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#411 : Le sang versé

Titre original : "Blood Out"
Réalisé par : Scott White
Ecrit par : Gwendolyn Parker

Résumé : Un ambulancier, Cole Warren, disparaît d'un hôpital peu après avoir soigné avec succès un jeune gangster qui a été pris dans une fusillade pendant laquelle il a tué un membre du gang rival. L'équipe a peur qu'il soit la cible de représailles pour avoir sauvé de ce jeune.
Parallèlement Jack et Anne essayent de surmonter les décès qui les ont touchés récemment.

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Titre VO
Blood Out

Titre VF
Le sang versé

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Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

Jack prend Anne dans ses bras

Jack prend Anne dans ses bras

Sam Spade (Poppy Montgomery)

Sam Spade (Poppy Montgomery)

Agent Martin Fitzgerald (Eric Close)

Agent Martin Fitzgerald (Eric Close)

Les agents travaillent sur leur nouvelle affaire

Les agents travaillent sur leur nouvelle affaire

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) et Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) et Danny Taylor (Enrique Murciano)

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio dans le rôle d'Anne Cassidy

Anne tient un bouquet de fleur tout en parlant avec Jack

Anne tient un bouquet de fleur tout en parlant avec Jack

Anne et Jack se rapprochent

Anne et Jack se rapprochent

Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

Anne Cassidy (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)

Tête à tête rapproché entre Anne et Jack

Tête à tête rapproché entre Anne et Jack

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Without a Trace
4.11 - "Blood Out"
Original CBS Airdate: 01/05/06
Transcribed from CBS

Directed by: SCOTT WHITE

Transcribed for www.twiztv.com by Elise B.
Contact the transcriptionist at [email protected]

"WITHOUT A TRACE" and other related entities are owned, (TM) and (c) by JERRY
BRUCKHEIMER Television, CBS Productions, and Warner Bros. Television (an AOL
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SUMMARY: The team investigates when a young paramedic with gang ties
disappears. Jack and Anne bond over their recent losses.


[Ext: New York City (stock) - night]

[Ext: Edgecomb Hospital - ER entrance - ambulance bay - night]

(Two paramedics take the gurney out of the back of their ambulance. On it is
a teenager, DWAYNE HARRIS. One paramedic, COLE WARREN, rolls the gurney
toward the doors.)

DWAYNE: It hurts, man! It hurts.

COLE WARREN: I know, man. You're almost there, man. Just hold still.

DWAYNE: What about that other dude, man? Did I get him? Did I smoke that

COLE WARREN: The cops will tell you about it.


[Int: Edgecomb Hospital - emergency room hallway - continuous]

(The doctors and nurses meet the gurney as COLE rolls in into the ER.)

COLE WARREN: Dwayne Harris, 16. GSW to the left leg, BP 120/70. Heart rate
tacky, 160.

DOCTOR: Fluids?

COLE WARREN: One liter of saline.

DOCTOR: Okay. Get him into trauma two.

COLE WARREN: I'll leave my report with the duty nurse.

(The doctors take DWAYNE into a room. COLE turns and goes back to the
admitting desk, where his partner is waiting.)

COLE'S PARTNER: Nice work out there, partner.

COLE WARREN: Yeah, you too.

(COLE's PARTNER hands him a clipboard of paperwork. COLE takes it from him.)

COLE'S PARTNER: You know I hate to write it.

COLE WARREN: You going to go clean the bus?


(COLE's PARTNER walks off down the hall. As COLE begins filling out the
paperwork, he takes a look around the ER.

(A man walks into the ER, his head bleeding. A nurse tends to a woman lying
on a gurney. A mother cries, holding onto her two children.

(COLE vanishes.)


[caption: 5 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Edgecomb Hospital - emergency room triage hallway - day]

(DANNY is standing in the hallway. JACK approaches from the end of the hall.
DANNY goes to him and awkwardly gives him a hug. JACK shoves him away,
looking at his questioningly.)

JACK: Danny.

DANNY: I'm so sorry about your father.

JACK: What are you doing?

DANNY: Sorry. I'm sorry Jack.

JACK: (awkwardly) Thanks for the, uh...

DANNY: The deluxe fruit basket.

JACK: Yeah, thanks for the fruit basket. You really didn't have to do

DANNY: No, no, no, I did. I wanted to pay my respects, and I...

JACK: (clearly wanting to change the subject) What have we got going here?

DANNY: Um, paramedic went missing in the middle of his shift last night. His
name is Cole Warren. His partner called it in.


[Ext: Edgecomb Hospital - ER entrance - ambulance bay - day]

(JACK and DANNY talk to COLE'S PARTNER, who is standing outside by his

JACK: How long were you outside cleaning the ambulance?

COLE'S PARTNER: No more than thirty minutes? I headed around back. Came to
tell Cole we had another call. I couldn't find him.

DANNY: And he didn't leave word with anyone?

COLE'S PARTNER: He didn't even finish his paperwork. I called his apartment,
his cell, and his girlfriend. She's a surgical intern upstairs.

JACK: How about the last call you responded to? What happened then?

COLE'S PARTNER: It was a shoot up between a couple of gang bangers. A Tomb
and a Lenox crew. The Tomb survived. The Lenox died at the scene.

DANNY: And has he ever taken off like this before?

COLE'S PARTNER: No. He's 100% reliable. Even when he's not working, he's
working. Checks up on people after release. Springs for cab fare so
relatives can follow. There's no way he would just go AWOL.





[caption: 6 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

SAMANTHA: When was the last time you talked to Cole?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: Um, yesterday morning. He spent the night at my place and
then we took the subway in together.

SAMANTHA: Was that your usual routine?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: Um-hm. Three or four times a week.

SAMANTHA: Do you think that Cole's disappearance could be his way of taking a
break from your relationship?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: No way. You know the kind of guy you always dream about?
Responsible, really listens, and good looking?

SAMANTHA: (smiles) Yeah.


SAMANTHA: So, everything was perfect?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: We had had this plan for a while about moving out of the
city. And then two weeks ago something happened, because out of nowhere, he
changed his mind.


[Int: Edgecomb Hospital - locker room - night]

COLE WARREN: So what, chicken and waffles at Susie's?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: You want me to bust out of my scrubs?

COLE WARREN: Girl, as long as I'm doing the busting.

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: Ah. Well, Susie's is always appealing, but... Did you

COLE WARREN: Forget what?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: The condo. We're supposed to go up there tonight.

COLE WARREN: Oh, yeah, this place we looked at in Rye.

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: Um-hm. Broker called. One bedroom is available. I put a
binder down.

COLE WARREN: Baby, I thought we were just looking.

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: Yeah, but you know how fast they go. Come on. I told them
we'd come up there and give them our checks for the rest of the deposit.

(He looks at her guiltily.)

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: What is with that face? (COLE's beeper goes off.) We've
been talking about this for months.

COLE WARREN: Yeah, I know. Well, I don't have my share of the money.

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: You said you had it.

COLE WARREN: I know. But now I don't. I'm sorry. I gotta go.

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: You're not on call.

COLE WARREN: Baby, look, I've just got to take care of something. Alright? I
love you, I'll talk to you later.


COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: He went downstairs to his locker, grabbed his paramedic bag
and left.

SAMANTHA: Why did he take the bag?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: I don't know. When I asked him where he went, he didn't

SAMANTHA: Alright, what about the condo? How much money are we talking about?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: Eight thousand dollars.

SAMANTHA: Do you think he really didn't have it?

COLE'S GIRLFRIEND: Look, Cole was born and raised in Harlem. He lived here
his whole life except for when he was in the Army. I figure he just had cold
feet about moving.


[white board: 2 WBD - DEPOSIT FOR CONDO GONE]


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(VIVIAN goes through COLE's file at the conference table. DANNY joins her.)

VIVIAN: Okay, remind me of Cole's personnel file if I ever get cocky.


VIVIAN: Paramedic of the year, four citations for valor, performance
evaluations that sound like his mother wrote it.

DANNY: All in Harlem?

VIVIAN: Yeah. He's had several opportunities to transfer. Refused them all.
Oh, and did I mention that he attends church regularly at the Living
Brotherhood Ministry?

DANNY: Boy from the hood does good.

(DANNY is looking through COLE's financials. He hands VIVIAN a piece of

DANNY: Hey, Viv, check this out. He's withdrawn twelve thousand dollars in
the last couple weeks.

VIVIAN: Well, that might explain why he didn't have the money for the condo.

DANNY: Yeah, but it doesn't explain why he needed the money.

VIVIAN: It could be drugs. It says here that his mother died of a drug

DANNY: Family history can be a bitch.


[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

(An AGENT shows in DWAYNE, the gang member from the hospital, into the office
where JACK and DANNY are sitting.)

JACK: Thanks.

AGENT: Yeah.

JACK: You understand our deal, right?

DWAYNE: Yeah, I talk to ya'll in private at your spot, and as long as I didn't
do nothing to that paramedic, stuff here doesn't connect to the other charges.

JACK: Exactly. So you were with Cole Warren the night you were transported to
the hospital?

DWAYNE: The black dude? Yeah. And the white guy was driving.

JACK: What about at the scene? Who else was there besides the kid you faxed
to the morgue?

DWAYNE: Yo, them murder charges is bogus. I don't know who shot that fool.

JACK: Right. So, it was just you and Cole on that side of the street?

DWAYNE: Nah. There was this other dude. Came out of nowhere, talking crazy.
Trying to crunk me.


[Ext: New York City street - Harlem - night]

(DWAYNE sits on the edge of the curb, his legs extended. COLE applies
pressure to the gunshot wound in his leg.)

DWAYNE: Oh, man. He shot me. I can't believe he shot me.

COLE WARREN: Okay, okay. You gotta be quiet man. The more you talk, the more
blood you're going to blow out, alright? Listen, listen. Hold still. I'm
trying to keep pressure on this. Look at me.

DWAYNE: Am I going to die?

COLE WARREN: No, man, you're not going to die.

(A man, MR. BURNETT, approaches them, brandishing a knife.)

MR. BURNETT: Hey! What are you doing? You saving him? Huh? He's a damn
murder. Let him die!

(COLE steps away from DWAYNE to face MR. BURNETT.)

COLE WARREN: Okay, man, look. You need to step back, okay?

MR. BURNETT: Bleed out, you son of a bitch.

(He lunges at DWAYNE, but is cut short by COLE, who grabs him and knocks the
knife out of his hand.)

COLE WARREN: Hey! Hey, hey. Go home.


DANNY: Now, this guy who was trying to crunk you. Did you know him?

DWAYNE: Never seen him before. I figured he's just some punk-ass fool from
Lenox trying to gain position on a warrior like myself. You know, being
incapacitated and all that.

JACK: Do you think you could use that warrior-like mind of yours to describe

DWAYNE: I owe your boy solid for saving my life. So, yeah, I can remember


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - day]

DANNY: What? In that neighborhood, this can't be the first time he pissed
somebody off because he saved the wrong guy's life.

JACK: Okay, well, let's cover the gang angle and look at the old paramedic
files. And call the NYPD gang division, see if they can help us.

DANNY: Okay.

(DANNY walks on down the hall towards the bullpen. JACK stops at the door to
his office, seeing someone inside. He goes in.)


[Int: FBI offices - JACK's office - continuous]

(The woman in his office turns. It is ANNE CASSIDY. She is holding a large
bouquet of flowers.)


JACK: Hi. There's a change.

ANNE: I didn't know where to send them, so I thought I'd bring them here.

JACK: Thank you.

ANNE: How're you doing?

JACK: Good, you know. Got a pulse. You?

ANNE: Some good days, some bad. Random outbursts help.

JACK: Then I'm doing great, because I've already had about ten meltdowns with
the VA trying to arrange my father's funeral.

(JACK goes around and stands behind his desk. ANNE sets the flowers down on
the desk and stands across from him.)

ANNE: Ah. Well, after Max's I'm a bit of an expert, so if you need help.

JACK: Got any pull with the bugler? You know, the military promises you one
thing, and the next thing you know you have to choose between a tape recording
of Taps or some guy holding a digital horn.

ANNE: I think playing Taps is out of my league. Sorry.

JACK: You know, I'd really like you to come.

ANNE: Of course. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just let me know.

JACK: I will.

ANNE: I've got a ten o'clock.

JACK: Okay, thanks for coming in.

ANNE: Call if you need anything.

JACK: I will. Thank you.

ANNE: Okay.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

DANNY: You getting anything off Cole's old reports?

MARTIN: Yeah, that being a paramedic in that neighborhood is hell. Stabbings,
shootings, a dozen DOAs a week.

ELENA: Guys, you know the guy that Dwayne said tried to attack him?

DANNY: Yeah.

ELENA: He's not a gang member.

DANNY: Well, then what was his beef with Dwayne?

ELENA: Well, there was another gang shooting in that block a week ago. And
one of the bullets killed his daughter.


[caption: 9 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

ELENA: Mr. Burnett. We are very sorry for your loss. Very sorry.

MR. BURNETT: She was watching TV. And she's dead, because I couldn't afford
for her a safe place to live.

MARTIN: It's not your fault, Mr. Burnett. It's those gang bangers running
around out there with guns.

ELENA: Or the paramedic who saves them.

MR. BURNETT: When I heard those shots again, I just lost it. I wanted
somebody to pay for Angela's death.

ELENA: We know you went to the hospital because we saw you on the security

MARTIN: What were you doing there?

MR. BURNETT: I thought that I could give the police a report. See if the
shootings connected up to Angela. But I didn't see them.

MARTIN: This is the paramedic that you fought with that night. Did you see
him later?

MR. BURNETT: Yeah, I was outside the ER.


[Ext: hospital - emergency room entrance - night]

(MR. BURNETT watches COLE leave the ER. As COLE stands in the parking lot, a
black SUV pulls up next to him. The driver and COLE appear to argue. The
driver throws something at COLE which drops to the ground and rolls. The SUV
drives away.)


MR. BURNETT: I went straight to my shift at the warehouse. You can check.

ELENA: Did you see what was handed to him?

MR. BURNETT: No. It rolled, but I didn't see it.


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - day]

MACK: So the hospital cameras angle towards the intake ramp. With this
camera, all you get is Cole leaving the ER. But this is from the parking lot
across the street. I got your guy right here.

DANNY: Alright. Can you get me a pop of the guy inside the car?

(MACK crops and zooms in on the driver of the car.)

DANNY: Good. Make a picture of that. I want to circulate it.

MACK: Right.

VIVIAN: Is there any way that we can see what he is handing off to Cole?

MACK: Not from this angle, but there's a second camera in the lot, I think.

(MACK manipulates the video from the second camera. After zooming in, it is
clear that COLE is holding a roll of one hundred dollar bills.)

VIVIAN: That's a lot of dough.

DANNY: What the hell is Cole doing taking money from a gang banger?




[caption: 10 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

[white board reads: COLE WARREN 7A-NY 637514]

(DANNY and VIVIAN sit at the conference table discussing the case.)

DANNY: Maybe Cole takes money from the Tombs in exchange for top service and
he lets the Lenox crew bleed out.

VIVIAN: Yeah, but on the tape he didn't even look like he wanted to take the
money. Maybe he said no and that's why he's in trouble.

(ELENA joins them with another file.)

ELENA: Listen to this. The guy driving the car is Orlando Davidson. Drug
trafficking and assault. He's a crew boss. One of the leaders of the Tombs.
And guess who he used to run with as a teenager?

VIVIAN: Cole was a gangbanger?


VIVIAN: How'd you find that out?

ELENA: Well, his juvenile records are sealed, but a cop friend of mine hooked
me up.

VIVIAN: So, have we gotten hold of this Orlando?

ELENA: No. He's going to be hard to track.

DANNY: (flipping through the papers in front of him) What was the name of the
church that Cole attends?

VIVIAN: Liberty Brotherhood Ministry.

DANNY: Okay, well, six months ago, Cole gave $1000 to an anti-gang program
they run.

VIVIAN: Why not just tell his girlfriend that's where some of the money went?

DANNY: Because he never told his girlfriend about his gang past.


[caption: 11 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Liberty Brotherhood Ministry - day]

REVEREND HOVIS: I started the program seven years ago after my son was shot
walking home from school.

DANNY: I'm sorry about that, Reverend.

REVEREND HOVIS: There are a lot of people who have lost young ones. I'm
fortunate to have this as an outlet for the pain.

DANNY: I understand that Cole helped you fund your work.

REVEREND HOVIS: He gave more than money. He gave his time. Men with jobs in
this neighborhood gleam like gold. He's been a great role model.

DANNY: Did he ever tell you that he used to run with the Tombs as a teenager?

REVEREND HOVIS: He didn't like to talk about it much, but yes, he confided in

DANNY: Do you think there's a possibility that he could have gone back to that

REVEREND HOVIS: Absolutely not. If anything, it was just the opposite.


[Int: Liberty Brotherhood Ministry - day]

(COLE teaches a young teenager, TREVOR, CPR using a dummy.)

COLE WARREN: Good rhythm. Look at you, Trevor. You've got a natural gift for
this, man.

TREVOR: You really think you could save somebody's life doing this?

COLE WARREN: Two-year-old in a bathtub just last week.

TREVOR: How'd that feel?

COLE WARREN: Ah, man, that felt great.

(COLE glances up at a commotion near the door of the church. ORLANDO DAVIDSON
has entered and is passing out cell phones to the boys there.)

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: I'll be hooking ya'll homies up.

COLE WARREN: (to Trevor) Keep doing that, man. You're doing great.

(COLE gets up from where he is working with TREVOR and goes over to ORLANDO.)

COLE WARREN: What's up, man?


COLE WARREN: Chillin', cuz. You know, doing my thing.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: You really think any of these fools is gonna Lazarus

COLE WARREN: Well, as you can see, some are catching on. You know, 'Lando, I
wonder if you could just chill on that for a minute. Look, it's hard for
chest compressions to compete with a cell phone, you know what I'm saying?

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: You're starting to make getting in my face a habit. You
telling me to leave?

COLE WARREN: No. No, man. I'm just asking for a little space for these boys,
that's all.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Yeah, aight. Show 'em your stuff.

COLE WARREN: Appreciate it.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Catch up with you later, holmes.



DANNY: Cole was seen with Orlando Davidson last night right before he went
missing. We think it's a possibility that they're working together.

REVEREND HOVIS: I don't believe that.

DANNY: Do you know where I can find Orlando?

REVEREND HOVIS: Somewhere out there on the street. That's all I can tell you.

DANNY: Thank you.



[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]

(SAMANTHA approaches VIVIAN at her desk.)

SAMANTHA: Remember that page Cole's girlfriend told us about?


SAMANTHA: Okay, I just got his pager records. Someone called him from a pay
phone at a convenience store in the middle of Tombs territory and sent him a
message. But it's just four numbers: triple six four. So I'm thinking maybe
some kind of a gang code.

VIVIAN: Or slang.

SAMANTHA: I'll tell you what, I'll take the gang files if you'll take the


(Ext: New York City Street - day]

(ANNE and JACK exit the FBI building and cross the street. She is paging
through papers - JACK's father's will.)

ANNE: It's an addendum to the will. So, it's just witnesses, attestation
clause. It all looks kosher.

JACK: He made this decision the day his doctors told him he had kidney
failure. Now his lawyers tell me this is legally binding.

ANNE: Well, it is. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But it doesn't affect the rest of the
will. It's just the funeral.

JACK: What funeral? I'm going to torch him and put him in a jar?

ANNE: You know, he did have Alzheimer's. You could find a judge that would
rule diminished capacity.

JACK: Bastard just did this to torture me.

ANNE: Well, it's working.

JACK: I just want what's right.

ANNE: For whom?

(He stops her in the middle of the crosswalk.)

JACK: Why do you always do this?

ANNE: Do what?

JACK: Make an easy answer complicated.

ANNE: I'm a lawyer. Goes with the training.

JACK: Would you knock it off?

(JACK abruptly leans over and kisses her. He slowly pulls back and looks at
her, waiting for a response.)

ANNE: Well, there you go.

JACK: There you have it.

ANNE: I'll do this, thanks.

JACK: I'll get back to you.

(They nod at each other rather awkwardly and walk away in opposite


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - day]



SAMANTHA: I need your help.


SAMANTHA: I have gone through all of the gang members in this neighborhood,
okay? I've gone through birthdays, prison numbers, apartment numbers. None
of them match. What am I missing here? You know, because if it's just some
random personal code then we're completely lost.

VIVIAN: Okay. Alright, now, what about letters? For example, six would be M-

SAMANTHA: What about... Alright, I've got a Mike here listed as a member of
the Tombs.

VIVIAN: Alright, so that would be 6-4.

SAMANTHA: Nope. Not 6-4. What about a Nathan?

VIVIAN: 6-2.

SAMANTHA: Nope. Okay. What about Monique?

VIVIAN: 6-6. Yup, that's it. 6-6-6-4.


[caption: 12 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

VIVIAN: Monique, we know you that paged Cole last week. 6664 spells out the
first four letters of your name.

MONIQUE: A lot of names start like that.

VIVIAN: Yeah, but you're the one identified by the clerk of the convenience
store, Monique.

DANNY: He remembered you making the call because you cursed him out for not
giving you a free cigarette.

MONIQUE: They charged a buck fifty for a loosey.

DANNY: So, you were there? And you did page Cole?

MONIQUE: Ain't no law against that.

DANNY: You have a beef with Cole? A fight you want to take to the next level,

MONIQUE: I didn't do nothing to him.

DANNY: No? Did somebody get shot? Is that why you were calling Cole? So he
could come over and patch them up?

MONIQUE: It was a 10-10.

DANNY: Who got jumped in?

MONIQUE: My boyfriend, Trevor. He got beat bad.


[Ext: Harlem - alley - day]

(MONIQUE leads COLE into the alley. COLE is carrying his paramedic bag.)

MONIQUE: I didn't know who else to call.

COLE WARREN: I'm glad you paged me.

(They reach TREVOR, who is sitting on some fire escape stairs. He's been

COLE WARREN: Trevor. Hey, hey.

TREVOR: Man, go away. Nobody told you to come here.

COLE WARREN: Yeah, well. You let ten fools beat on you for ten minutes. Now
you're in a gang.

TREVOR: Took it like a man. Nobody got over on me.

COLE WARREN: Yeah, but you're smarter than this, Trevor. This beat down alone
could have killed you.

TREVOR: Man, that's a lot of ways out here to die.

COLE WARREN: What are you doing? Trevor, we were working this. Why would you
come out of the plan now? Talk to me.

TREVOR: I was just playing hoops. Stole the ball from this guy and he
tripped. I laughed, you know, just messing. Didn't know he was with Lenox
crew. He swore he'd kill me. Orlando told me if I joined, the Tombs could
protect me.

COLE WARREN: Hey, look at me, man. I've got a job, Trevor. Alright? I'm not
packing weed. I'm not running guns for Orlando so he can get a nice new ride.
It can happen.

TREVOR: Out here? On a hundred and fifteenth? Nah, nah. I need an insurance
policy and you can't be it.

(They are distracted by loud music coming up the alley. It is ORLANDO is a
black SUV. ORLANDO gets out of the car and yells to TREVOR.)


COLE WARREN: No. No, don't do this.

TREVOR: I ain't got no choice.


DANNY: Do you know where Trevor is now?

MONIQUE: No. I haven't heard from him since yesterday. His mother is out of
town on a job. I have a key to his place. I can give it to you.

[caption: 13 HOURS MISSING]


[Int: TREVOR's apartment - day]

ELENA: Apartment is clear.

MONIQUE: Told you nobody was here. You could have found that out without
dragging me.

ELENA: Is he you boyfriend? Is he?


ELENA: Because we thought that you'd want to help us find him. And I
understand that you're just trying to stay out of trouble, but, listen.
Keeping quiet isn't going to help.

DANNY: Monique, we know you didn't give us the keys to the apartment because
you like doing favors for the FBI.

ELENA: Did you think we were going to find a body here?

DANNY: Not telling us what you know about a murder or a kidnapping makes you
an accessory. Which means that you're going to go to jail for a very long
time. It doesn't matter that you're fourteen years old. Do you understand

ELENA: So, you want to start over?

MONIQUE: Okay. Cole was here last night. He was looking for Trevor.


[Int: TREVOR's apartment - night]

(MONIQUE and TREVOR are sitting on the couch, watching tv. COLE and ORLANDO
stand in the kitchen, arguing. MONIQUE glances over at them nervously.)

COLE WARREN: I gave you ten thousand dollars, 'Lando. Why not just take it?

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Because I changed my mind. Little homie's going to make a
kick-ass sarge. Don't let his cartoon-watching ass fool you.

COLE WARREN: Come on, man. I told you what his teacher said. The only time I
heard the word potential used so many times is when they were talking about
your skinny ass. Now look man, I'm asking you as a favor. For old times
sake. Don't do this.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Now why do you keep plucking at them old memory strings?
Waking and baking. Yeah, it was cool.

COLE WARREN: Yeah, we were like brothers, man.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: And that's the word you keep forgetting. Were. Why do I
owe you anything? You jump off and now you come strutting back. Everybody
all looking up at you with your fancy equipment. Well, Trevor, that's my
equipment. So you need to step off.

COLE WARREN: I can't do that. Look, Trevor has a chance. Let him take it.

(ORLANDO pulls out a gun and points it at COLE's head. MONIQUE and TREVOR
stand up from the couch and stare at them.)

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: How does that feel? Huh? Your fancy training going to save
you now? Hey, Trev.

(TREVOR joins ORLANDO in the kitchen.)

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Little man. Cole here wants to rescue you. You want to be
alone? Fly free on the streets?

COLE WARREN: Trevor, listen...



ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Then hold this, brother.

(ORLANDO hands the gun to TREVOR, who trains it on COLE.)

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Gotta go. Show me what you're made of, little man.


MONIQUE: That was it. Orlando left. Trevor told me to go too.

DANNY: And you haven't heard from Trevor since?

MONIQUE: Nah. I was hoping you guys could find him before he did something

ELENA: What do you think happened to Cole?

MONIQUE: You know.

(She signifies a gunshot with her hands. DANNY and ELENA exchange a glance.)




[caption: 14 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: FBI offices - interview room - day]

DANNY: I'm sorry we had to pick you up at your baby mama's house. Next time,
don't hid behind your lady's skirt, okay Orlando?

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Didn't know ya'll was looking for me.

DANNY: Well, we were. Where the hell is Cole?

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: I don't know what you're talking about.

MARTIN: We know you were at Trevor's apartment last night.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Who'd ya'll talk to? Crackhead ho Monique? She

DANNY: We didn't find crackhead ho Monique. Now what we did find were a lot
of people interesting in moving you to a federal address.

MARTIN: You know, I think you put your boy Trevor up to killing Cole. What?
Ain't got nothing to say about that?

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: What you think?

DANNY: Well, if you have nothing to say, then you're free to go. Because we
don't need you.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: (surprised) What?

DANNY: Trevor's fourteen years old. How far do you think a fourteen-year-old
with a dead body's going to get?

(ORLANDO looks worried at this comment. Clearly it wasn't something he
thought about. He gets up and leaves the room.)


[Int: FBI offices - hallway - continuous]

(DANNY watches in the hallway as ORLANDO leaves. ELENA comes up to him.)

ELENA: That was good. Covering for Monique.

DANNY: Thanks.

ELENA: I want to tell you something. I don't think we should put this guy
back on the street.

DANNY: Listen, NYPD's going to trail him. We're good.

ELENA: I'm telling you.

DANNY: We're good.


[Int: New York City bar - day]

(JACK sits at a table, stirring his drink. ANNE slides in across from him.)

ANNE: Hello.

JACK: Hey.

ANNE: I got your message.

JACK: Thanks for coming.

ANNE: Yeah, no problem.

WAITRESS: Can I get you something?

ANNE: Ah, yeah.

(She glances at JACK's drink.)

JACK: It's just water.

ANNE: Ooh. Vodka tonic please. Thanks.

JACK: It's a little early in the day for that, don't you think?

ANNE: Well, you did invite me to a bar.

JACK: Good point. Probably should have ordered one myself.

ANNE: So, have you thought about your father?

JACK: Well, I'm torn. Between honoring the last wishing of a crazy old man,
or giving him the final flying finger. I know it's stupid.

ANNE: I did look into it. And you can overturn his decision if you want.


ANNE: But I wouldn't recommend it, Jack.

JACK: Why not?

ANNE: Your dad's dead, Jack. You have to let go.

JACK: Well, I will certainly take that under advisement. You know what, I
want to, um, I want to apologize for this morning. It was just...

ANNE: Oh, yeah.

JACK: So out of line. I have no idea what came over me. You know, I don't
even think of you that way.


JACK: You know what? That did not come out the way I wanted it to come out.
I'm sorry.

ANNE: I understand.

JACK: You know what I mean. I just... (his phone rings) Hang on a second, I'm

(JACK gets up from the table and answers his phone.)

JACK: (on phone) Yeah, uh-huh. Okay.

ANNE: Gotta go.

JACK: Yep. I have to go. And, um, I'm really sorry about what happened. And
it was really inappropriate for me to do that.

ANNE: And now it's over.

JACK: Really? You know, we should talk about it.


JACK: Doesn't matter. Okay. Um, so we're good?

ANNE: Yeah.

(JACK turns to walk away. He stops, turns, leans over, and kisses ANNE again.
Without a word, he leaves the bar.)


[Int: FBI offices - tech room - day]

DANNY: Has Orlando called Trevor?

MARTIN: Yeah, he made three calls in a row to the same number as soon as he
left the building.

DANNY: He's worried about where the kid dumped the body.

MACK: Alright, check out the number that he called. I'm just triangulating a
location from the signal. Alright, I got it.

DANNY: Where is he?

MACK: Signal is coming from Edgecomb Hospital. That's where Cole went


[caption: 15 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Edgecomb Hospital - hallway - day]

(JACK shows a picture of TREVOR to COLE'S PARTNER.)

COLE'S PARTNER: One of the boys from the church. Yeah, sure, I recognize him.
Cole brought him on a run with us once. Seemed like a bright kid. Haven't
seen him since.

JACK: What time did you get back on duty?

COLE'S PARTNER: About a half hour ago. Just getting equipment ready for the
next run.

(As they reach the end of the hall, COLE'S PARTNER glances confusedly at the
doors of the ER, where his ambulance is parked.)

JACK: What's up?

COLE'S PARTNER: I left the door to the bus open. Now, it's closed.


[Ext: Edgecomb Hospital - emergency room ambulance bay - continuous]

(JACK and DANNY open the back of the ambulance, guns drawn. TREVOR sits in
the back of the ambulance. He puts his hands up.)

JACK: Where's Cole?

TREVOR: Hey, man, I don't know. Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

JACK: Come on out.

DANNY: Easy.

JACK: You were the last person to see Cole alive. And I know Orlando told you
to kill him. You help us, we'll help you.

TREVOR: Oh, man, I swear. I didn't do nothing. I didn't kill Cole.


[Int: TREVOR's apartment - night]

(TREVOR still holds COLE at gunpoint.)

TREVOR: Move out. Let's go.

(TREVOR gestures toward the other room. COLE moves, never taking his eyes off

COLE WARREN: You really think that's going to keep my blood from splattering?

TREVOR: Just shut up. I gotta think.

COLE WARREN: Right. Think. But not about how you're going to clean up this
mess from shooting me. How your life will never be the same if you do this.

TREVOR: Yo, I said shut up!

COLE WARREN: You're not a killer, Trevor.

TREVOR: What do you know about me?

COLE WARREN: I know a killer would have shot me already, been in the
refrigerator looking for something to eat.

TREVOR: I'm warning you.

COLE WARREN: I know a killer wouldn't spend time over a dummy, practicing to
save a life.

TREVOR: What the hell do you know? You got out, never made your bone.

COLE WARREN: Yeah, I did. I thought killing someone would make me a man too.


[Ext: Harlem - alley - day]

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Do this thing, man, we in. Solid gold, holmes.

COLE WARREN: Tombs forever.

(They slide out of the alley and glance into the street. A young boy is
walking down the street wearing a football jersey and carrying a backpack.)

COLE WARREN: What about him?

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Orders are any male. Show him no mercy.


(COLE steps out from the alley just as the boy is passing. COLE points the
gun at him and the boy freezes. There is a gunshot.)


COLE WARREN: I killed him. And all he was doing was walking home from school.

TREVOR: Yo, Orlando always told that story with him doing the shooting.

COLE WARREN: I know. I let him. Because the only story I had to tell was how
I puked every night. And how I couldn't get his face out of my head. And how
I could hear his family crying no matter where I was.

TREVOR: Come on, Cole. Turn around.

COLE WARREN: Why? If you shoot me, you'll see my face every night for the
rest of your life whether I turn around or not. So, go ahead. Make your

TREVOR: What if I want to get out? How can I? Orlando will kill us both.

COLE WARREN: You let me worry about that. Let go. It's okay, man. It's

(COLE takes the gun from TREVOR and pulls him into a hug.)


TREVOR: Cole came up with a plan. A school I could go to. Live there. Get
out that neighborhood. He was going to pay for the first year.

JACK: Where is he now?

TREVOR: I don't know. He told me to come here. Ask ya'll for the key to his
place in Tarrytown, then go there and wait.

DANNY: Yeah, yeah. And he didn't say where he was going?

TREVOR: He said that he had to go see somebody.


[Int: FBI offices - private office - day]

(TREVOR sits in the office with an agent. DANNY nods to the agent.)

DANNY: Stay put. Watch him.


[Int: FBI offices - bullpen - continuous]

(DANNY steps out of the office and meets up with VIVIAN.)

DANNY: So, we were both right. This guy's a killer.

VIVIAN: Who turned his life around.

DANNY: I just hope it's not too late, Viv.

(ELENA jogs up to them.)

ELENA: Okay, bad news. You know that tail on Orlando?

DANNY: Uh-huh.

ELENA: NYPD lost him.

(They glance at each other worriedly. SAMANTHA approaches with a picture of
the boy COLE shot.)

SAMANTHA: Alright, I've checked the records in unsolved murders in Harlem
eight years ago. The young man that Cole killed. I think this is him.
Reverend Hovis's son.




[caption: 16 HOURS MISSING]

[Int: Liberty Brotherhood Ministry - day]

ELENA: Reverend, please, you need to talk to us.

DANNY: So, where's Cole? Where is he?

REVEREND HOVIS: I don't know.

DANNY: I'm going to ask you one more time. Where is Cole?

REVEREND HOVIS: He came by. I wish he hadn't.


[Int: Liberty Brotherhood Ministry - night]

REVEREND HOVIS: Cole. What's going on? The FBI was just here. One of the
boys told me Orlando's trying to hurt you.

COLE WARREN: I know. I crossed him, so now he wants to kill me.

REVEREND HOVIS: Should I call the police?

COLE WARREN: No. Orlando doesn't matter. Reverend, I came here today
because, if something does happen to me, I need you to know that, uh...

REVEREND HOVIS: Know what, son?

(COLE shoves the REVEREND away.)

COLE WARREN: Don't call me that, okay?

REVEREND HOVIS: Okay, okay. Calm down, Cole. Believe me, I've heard the
worst of what's in men's souls. Anything I...

COLE WARREN: I killed your son.


COLE WARREN: I shot Myles. I'm the one that killed him.


COLE WARREN: Look, I came to his funeral, and I don't even know why. But when
I heard you preach, it just changed me. After that, I swore that I would try
and make up for everything that I'd done.

REVEREND HOVIS: Make up! Make up! You think by stitching up those hoodlums
makes up for killing my boy?

COLE WARREN: No, no, no. That's not what I meant.

REVEREND HOVIS: Get out of my face. Get out!

(REVEREND HOVIS sits down heavily in one of the chairs.)

COLE WARREN: Reverend, look. I don't...I don't expect your forgiveness. I've
got to catch a bus. That's the address of where I'll be. Whatever you need
to do.

(COLE places a piece of paper with the address on it in the chair in front of
the REVEREND. He leaves.)


REVEREND HOVIS: That was it. He left. I know I should have called you.

ELENA: What was the address?

REVEREND HOVIS: Some place in Tarrytown.

(DANNY glances around and notices a bible open face-down on the floor.)

DANNY: And nothing happened after Cole left?


DANNY: Your Bible got knocked over. (He picks it up.) Why didn't you pick it
up? You know, I've been going to church my whole life. And on a normal day,
there isn't a holy man alive who'd leave his Bible on the floor. Here. Take
your Bible. Take it. What did you do to Cole?

(REVEREND HOVIS clutches the bible to his chest.)

REVEREND HOVIS: I gave Orlando the address.

ELENA: How long ago was this?

REVEREND HOVIS: About an hour ago.


[Ext: Tarrytown bus station - night]

(DANNY and ELENA pull up to the bus station, a short distance away so that
they can observe the disembarking passengers.)

DANNY: Alright, there's the bus. It must have gotten in early.

ANNOUNCER: bus to Manhattan will begin boarding in ten minutes.

(DANNY sees two shadowy figures standing by the bus. As they move into the
light, we can see that it is ORLANDO and COLE.)

DANNY: And there's Cole and Orlando. Let's go.

(They get out of the car, weapons drawn. ORLANDO is holding a gun at COLE's
side, his arm around COLE's neck.)

ELENA: He's got a gun.

DANNY: Got it. Get out, get out.

ELENA: Drop the gun. FBI.

DANNY: Every body move. Clear!

(The other passengers in the area run out of the way.)

COLE WARREN: Did you find Trevor?

DANNY: Everybody's okay. Orlando, put the weapon down. No one needs to get

COLE WARREN: Come on, Orlando. It doesn't have to go down like this, cuz.

DANNY: Drop the weapon, Orlando.

ORLANDO DAVIDSON: Blood out, cuz.

(ORLANDO pushes COLE away as he shoots him. ELENA shoots ORLANDO twice. Both
men drop.)

(ELENA picks up ORLANDO's gun. She dials 911 on her cell phone.)

ELENA: This is Agent Delgado. I need an ambulance, please. Now.

(DANNY rushes over to COLE. He begins to apply pressure to the gunshot

DANNY: You're going to be alright.

COLE WARREN: Is, is Trevor okay?

DANNY: Trevor's fine. Don't talk.

(COLE pushes DANNY's hands away.)

COLE WARREN: It's cool, okay.


(COLE slumps over and his eyes close. DANNY gets up and walks away from the


[Int: TREVOR's apartment - day]

(TREVOR is packing his clothes into a bag. DANNY enters his room.)

DANNY: Trevor. You excited about your new school?


DANNY: Well, you should be. This is a big opportunity for you.

(DANNY picks up a rolled poster of the body systems.)

DANNY: Cole give this to you? You want to make him proud of you, don't you?
Well, here's your shot to do that, so don't blow it.

(DANNY pulls out his card and hands it to TREVOR.)

DANNY: Office, cell. Whatever you need, you call me day or night. Nobody
makes it alone, Trevor. Nobody.


[Int: Calverton National Cemetery - cremation internment - day]

(JACK enters the tomb, carrying the metal box of his father's ashes. He
reaches the designated space for his father's remains. As he stands there,
ANNE comes up beside him, carrying flowers.)

ANNE: Hey.

JACK: Hey.

ANNE: Ah. He looks good.

JACK: You think so?

ANNE: Yeah.

JACK: He would like that.

(JACK places the box in its designated space and closes the door. ANNE places
her flowers in the vase attached to the door.)

JACK: Thank you.

(She nods. JACK glances back to where his father has been laid to rest
according to his wishes.)

JACK: I hope you're happy.



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