTIN: Agent Malone is negotiating with Horten. He's trying to talk them out of there.

MR. HOPKINS: What about SWAT? What?

MARTIN: Look, SWAT will not go in unless it's absolutely necessary, okay?

RADIO: This is Zero One in position.

RADIO: SWAT one to command post. Do we have compromised authority?

DANNY (on radio): Stand by.

RADIO: Be advised. We have a eyeball on the victim. Unclear of his status. He doesn't appear to be moving.

DANNY (on radio): SWAT, be advised, go to green.

RADIO: Roger that. Moving to green.

MR. HOPKINS: What does that mean?

MARTIN: SWAT's going in. Just sit tight.

(MARTIN takes the radio and gets out of the car, leaving MR. and MRS. HOPKINS in the backseat.)

MR. HOPKINS: He's going to be okay.

(There is the sound of gunshots. MARTIN runs back to the car. MR. HOPKINS tries to get out, but MARTIN stops him from opening the door.)


MARTIN: Stay in the car, Mr. Hopkins.

MR. HOPKINS: I want to know what's going on with my son!

MARTIN: (emphatically) Stay in the car. I will let you know as soon as I know anything.

(MR. HOPKINS relents, sitting back. MARTIN gets back on the radio, moving a little distance from the car.)

(MARTIN gets news and comes back to where the Hopkins' are sitting in the car.)

MARTIN: They got him. They have your son.


[Int: hospital - emergency room - night]

(MR. and MRS. HOPKINS run into the hospital, MARTIN following. They stop at the admitting desK.)

MRS. HOPKINS: Here, here.

MR. HOPKINS: Excuse me. Shawn Hopkins? He just came in.

NURSE: I'm sorry, sir?

MR. HOPKINS: Shawn Hopkins!

MRS. HOPKINS: (overlapping) Shawn Hopkins!

(MARTIN joins them at the desk, flashing his badge.)

MARTIN: Fifteen-year-old male. Multiple leg fractures. Would have come in five, ten minutes ago.

NURSE: Down the hall.

(She points them in the right direction and MR. and MRS. HOPKINS go that way.)

MARTIN: Thank you.

(They run down the hospital hallway.)

MR. HOPKINS: Where? Where?

(They reach the curtain area where SHAWN is. He has bandages on his face, arm, and leg. MR. and MRS. HOPKINS run to him.)


DOCTOR: Be careful, please. Okay, please, we have to get him to surgery. Stabilize his leg.

(The doctors move the gurney to take SHAWN to surgery.)

MR. HOPKINS: Don't worry, okay?

MRS. HOPKINS: We'll be right here, Shawn.

(They watch SHAWN being rolled away on the gurney. They stare at each other in silence for a few seconds, fighting tears, then MR. HOPKINS pulls his wife into a hug.)

(MARTIN watches the scene, then joins JACK, who is standing off to the side. The agents turn to go.)


[Int: hospital - corridor - continuous]

(JACK is on his cell phone. MARTIN walks patiently next to him.)

JACK: Uh-huh. Yeah, okay, thanks. (He hangs up.)

MARTIN: Well, it's nice to see one work out for a change.

JACK: Well, don't get too attached to it.

MARTIN: What's up?

JACK: A woman got kidnapped three blocks from her house. I've got to go out to Cedarhurst. See the family.

MARTIN: (sighs tiredly) Alright, I'll head back to the office. Get going on the financials.

JACK: That'd be great.



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